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Welcome To The Big Leagues Buttplug!

Oh, poor Peter Buttpirate. His charmed life as a “serious” candidate for President, a candidacy driven entirely by him being the mayor of the 4th largest city in Indiana and getting sodomized by other men, ran into a buzzsaw today. The issue is the shooting of Eric Logan, a career criminal who was shot in South Bend while breaking into cars. Mr. Lynch had a “6-8 inch knife” that he had apparently already stolen from a car, along with a purse stolen that was also stolen and didn’t even match his shoes. He was ordered several times to drop the knife and was finally shot by a 19 year veteran of the police force who was backing up at the time. We don’t have body cam footage because the officer never turned the lights in his car on. 

Booty-Giggigty took time off the campaign to go to a town hall in South Bend and got ambushed by representatives of “Reverend” Al Sharpton. The crowd was apparently very angry and hostile. A reporter covering the event I was reading on twitter sounded like he was a little scared.

I had some quips about it on twitter….

Oooh, Peter Buttplug just got Sharptoned! Since Pete Buttigieg aka Mayor Buttpirate, was deemed a viable candidate with the solid qualification of being the mayor of Indiana’s 4th largest city and getting sodomized by a dude, he has leapfrogged the Candidates of Color.

— Arthur Sido (@ArthurSido) June 23, 2019

Corey “Spartacus” Booker and Kamala “Kneepads” Harris are languishing in the polls. The first debate is coming up and Peter Buttpirate was set to really make a move, aided by the media giddy over a homo candidate. Then Al Sharpton’s vultures show up and make Pete look bad.

— Arthur Sido (@ArthurSido) June 23, 2019

The whole thing looks like a set-up to make Bootygag look bad right before the debate. The black man was wielding a knife and refused to drop it, and that is going to get you shot. Of course the family and “community activists” claim that he was a good boy.

— Arthur Sido (@ArthurSido) June 23, 2019

Then like clockwork you read that good guy Eric Logan was a coke dealer and has 5 previous stints in prison.

— Arthur Sido (@ArthurSido) June 23, 2019

But the real reason Al Sharpton sent his people to mess with Pete Buttigieg in South Bend is to try to kneecap a rival of Booker and Harris. It is the same basic politically motivated racial agitation we see over and over from “Reverend” Sharpton but the media won’t call him out.

— Arthur Sido (@ArthurSido) June 23, 2019

Aw, poor Peter. Turns out running for President, even with a fawning media boosting him at every turn, is a full contact sport. Pete just got knee-capped and didn’t even see it coming and the first Democrat debates are this week. He is in a bad situation, if he shows up at the debates next week he is going to get scorched for it but he can’t skip the debates or he loses momentum.

Al Sharpton has been playing this game since Peter Buttpirate was still playing with Ken dolls.

The scenario here is pretty straight-forward. The media describes the death of Eric Logan as a “police shooting”, which is technically true but ignores the actual facts in the case, specifically that Logan is a career criminal who was caught breaking into cars and stealing from them, was armed and refused to drop the knife, and the cop who shot him was treated for injuries. There will be an independent investigation which will confirm all of this stuff but Sergeant O’Neill will now be in danger from angry black community members who only care about Logan being shot, not whether it was justified or not.

In the real world, the death of Eric Logan is meaningless. He was a 50 something year old career criminal with five stints in prison who lived with his mother. No one really cares about him other than his current utility to hurt Buttplug. Kamala Harris and Corey Booker both know they are now in the debt of “Reverend” Sharpton. That is how the game is played. Whether it helps them or not remains to be seen but Bootygag just found out that being a sodomite is only going to get him into the race and getting to the finish line is going to be ugly.

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  1. John Wilder

    I think it will pass, but he seems oddly popular with the center-Leftists. No idea why. But he's too far(!) to the center, so he'll be attacked without mercy from the Left. My bet for nominee? Mooshell.

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