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John Mark On Civil War 2.0

This is a pretty smart video from John Mark, himself one of the more thoughtful Youtubers out there….

I can’t say I share all of his optimism in every category. My low opinion of my fellow man is pretty legendary and way too many of our people are entirely cucked and cowed. It will take something pretty big to wake them up but on the other hand you can count on the government to overreact and give people the wake-up call they need.

Bottom line, I agree with his closing statement where he urges anyone on the Left listening to this video to begin advocating for peaceful separation. I have have making the case for a national divorce since shortly after the 2016 elections and if anything the case is making itself daily. A lot of the Left think they have no incentive to do this as they are close to a permanent electoral juggernaut but what they need to keep in mind are some critical issues John Mark brings up.

– The United States is huge.

– There are at least 400,000,000 firearms in private hands in the U.S. and ammunition numbering in the hundreds of billions or trillions of rounds. Give the ease and ubiquity of home manufacturing self-assembled “ghost guns” which are mostly AR-15s, that number is likely much higher.

– The overwhelming majority of those 400 million arms are owned by people on the Right, not necessarily “alt-right” types but lots and lots of people who are at least largely sympathetic.

– We will not allow ourselves to be ruled by Marxists. There is a long and proud statement to this effect in America: Better dead than Red.

The General agrees

There is no feasible future where the different parts of America can peacefully co-exist and many of us don’t want to even try anymore. The options are a peaceful separation or a bloody one but it will happen. I want the peaceful solution, knowing that a violent separation means lots of people dead including people I care about. My caution to people on the Right is to never assume that a violent divorce will be easy just because we have all the guns. It will tear this country apart and many people will lose their lives. But I would also caution the Left to start thinking about this: when the food stops coming, the gas stations run dry, the power grid is sabotaged and the highways are impassible leaving liberal enclaves isolated, life is going to be pretty ugly for the Left. A peaceful but messy divorce beats millions of dead. Give John Mark’s video a watch, more and more people are talking about this and it is quickly leaving the realm of science fiction.


  1. John Wilder

    I watched this one today at the gym as part of the Weather Report while I treadmilled. I agree with your assessment, there are many things that can get clustered once reality hits. I won't share the example I gave to him of a Leftist response, because it was kinda scary.

    I'd love to be as optimistic as he was. By no means am I giving up, but ain't nothing that easy.

    If it was, we'd have done it years ago.

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