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Just A Warning

So after less than a day, Black Pigeon Speaks had his channel restored.

I would like to say thank you to everyone that helped support me over the last 12 hours.
My channel is back up. Much thanks to everyone. The channel continues, but please still subscribe to me at Bitchute.

— BPS (@navyhato) June 14, 2019

Poof, like magic. Youtube giveth and Youtube taketh away.

How did someone who was, if you recall, guilty of “multiple or severe violations” involving “hate speech”, suddenly able to get his account reinstated?

Either this was yet another “error” on the part of social media employees or it is simply a warning: stay within the political lines the Left decrees or you get deplatformed. I assume it was the latter, an attempt at chilling free expression in the de facto public square. The backlash was pretty severe, maybe that caused them to reverse course or perhaps they never really intended to permanently ban him in the first place. Ironically this probably wildly increased traffic to Bitchute. If you aren’t on Bitchute already, you should be. Not a perfect platform but far better in terms of free expression than Youtube.

While Trump allows himself to be maneuvered into a war with Iran by his neocon whispering in his ear, the supporters who will make the difference in 2020 are being silenced.

There is no political solution at this point.

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