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Bond. Laquisha Bond.

James Bond has been a cultural icon for my entire life. The dashingly handsome, arrogant, masculine British secret agent with a license to kill, is what most people my age think of when they think of spies. In real life I doubt spies are driving rare sports cars and gambling with government money at the high rollers table, but I could be wrong. A series of white men have played Bond, from Sean Connery to Roger Moore, to Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig, which makes sense since he was written as a white guy. Since this is 2019, we simply can’t have a confident white male character that exudes toxic masculinity. So the decision has apparently been made to simply replace Bond.

A while back there was rumor that Idrissa Akuna Elba, better known as Idris Elba, was going to be the new Bond replacing Daniel Craig’s brooding version of the secret agent. Idris is not British, he was born in London to a father from Sierra Leone and a mother from Ghana, but he at least was male and had the accent. He is also a little long in the tooth for playing James Bond. When I wondered why this would not be cultural appropriation as James Bond is clearly a white British secret agent, based on the original book character (I have read many of the Fleming novels) as well as the movie characters, I was roundly condemned for being racist because Bond being white is not central to his character. Perhaps not but that is what he was written to be. Anyway, we have moved on from Elba and now Bond is not being replaced with a new actor, Bond himself is being replaced in his own universe with (cue your shocked face) a black woman who will push Bond aside to become the new 007.

Lashana Lynch will play 007 in new James Bond movie: report

The response has been less than positive but often funny:

Real James Bond knows what to do with this new imposter.

— Urbanus II (@Urbanus_Crusade) July 17, 2019

Based on the report from the NY Post, the story-line includes the idea that the actress playing 007 is supposed to be a stunning, desirable woman that rejects the advances of Daniel Craig, who is “of course” smitten by her. From the New York Post story (emphasis in red mine):

Bond himself will still be played by Daniel Craig — and will still adhere to his old-fashioned macho characteristics, an insider told the UK paper.

“Bond, of course, is sexually attracted to the new female 007 and tries his usual seduction tricks, but is baffled when they don’t work on a brilliant, young black woman who basically rolls her eyes at him and has no interest in jumping into his bed,” a source told the Mail.

The insider called it a “pivotal scene” when Bond is called back from retirement and introduced to Lynch as the new 007.

“It’s a popcorn-dropping moment. Bond is still Bond but he’s been replaced as 007 by this stunning woman,” the source told the Mail.

Who is this stunning, sexually irresistible woman named Lashana Lynch? Here is the picture from the same article:


Not to be offensive but at best she is plain and in this photo is downright unattractive. But we are supposed to believe that James Bond, a character who has bedded some of the most beautiful women in the world during the preceding 24 movies, is irresistibly drawn to her? Even when I was at my least discerning as a horndog teenager, I would give her a hard pass. Maybe she is nice but she doesn’t do anything for me and I assume I am in the vast majority on that opinion. The core demographic for James Bond movies are men who want to see a masculine, cocky secret agent that fights the bad guys, drives awesome cars, has the coolest gadgets and beds the hottest women. Is that demographic going to show up to see a mannish black woman emasculate Daniel Craig and then engage in some ridiculous action scenes where she will no doubt beat up men twice her size? I kind of doubt it. I know I won’t even spend the time to watch the movie outside of the normal channels.

So why even do this? Why make this move that literally no Bond fan is asking for? Are there no male British actors who could take on this part? What about Tom Hardy? He is British, is a pretty good actor and has a lengthy record of being an action hero. He could pull it off. I am sure there are tons of others. But no, we get a homely black woman to replace James Bond as 007.

I know the answer and so does everyone that is honest. James Bond is an iconic figure of white, European masculinity. He fights bad guys, seduces women, drives awesome cars. He is the polar opposite of the clueless, bumbling, scared of his own shadow, cowering before women, often harboring violent racism/misogyny, image of white men that dominates popular culture. The character of Bond was written in the mid-20th century when European men were still men. So he has to go.

Popular culture has a profound impact on the way people view themselves and the world around them. For many years now we have been fed a steady and relentless diet of hatred toward whites via the media pushing a variety of narratives. Homosexuals are far more common in movies and TV than they really are and are often portrayed as being just better people than heterosexuals. The best example of this is the horribly depressing 1999 film American Beauty, which is even more creepy now that we know that Kevin Spacey is a fag with the typical homosexual penchant for young boys. Spacey plays Lester Burnham, the epitome of the frustrated and cucked suburban white husband and father. He lusts after his daughters seductive teen-aged friend (foreshadowing!) and he really only is happy after quitting his job and going to work at a fast food joint. His wife finds him revolting and ends up cheating on him. Their neighbor next door has a creepy son who videotapes Burnham’s daughter, played by Thora Birch, undressing and being filmed topless when she was only 16 in real life. Worse, the creepy boy next door has a domineering white male father, Colonel Frank Fitts, who is apparently ex-military, mean and violent to his family, a closeted homosexual who is “homophobic” and (shocker!) has Nazi memorabilia. The whole thing portrays white suburban life as this seething cauldron of repressed sexuality, violence and hopelessness. The only normal couple are “The Jims”, a gay couple who are happy and friendly. Very subtle. Straight white men are bad people, and probably closeted homosexuals, wannabe pedophiles, violent and submissive at the same time and more than likely have a Nazi fetish.

This theme repeats itself in TV shows and movies one after the other. Bumbling fools Al Bundy and Homer Simpson replace Jim Anderson of Father Knows Best and Ward Cleaver of Leave It To Beaver, mature white male husbands and fathers who are wise and kind without being pushovers. Suburban life is portrayed as empty and soul-crushing. You are hard pressed to find many examples in modern “entertainment” of a white man with a regular job in a stable marriage. The one example that comes to mind is Tim Allen in Last Man Standing and that show got cancelled in spite of great ratings on ABC, only to be resurrected on Fox. It is not a coincidence that a show featuring a more traditional white man with three kids and in a stable marriage, a man who is openly pretty conservative, got cancelled. The only surprise was that it was given the green-light in the first place.

You can find noble single mothers, tons of homosexuals, non-white characters a-plenty but you won’t find many Ward and June Cleavers. Just as homosexuals are wildly over-represented, so too are mixed-race couples both in shows and in commercials. I don’t watch much TV but when I see a TV show out in public or an ad in a magazine, it is startling to see how many black man-white woman couples are portrayed. In fact you rarely see a normal white family in any sort of media, entertainment or advertising even though whites are still the overwhelming majority in America and mixed-race married couples are relatively rare. Sure there are plenty of mixed-race children out there but those children are unfortunately rarely in stable married families.

From replacing the Norse God Heimdall with a black man and the recent announcement that a tiny Jewish girl, Neta-Lee Hershlag, aka “Natalie Portman”, will be the new Thor, to the supplanting of the boring old white male James Bond with a new, “stunning” wammen of color 007, to the rewriting of the children’s classic A Wrinkle In Time to transform the main character Meg from a white girl to a black girl, the forces of “progress” are working overtime to write whites, and especially white men, out of their own stories in the same way that white men are being systematically expunged from the history of the United States, itself a creation of white men.

This seems a little strange, as we are supposed to believe that white people have no culture, that only vibrantly diverse non-whites have real culture. That is a real thing, lots of people make that claim online. Shakespeare, ballet, libraries, Bach, museums, Tolkien, architecture, Rembrandt, Wagner. Apparently none of that is “real” culture but Donald Glover pretending to shoot a church choir is the epitome of high culture.

For a people with no culture of our own, non-whites seem awfully eager to appropriate our stuff instead of creating their own. If you want to have a black, female super-spy, why not create a character that fits the bill instead of shoehorning one into an existing character? Why use black actors to play clearly white roles like Norse gods instead of writing their own stories featuring black characters? If white culture is just a pale imitation of the cultures of people of color, shouldn’t their stories be more compelling anyway?

In truth, it is always easier to appropriate something someone else built than it is to build something yourself. Mestizos in Central America could stay home and try to create civilized societies of their own but it is just a lot easier to pay someone to smuggle you into the existing society of the U.S. where you can benefit from structures you didn’t have to do anything to build. Lots of people buy existing houses every year, not very many people will build a new house from the ground up with their own hands.

It is almost certain that the new Bond movie with the “stunning” black wammen 007 will be a box office flop. Critics will fawn over the movie regardless of the merits (ex. Black Panther) and when it flops, the elites will blame racism and sexism. The main goal of the film will still be accomplished and yet another cultural marker of white men will be destroyed. If you care about the future, you should have the same policy that I adhere to: not one penny of my money goes to subsidizing the people who hate me. No movie tickets, no purchasing music, no attending sporting events or buying their merchandise, no cable/satellite TV. The people who insist on remaking Ghostbusters with a female cast and think it is an awesome idea to replace 007 with a mannish black woman do so because they know most of us will dutifully buy our movie tickets anyway and keep on subsidizing our enemies. Stop it. Just stop. If you want to watch movies, find a way to do so that isn’t directly funneling money into Hollywood. The same with TV shows. Listen to music on Youtube with an ad blocker. Just slowly starve the beast or at least quit helping it destroy our culture. If you give money to people trying to drive you into extinction, you really only have yourself to blame.


  1. Anonymous

    "but he's been replaced as 007".

    The thing that pisses me off the most? We never even lost a war that would trasitionally allow these "people" to lord it over us. God I yearn for someone to step up and lead us. It is a horrid ache deep down within me.

  2. Arthur Sido

    We have lost a war without firing a shot, to a people that can't even carry out basic functions of civilization. But the war ain't over yet, what comes next is what we can impact.

  3. TwoDogs

    The nogs will do their best to make the black 007 fly the same way they did with black panther : every damned one of them will see it in a theater a half dozen times at least. For you and me, the best way to starve the beast is a VPN connection and Bittorrent.

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