Thursday, June 13, 2019

Then They Came For Black Pigeon Speaks

One of the smartest and most well produced Youtube content creators, Black Pigeon Speaks, woke up this morning to find his channel gone. Like terminated, into the ether, never to be recovered in all likelihood. Youtube claims it was for "hate speech"

But as BPS points out, there was no warning, no strikes against his content. He was fine and then all of a sudden he wasn't fine.

BPS is about the least hateful channel I subscribe to. There is no "hate speech". Some biting sarcasm, some strong statements, some merciless mockery of Justin Trudeau. Hate speech? Not hardly.

This is the latest in a coordinated attack on free speech in the public square by a handful of tech monopolies that collude to keep any competitors from being viable. The goal is to suppress speech of anyone who might support Trump in 2020. They learned from their mistakes in 2016 and don't intend to see that mistake repeated, so they are setting the stage now to slowly, one by one, silence the dissident speech.

They are coming for your favorite channel too. Trump is sitting mostly silently on the sideline, muttering and tweeting, just like he is doing with immigration. I am beginning to entertain the notion that many have suggested, namely that Trump is not interested in winning re-election in 2020 and is basically throwing the election. I can't understand what he is doing otherwise.

For now, you can still see Black Pigeon Speaks videos on Bitchute. Get an account there if you haven't already. Get an account at Gab and support the site financially if you can. The future is going to be alt-tech that is directly supported by those consuming the material and using the services. The "free" services are working against you.

Once the backlash dies down from BPS getting terminated, expect to see more producers get the ax. This is a one way street.

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