Sunday, June 30, 2019

Political Violence Is Ratcheting Up

It shouldn't come as any sort of shocking news that we are in a era of political violence that we haven't seen since the Weather Underground and other far left groups decided that love wasn't all you need after all. Since the 2016 election cycle, political violence and mob rule has become quite commonplace although the media does it's best to ignore the actions of antifa and instead focuses on the phantom menace of "white supremacy". It is pretty typical of the media to focus on made-up issues while ignoring real issues. The media is almost entirely an open advocate for left-wing politics and doesn't really bother to hide it.

One major difference between the days of rage and now is that in 1970 the U.S. was over 83% white whereas today whites are barely a majority and in many places are already a minority in their own country. After decades of the "education" system and the mass entertainment world stirring up racial strife, our "melting pot" is a boiling cauldron of tribalism, resentment and barely restrained violence.

Case in point. Yesterday the Proud Boys (who are not "white supremacists" or "Neo-Nazis") were going to hold a rally in The People's Republic Of Portland. Since it is Portland, antifa declared they would show up, masks and all. Independent journalist and Portland resident Andy Ngo said he was also going to show up but was nervous because of threats of physical harm he was receiving but he went anyway. Sure enough, he got assaulted, robbed and ended up in the hospital. He was punched and hit with "milkshakes" that reportedly had quick set concrete mix in them or some other substance to make them harder and caustic.

It is hard for me to watch the videos. A fair fight is fine, two guys duking it out to settle an issue is one thing. But when you see someone being attacked by a large group, it is revolting. I have never met Andy Ngo but he doesn't look like a very big guy but even the biggest guy is going to lose when he is attacked from all sides by a dozen people. This sort of thing is pretty common, certain groups always seek out the lone person to attack and then thump their chests about being so tough. Whether it is antifa attacking Andy or a group of men sucker punching a lone individual in the "Knockout Game", these guys love thinking themselves as tough guys when they outnumber you. As Andy Ngo tried to walk away, one punk shouted "Owned bitch!" like he had just done something hardcore. Yes, you owned him when you outnumbered him 12 or more to 1. What a little faggot. I am sure he wouldn't dare throw a punch if he wasn't wearing a mask and surrounded by dozens of his little Commie buddies.

This is how the Left operates. When a mob was standing outside of the home of Tucker Carlson when he wasn't home, terrorizing his family and even damaging their front door, they knew they were safe. Even if Carlson was home, he is only one guy. Maybe he is carrying to protect himself and his family. I hope he is because these people are coming unglued and they hate him, but not just him.

They hate you. They hate your family including your children. They quite literally want you dead and replaced. They don't hate you because of anything you have done, they simply hate you for being who you are.

Antifa is going to keep ratcheting up the violence until someone gets killed. I watched a video of Portland police stopping an antifa guy heading for the riot/rally wearing a mask and carrying a baseball bat. While handguns account for the vast majority of murders in the U.S. (unlike the vilified AR-15), lots and lots of people are killed by easily concealable knives, blunt objects like baseball bats and bare hands. Thousands of people every year in fact. That doesn't stop antifa, it seems to encourage them. They are convinced that anyone that isn't 100% on their side is basically a Nazi so punching a Nazi even if that results in death is justified. Your naughty opinions and speech are violence according to the Left, no different from battering someone, so assaulting or killing someone exercising free speech is really just self-defense. Yeah, I know it is insane but that is what these people believe. The other reason that antifa doesn't seem to care is that these mobs are designed for a specific purpose, suppression of political speech. The vast majority of people on the Right don't assemble publicly and very few use their real names because antifa will dox you, try to get you fired and even threaten your family. Again, they whine about "kids in cages" on the border but they don't give a shit about the children of mildly conservative parents. Their goal is to completely shut any conservative or libertarian or what have you speech out of the public square. I wish libertarians would realize that this is already a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle and stop sitting on the sidelines.

As usual the Portland police were as useless as tits on a boar while all of this was going on. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, a far left soyboy who has in the past ordered the Portland police to stand down when antifa decided to rampage in the streets of the city he is supposedly "leading", is completely absent because he sympathizes with antifa or at least is terrified of saying anything in far Left Portland because he is afraid he won't get re-elected. I have my issues with the overuse of force by the police but if the cops can't even keep the peace for the purpose of political free speech, what the hell use are they?

The violent morons in antifa are the "intellectual", a term I use in the loosest possible sense, progeny of the Soviet revolutionaries and the Communist Chinese Red Guard: violent, low intelligence thugs with no purpose in life that have been weaponized to overturn the very society that has provided them with a life of luxury. They seem to think that because they can operate with impunity in Portland and beat up lone Asian homosexual journalists that they will have no problem rounding up the kulaks in flyover country. What they don't seem to realize is that a) we know what happens when you try to accomodate Communists, you end up on a one-way train ride, and we aren't getting on the trains and b) these kulaks have hundreds of millions of guns and hundreds of billions of rounds of ammo. Let me be clear that I am not advocating violence but I operate under two simple principles:

1) I am not going to get on the train

2) I am not going to be the first to pull a trigger but I intend to be the last.

Those seem like pretty sensible rules to live by.

A lot of conservatives, libertarians, liberty loving people, Gun-Right 2nd Amendment people, the kind of people who believe in America and the Constitution, are still trying to pick a nuanced, middle-ground position thinking that if they avoid what they assume are the extremes, they will be OK. They will not.

There is no middle ground, there is no neutral position. There is not a safe place to stand politically where you will be left alone. 

Not anymore, not in America 2019 and certainly not in the times that are coming. There is complete submission to the Left or you prepare to fight. There is no third option because the Left gets to declare where the lines are drawn and anyone on the "wrong" side gets punched. You can't reason with them or change their minds, so you only have one option. Like a lot of us I have been getting more serious about getting into better shape but that isn't going to help much in a 15-1 fight so your preparation needs to get more serious than just losing weight and lifting.

We all need to start cultivating a different mindset. The world we grew up in had rules about political discourse and general decorum but those rules have gone out of the window. We need to radically rethink the rules we operate under because rules that handcuff us in terms of allowable discourse and behavior are not adhered to by the Left. Again, they are going to try to exterminate us. That is not hyperbolic, the Left has been talking about this in America for decades and we saw it in action already in place like the Soviet Union where dissidents disappeared and kulaks were starved to death, in Red China where dissidents were executed. We saw it in the killing fields of Cambodia where millions were killed for being "dangerous" to the revolutionary Communist government. We still see it today in North Korea and China. The Left is already using dehumanizing language. We are not people and fellow American citizens they disagree with politically. We are "fascists" and "Nazis" and "white supremacists", regardless of whether any of that is true. When you are asked to kill a person, it is a violation of everything you are told about the preciousness of human life. When you are asked to kill a "Nazi"? Well that is just heroic. Hitting a little Vietnamese guy with milkshakes laced with concrete mix and sending him to the hospital is just like storming the beaches at Normandy.

I hate to say it, and I mean that, but we need to start to change our thinking. My weapon of choice is reason and facts, rhetoric and the written and spoken word. But the rules of engagement were changed and not by me. I can't out-reason someone who thinks that my opinion is an act of violence and hits me with a brick in response to a political statement. We need to start treating antifa as the Commie scum they are. A good place to start is this post from Mountain Guerrilla:  Developing an Effective Pre-Disposition for Violence

I wish this was not where we were, I wish we lived in a civilized nation but we don't.

Again, I am not advocating for preemptive violence, I am simply preaching preparation for self-defense.

Polish anti-communist soldier Rafał Gan-Ganowicz was once asked what it was like to kill a man and he famously said in response:

"Nie wiem jak to jest zabić człowieka. Zabijałem tylko komunistów." which roughly translated is:

"I do not know what it's like to kill a man. I only killed communists."

As a fellow Pole, I approve of this message. It might be made up but I still approve.

We didn't start this but it will be up to us to finish it.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

This Guy Gets Why A Universal Basic Income Is Awful

Over at the Zblog, the Zman was writing about the first Democrat debate and a comment string started about Universal Basic Income even though Andrew Yang wasn't on stage. Quite a few people on the dissident right, especially among the youngsters, think this is a great idea. It isn't.

Commenter Sunspot wrote this:

The upside is, it will be short lived. The currently proposed UBI will cover my mortgage. I currently run a business and provide a fairly important service– but if UBI covers my mortgage, there’s probably no need to deal with all the headaches of that service, with all its ups and downs and customer hand-holding to make sure revenues don’t fall. I won’t be the only one– every single kid who dreamed of not having to work at McDonald’s any more by doing something helpful can just sit back and enjoy the life he wanted without all that pesky doing something helpful stuff.

With UBI I can finally, as promised with Obamacare, chase my dreams of being an artist who produces nothing much.

One generation later, there’s nobody who can repair (or build) the theoretical automation that we’re implementing UBI to offset, and bam– back to 600 A.D.

Exactly. For younger dissident right types who reply with "that's just boomerism", a quick reminder that shouting "boomer" is the right-wing equivalent of shouting "racism".

According to Andrew Yang's website, and he is Mr. UBI, here is how it would work.

Every U.S. citizen over the age of 18 would receive $1,000 a month, regardless of income or employment status, free and clear. No jumping through hoops. Yes, this means you and everyone you know would receive a check for $1,000 a month every month starting in January 2021.

Where would the money come from? Ah, that is the trickier part. Andrew proposes a Value Added tax and also "consolidating some welfare programs", so if you were getting food stamps, you wouldn't get the UBI. Most people don't know that.

My wife and I are of course both over 18 so under his plan we would just magically get $2000 per month. Like the commenter Sunspot that is way more than our mortgage payment and car payment. $2000 per month for doing nothing means the basic bills are paid whether we get out of bed or not. Sure I would like more money but the incentive to work hard suddenly diminishes when the bulk of my bills are already covered. Like Sunspot, I might choose to do something a lot less stressful because I don't need to make as much. In fact I could work part-time instead of full-time and our standard of living wouldn't change. Nice for me but having a lot of people drop out of the workforce entirely or pull back to easier or part-time jobs means a lot of work not getting done. So we need to flood the country with more migrants to replace the native American people who drop out of the workforce. Automation isn't going to replace all of these jobs for some time to come.

The issue is not just that a lot of people will choose to stay home, smoke pot and play video games, although a lot of that will happen. The bigger issue is that it won't work or at least it won't do what it promises to do.

UBI is great for me, we live where we plan on living the rest of our lives so our mortgage amount won't change. For younger people though, having an extra two grand per couple will radically change the prices they pay for pretty much everything, especially big ticket items like homes and cars. Prices are mostly the result of what the market will bear. All things being equal, you will sell your product for the maximum you can get for it. Why would I sell my house for $200,000 if someone will pay me $400,000? Cost today is a calculation based on monthly income rather than a reflection of intrinsic value. That is why car dealers always want to talk monthly payment instead of the total price of a vehicle. When people shop for houses, they are concerned with how much the mortgage payment will be. We base our economic activity on a month-by-month budget of income and expenses and make purchasing decisions based on that calculation.

For example, a young couple is looking to buy a house. Their combined net income per month is $2500. They figure they can afford a house payment of around $1000 per month, which is a debt to income (DTI) ratio of 40%. That means their ceiling for searching for homes is around $175,000 based on current rates and a 30 year mortgage. There is no reason to look at $250,000 houses because they can't get approved for a mortgage. It has been a few years since I was a banker but that seems like a pretty standard scenario for young home buyers outside of the really expensive zip codes.

Now change that scenario by adding $2000 per month in UBI. Suddenly their price horizon shifts drastically. With a monthly income of $4500, they can swing a payment closer to $1800 per month and still be at 40% DTI. So now using the same assumptions, that means they can look at homes that are $100,000 more expensive, around $275,000, which would give them a mortgage payment of $1841. So that is great, we can all afford to buy a nicer house! Why wouldn't we want that?

Day one of UBI that is true but here is what would happen over time quite rapidly. Prices would quickly start to inflate. If I was going to list my house at $175,000, now I can start to list it at a higher price because more buyers will be able to afford the higher mortgage. This is important: nothing has changed about my house, what has changed is the price the market can bear. In short order you will get a $175,000 house for $275,000. The market will stabilize the prices to reflect the new reality and the end result is that nothing will have changed. Prices will always fill the void because our economy is driven by consumption rather than savings and investment, a topic for a future post.

Fiat money is just a place-keeper with no intrinsic value. What you do to earn ten dollars and what you can buy with ten dollars is set by the marketplace. If you say that a job at McDonalds that pays $8.50 per hour is now paying $15 per hour, the job is still what it always was: a no-skill, no experience required bottom tier job. As the wage for burger flippers goes up, so will the wages for all other jobs because being a burger flipper has a purpose as the wage floor. Every other job has a wage based on how much higher it is than a burger flipper. Why does the CEO of McDonalds make so much more than the burger flipper? Because his job is a lot harder and not many people can do it, whereas anyone can flip burgers. A public school teacher makes a lot more than a burger flipper because it requires more education and we value teaching more than burger flipping but a doctor makes a lot more than a public school teacher because it is a more valuable profession that requires more education. Wages simply reflect the relative value society assigns to a position. If burger flippers make $15, then everyone else will need to make more to equalize the difference between an engineer or accountant and someone asking "You want fries with that?".

The same is true with prices. Your house is a combination of the land it sits on, the building materials and the skilled labor to put it together. Everything above and beyond that is just value added by the marketplace. A house in Gary, Indiana will cost a lot less than the exact same house just a short distance away in a nice Chicago suburb. The value of the house expressed in terms of building materials and labor hasn't changed but the marketplace has. It is a perceived value and one that is highly malleable.

It won't take long for the market to adjust and fill in the void created by magically giving everyone $1000 per year, something that would require new spending of trillions of dollars annually. Reminder, we are already spending a trillion more than be bring in every year, a trillion a year stacked onto the existing $22 trillion in debt. Pretty quickly most people won't be any better off than they were before the UBI because prices will adjust to reflect that extra money.

The American people are not going to take that extra $1000/month and put it into a savings account. They will spend every penny of it, on higher mortgage payments or higher car payments or on consumer products. That much cash flooding into the market will cause prices to rise drastically. The same thing happened to college tuition. When an 18 year old can borrow an essentially unlimited amount of money with no collateral and no credit history, they are less price conscious so colleges realized they could raise tuition double-digits year after year and not really harm the demand for attending that college. Again, you charge as much as you can and still sell your product. If people will pay $1000 per credit hour for college, why would you charge them $250? You wouldn't and they don't.

In short order, wages and prices will adjust and the people on the bottom economic rung won't be any better off than they were before. People at the top of the economic ladder will still be at the top and everyone else will be where they were before. The only difference is that there will be a lot more money being printed and a lot more debt being heaped on the already unsustainable balance. If you support the UBI as an accelerationist move, I am down with that but if you think it will make your life better you are simply wrong.

Segregation Is Alive And Well

Perhaps we need to start printing news signs:
"No conservatives allowed by order of management"
In 2019 we are endlessly harangued about things like slavery, segregation and Jim Crow laws that ended more than half a century ago. The law is pretty clear: a business cannot discriminate based on a whole litany of things like race, religion or ethnicity. I can't say that I won't serve a customer because he is black and in theory a black business owner cannot deny me service because I am white. It is a general principle that is enforced by law that businesses that cater to the public are not permitted to discriminate on race or religion.

I am not sure the laws were ever Constitutional. The idea of free association should still prevail. If a black owned restaurant doesn't want me to eat there, that is fine with me as long as the opposite is true. But it isn't and that is just the way it is, even though discrimination like that would be taken care of by the market in most instances.

Like so many other laws, this has been perverted, quite literally, by the militant homosexual lobby. The Masterpiece Bakery case is instructive. A small bakery in Colorado has been harassed by homosexuals with the aid of the government because he refused to bake a specific type of cake for a homosexual couple that was getting "married". He would have baked them a cake, just not a cake specifically celebrating their homosexual union. The homos that demanded he bake them the cake obviously sought him out knowing he was a Christian to try to force him to either make their revolting cake or refuse so they could sue him out of existence. We have moved way past the idea of keeping the government out of the bedroom and into the realm of the government forcing you to celebrate what homosexuals are doing in the bedroom. The owner of Masterpiece Bakery, Jack Phillips, was then sued again, demanding he make a cake celebrating a trannie "transitioning" from male to female. For now these cases aren't going anywhere but the message is pretty clear. Bake the cake or suffer the consequences.

What we are finding today is that this concept of non-discrimination in business is pretty selectively enforced. Social media outlets like Facebook and twitter regularly shut down conservative accounts while far-left political groups operate with impunity. Even pretty obvious pedophiles are allowed to have accounts on twitter as long as they are careful. The response from liberals and from "libertarians" alike is usually the same: go build your own platform. In other words, you have to self-segregate because we don't serve your kind here. Of course when platforms like Gab do try to provide an alternative, they are run off of hosting sites, banned from app stores, have their funding mechanism cut off and are generally constantly being pressured to shut down. What the idiot libertarians don't ever seem to understand is that we don't live in a free market so appealing to free market  arguments is just asinine. The globohomo corporate oligarchs have chosen a side and conservatives, libertarians and other right-wingers aren't on that side. Meanwhile libertarians still fawn over big business while those big businesses are working against liberty.

Then just last week one of President Trump's sons, Eric Trump, was assaulted by a server at a restaurant who spit in his face. It didn't get a ton of media coverage but you can imagine if someone had spit in the face of one of Obama's daughters. If I saw someone spit in Malia Obama's face, I would kick his ass because that is disgusting but a lot of liberals seemed to think that spitting in Eric Trump's face was hilarious, sort of like dumping a milkshake on someone because you don't like their politics.

Then along comes Stephanie Wilkinson. She owns the infamous Red Hen Restaurant in Virginia where Trump Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was peacefully dining until Ms. Milkinson demanded she leave. Was Mrs. Sanders being rude or disruptive? No, she was simply guilty of having the wrong politics. Not only did Ms. Wilkinson run Sanders out of her restaurant, she reportedly followed Sanders and her party to an adjacent restaurant and gathered people to scream at them in a totally different venue.

Last night Ms. Wilkinson penned an op-ed for the Washington Post (Democracy Dies In Darkness!) titled: When it comes to high-profile collisions in restaurants, new rules apply. Yeah, you know where this is going. According to Ms. Wilkinson, "...the fact remains that restaurants are now part of the soundstage for our ongoing national spectacle.". That is an interesting notion. If restaurants are no longer just private businesses that serve food to the public but are indeed a de facto public square where political discourse takes place, it seems that she might be running afoul of the First Amendment, something liberals in eons past (like 20 years ago) thought was important. On the one hand, she writes gushingly:

Thankfully, as a culture and by law, the United States continues to move toward increasing inclusivity in communal spaces. No one can deny you service because of your race, religion or national origin. (And in some places, sexual orientation, physical ability and age are also protected classes, while in the District, Seattle and a few other locales, it is illegal to refuse service based on a guest’s political affiliation or views.) At the same time, if you’re an unsavory individual — of whatever persuasion or affiliation — we have no legal or moral obligation to do business with you. And that, too, is right.

Then on the other hand she writes this...

So when the day comes that the world feels returned to its normal axis, I expect we’ll see fewer highly charged encounters making headlines. In the meantime, the new rules apply. If you’re directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering, maybe you should consider dining at home.

For the rest, your table is waiting.

The same people that say "Bake the cake bigot" feel perfectly justified to say "Stay home to eat bigot!".

As far as spreading suffering, under Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the government of Libya was deposed and now there are open air slave markets in Libya. I would think that would count as perpetuating suffering. I wonder if Ms. Wilkinson would refuse service to Hillary Clinton? Under Obama people died trying to cross into America and unaccompanied minors were held in "cages" but I bet he and Michelle would be welcome to dine at the Red Hen.  Maybe conservatives should be required to enter restaurants by a rear entrance so they don't offend the delicate sensitivities of liberal diners? But how to identify less well know conservatives? Hey, I have an idea! Make Republicans wear something distinctive so liberals can spot them more easily. Maybe an armband, that idea has never been tried...

If we can't share public spaces with the Left, or more accurately if the Left refuses (increasingly violently) to share public spaces with us, then why exactly are we still pretending to be one United States? The Left, as Ms. Wilkinson suggests, is willing to allow us to use their public facilities again but only once we return America to her "normal axis". In other words, if we shut up and stop voting for politicians we want and vote only for politicians she wants, she will let us eat in her irrelevant little restaurant. Like TSA screeners and DMV workers, the littlest tyrants are often the most vicious.

There is a cost to incivility. Ms. Wilkinson no doubt doesn't see it yet but it is there. We already see the will of the people being thwarted by a small number of judges, the media and the bloated D.C. bureaucracy, all without a shred of accountability. As the Left continues to try to suppress free speech, flaunt the idea of free association and public accommodation and increasingly turns to violence and intimidation to suppress free speech, the pot is eventually going to boil over.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Reflecting On The Democrats First Debate: Two Nights Reinforcing My Thesis

As the culturally reinforced blinders came off, one of the things that has become apparent to me is that we are not led by the best and brightest among us. The opposite is generally true. The higher the public office, the smaller the people that pursue it. I wrote about this last fall, A Parade Of Small Men In The Highest Office. In my 40 some odd years of being politically aware, we have had a string of small men occupying and running to occupy the Oval Office. I wrote in closing:

It seems odd, does it not, that the most powerful office in the world seems to mostly attract such mediocre leaders? I think many decent men and leaders just simply are not willing to do what it takes to become President. The endless holding out of your hand for money, sucking up to people you probably don't like, the endless scrutiny and criticism. Why would someone put themselves through all of that for any motivation other than narcissism?

Perhaps if the Presidency wasn't quite so significant, wasn't such an endless fishbowl of attention, better men would choose to run. As our government has grown more and more ubiquitous and powerful, so too has the importance placed on the President. In a more sane world, who the President is wouldn't matter so much to the average person on a daily, or now minute by minute, basis and we could see some real leaders and statesmen run for the office. Until that happens we can expect to see an endless succession of narcissistic political chameleons. 

The last two nights have only reinforced that statement.

We live in the most powerful and generally most admired nation in the world. Sure, many Europeans sneer at America but their condescension is generally covering for jealousy. Do Americans care what some pissant in Denmark thinks? Nope. For more than 150 years, America is where people from around the world have wanted to come. We have produced great military leaders and statesmen, men who created a government and a society that is the envy of the world. Much of what we take for granted in modern technology, medicine, conveniences and entertainment were created right here in this relatively new nation. That is our past. The Democrat debates show our present and a glimpse of our future. Thanks to a winner-takes-all system, we have a political duopoly and that system has never been more of a dumpster fire than it is right now.

On the Republican side, the party is the party of Trump. There are some clowns who think they are going to "save" the GOP from itself, which is really just a return to being gracious losers who wear nice suits while getting kicked around by liberals. From John Kasich to Jeff Flake to newly self-appointed libertarian savior Justin Amash, they all assume that what matters is not winning but rather their rigid adherence to a set of principles dictated to them by the Left, a set of principles the Left cheerfully ignores at every turn.

Trump himself is an enormous disappointment. We knew he was a scoundrel and a loose cannon, and above all else a flaming narcissist but he has been outmaneuvered at every turn by Pelosi and Schumer on the one side and is played for a chump by his advisers on the other. He ran as an America First nationalist who would finally secure the border but he has governed like a typical Conservative Inc. Republican. Sucking up to Israel, threatening new wars, giving tax cuts to globalist mega-companies that wave the rainbow flag and work against him at every turn. 2016 Trump would tear apart 2019 Trump for being weak and a punk. As an amusing cultural sideshow, Trump was great but as President he is turning out to be a huge disappointment. Whether that is him being played by the Swamp or is intentional is uncertain but the result is the same. What is worse is that there is no bench behind him. Who is the upcoming populist/nationalist leader to take over when Trump leaves office? Pence? Pence is a nice guy but he is a generic Republican empty suit. There really are no significant leaders to take up the mantle after Trump. On the bright side, when Trump leaves office, either in 2021 or 2025, he will go down in history as the last Republican President so it doesn't really matter.

If Trump has any hope of winning re-election, it was on display the last two nights. The Democrats put forth their top 20 candidates who hope to unseat Trump and to even the most politically ignorant observer it was a dumpster fire that made the case for re-electing Trump better than he ever could.

I am not going to go into the details because it was so awful and others are doing a better job of it. What I want to point out is that these people are not the best and brightest America has to offer. They are a collection of grifters, liars and idiots. The handful of reasonably intelligent people on stage, like Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard and John Delaney, have zero chance of being the nominee. The front-runners are a couple of decrepit old white people (Biden, Warren), an elderly Communist Jew (Sanders) and a couple of token blacks, one a closeted homo (Cory Booker) and one a skank who slept her way into politics (Kamala Harris). Peter Buttpirate has the homo vote and donors but I don't think he has the staying power.

What is really staggering is that none of these people has ever had a real job. Biden is a lifelong politician. Same with Cory Booker. Warren taught in law school for many years when she wasn't running down buffalo on the plains with her Cherokee family. Bernie Sanders has been a leach and a grifter his whole life. Peter Buttplug has been in politics his entire adult life as well, with a brief stint in the Naval Reserves (insert joke about Seamen here). Most the rest of the field seems to have the same basic resume, college then law school, then a few years at a law firm and then into politics. Tulsi Gabbard served in the military but otherwise has been a politician. Robert "Beto" O'Rourke is basically a bum who has been arrested a few times and entered politics as a way to avoid getting a job. Yang did some internet start-up work but he isn't really a serious candidate.

What is also disturbing is that the entire field is made up of lunatics and the handful of non-crazed people are drowned out by the nutjobs. I wouldn't trust 3/4 of these people to collect garbage but one of them might become President. You wouldn't hire Joe Biden or Kamala Harris to run a small company but hey let's give them the nuclear codes.

A side observation is that this field of candidates shows the lie of elite academics. There are lots of elite university graduates on stage. Booty-gig went to Harvard. Booker went to Stanford and Oxford. Loathsome Bill de Blasio has a Masters from Columbia. Amy Klobuchar went to Yale. Kirsten Gillibrand attended Dartmouth. Andrew Yang went to Brown and Columbia. Yang is pretty smart but most of them are awfully dumb. Our elite schools don't have the best students, as the acceptance of little turd David Hogg to Harvard simply for being anti-gun proves. They are just the places where the connected and powerful attend and a degree from these schools opens doors to enter the elite strata of society. Going to an elite school is not a sign of being a decent human or competent or even especially smart.

Most of the debate seemed to be a test to see if these people would affirm an increasingly crazy and out of touch series of propositions and they did so pretty faithfully. Getting rid of private health insurance, decriminimalizing invading our country, gun confiscation, giving illegals free health insurance, giving people "free" college or just flat out giving them a cash handout. Not only did none of them dare to give a contrary answer, except Gabbard on war, but all of them tripped over themselves to appear the most enthusiastic.

Bottom line, you get the candidates you deserve. This is what America wants, career politicians who have never held a real job who promise the moon, free stuff and a pony. This clown car of idiots is not the cause of our issues, it is a symptom of what we have degenerated into. They also affirm what many of us have been saying: there is no political solution to our woes. Sometimes the only solution is to cleanse it with fire. We have had it good for a long time but the string is about to run out.

Hopefully there will be copies of this debate so the people who survive and rebuild can be reminded to never let our people get to this point again.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Democrat Dumpster Fire/Debates, Night One: Lieawatha and the Nine Dwarfs.

I managed to watch an hour of the Democrat debate last night and it was absolutely painful. I tried to keep myself amused by live-tweeting but even that wasn't reducing the pain. When the first hour was over and they announced Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow would be moderating the second hour, I had to call it a night. Listening to and even looking at Maddow turns my stomach. I hope she isn't moderating tonight, as there could be some fireworks as everyone lines up to take their shot at Biden and Bernie and of course Buttpirate.

For the first maybe 40 minutes it was the Elizabeth Warren show. She got the first question and then seemed to get a question every few minutes. At one point Cory Booker looked visibly irritated when she got yet another question while he had been sidelined for a while. Then again, he always looks a little crazy so it is hard to tell. Tulsi Gabbard's sister was apparently in charge of her Twitter account during the debate and posted this:

Warren was shrill and stuck to her talking points. At one point the moderator asked who would be in favor of abolishing private health insurance and replacing it wholesale with a public option and Warren's hand shot in the air like Hermione Granger being insufferable at Hogwarts.

A significant percentage of female politicians think they need to be loud to sound serious and they just come across as shrill and screechy. Warren is one of those.

Beto O'Rourke was a cringe as you would expect, the guy is just a child with some gray hair. So awful. I think he is done after last night.

Cory Booker was more polished that Warren and sounded fairly competent but his crazy eyes are a huge liability. He should get a boost.

Bill De Blasio was the bottom of the heap, the guy is just a revolting scumbag. I wanted to punch him in the mouth through the computer screen. He epitomizes the worst stereotypes of New Yorkers, loud and rude and blustery combined with being painfully ignorant.

Jim Delaney seemed actually kind of sane but he is bald and makes goofy expressions. Giving sober, reasonable responses isn't going to cut it.

Nobody cares about Jay Inslee or Tim Ryan or Amy Klobuchar.

Julian Castro came out pretty strong. He is wrong and dangerous, and was spending too much time talking about specific laws by their code which makes people sleepy, but he was a scrapper. He also set the bar for open borders and made everyone else either agree to his super-radical vision or seem like a Nazi. Castro sees the people invading our border as his people in a way I suspect he doesn't see me as his people even though I am an actual American. He doesn't want any border control because he wants as many mestizos in this country as possible, apparently oblivious to the fact that we already tried a country full of El Salvadorans. We call it El Salvador and it is a disaster which is why they are fleeing to a white nation.

Tulsi Gabbard was a huge flop. She seemed flustered and confused and was as irritating about reminding us of her military service as John Kasich was about reminding us his dad was a postal worker. Very disappointed but at least she is mildly pretty.

The whole first hour was a rapid descent into lunacy. "Reproductive justice" means ensuring abortion rights for trannies without a uterus. Banning private health insurance. Making it no longer illegal to be in this country illegally. Moderators asking questions and respondents answering in Spanish. I hope a lot of regular people were watching and realizing that the Democrat's vision for America is people who are running for President engaging in debate while speaking Spanish and talking about abortion rights for trannies.

Tonight should be more interesting. Biden is going to be the piñata  for the evening and I expect it to get ugly. I hope it does, that might distract from having that ugly little boy Rachel Maddow as a moderator.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Send In The (Debating) Clowns

Tonight is day one of the first Democratic debates and the stage tonight will feature the JV team. Many of the people on stage are polling at barely above zero and there are a couple I don't even recognize at all. On stage this evening will be Elizabeth Warren, clearly the top dog among the ten. Also tonight we have Cory Booker, the debate organizers split the homosexual candidates so Pete Buttigieg and Booker wouldn't be on stage giving each other smoldering glances. Tulsi Gabbard will be there, and expect her to get tough questions about why she isn't sufficiently supportive of Our Greatest Ally™. Beto will be flailing around like a toddler drinking Red Bull from a sippy-cup. The rest of the field combined couldn't draw enough people to fill a gas station restroom.

Cory Booker
Bill de Blasio
Julián Castro
John Delaney
Tulsi Gabbard
Jay Inslee
Amy Klobuchar
Beto O'Rourke
Tim Ryan
Elizabeth Warren

I thought about proposing a drinking game where you would take a drink everytime someone mentioned Trump but I was afraid I would be charged with attempted murder after people ended up in the ER with alcohol poisoning in the first five minutes of the debate. Instead I made a handy Democratic debate bingo card:

Tomorrow night is the main event with Bernie and Biden on stage along with Peter Buttplug, Kneepads Harris and Andrew Yang. Will Biden wander off the stage or start drooling? Will Bernie attempt to comb his hair? Who will promise me the most free stuff? I can't wait!

Can you imagine being Joe Biden's handlers tonight, praying to whatever demonic idol Democrats pray to that Joe doesn't go off the rails or start groping Kirsten Gillibrand on camera tomorrow night? No one is in more peril than Joe, already gaffe-prone and definitely suffering early stage dementia, as the front-runner he is going to be attacked from all sides. When you consider how incredibly dumb he is, I can't see this going well for him. It would be sad to watch if it were anybody but Joe Biden.

I normally couldn't stand to watch that many liberals lying in tandem but this promises to be such a clown show that I might watch both nights for the sheer cringe factor. Things are about to get weird.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

And The Oscar Goes To.....

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is such a ridiculous human being, pretending to weep at a fence while all dolled up and surrounded by photographers. An unserious Congresswoman for an unserious nation. It is so hard to not make fun of her, even though she is clearly not very smart to the point of being what was once charitably called "slow". Yet she and low IQ, brother-marrying Ilhan Omar and foul mouthed twit Rashida Tlaib and a whole posse of equally dumb people are making laws that impact my life.

Our democratic republic, ain't she grand!

Everyone Else Should Pay For My Poor Decision Making!

The Democrat primary contest is not just a clown car crossed with a dumpster fire with a spoonful of trainwreck. It is also rapidly devolving into a bidding war to see who can offer the most "free" stuff to bribe liberal primary voters. Andrew Yang is proposing a Universal Basic Income of $1000 a month but that is child's play because it isn't nearly enough money and it doesn't punish the right sort of people. Yang is obviously not serious about winning. A better scheme comes from Cory "Spartacus, I totally don't have sex with men" Booker. He is proposing some sort of reparations, the issue du jour for liberals. Elizabeth Warren is proposing reparations and a huge student loan bailout. Bernie Sanders, not to be outdone by Fauxcohontas trying to out-socialist him, just proposed "canceling" all outstanding student loan debt. That is about $1.6 trillion dollars. Let's spell that out:


Dats a lotta zeros. I like how he calls it "canceling the debt" as if student loan debt is just some fictional concept, instead of representing funds that have been borrowed by adults and funds that have already been spent by universities. We are just going to "cancel" it. Poof!

Actually Comrade Bernie says he is going to make Wall Street pay for this bailout. That is about as believable as Trump saying he was going to make Mexico pay for his (non-existent) wall. Wall Street owns the Democrat party as well as the Republican party. Let's look at the leadership of the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, Majority Leader McConnell and Minority Leader Schumer (courtesy of )....

So they each have securities and investments, in other words "Wall Street", as their top donor industry to the tune of over $5 million between the two of them. Now let's look at the ranking members of the Senate Committee on Finance which overseas taxation, Republican Chuck Grassley and Democrat Ron Wyden:

Chuck needs to up his fund-raising game but in fairness he also is from Iowa, but Senator Ron Wyden has pulled in over $2 million from "Wall Street". What about in the House Ways & Means committee (they oversee taxation in the House)? Here is Democrat Chairman Richard Neal and Republican Kevin Brady, also from Open Secrets:

I am sensing a pattern here. It is almost as if the securities industry knows who to bribe support to protect their profits.

Please tell me more about how the U.S. Congress is going to vote for these huge donors to take a $1.6 trillion loss without some sort of backdoor compensation from the government. No, what is going to happen is that the taxpayers will end up on the hook for this debt in some way, shape or form. As always. That is the epitome of a regressive tax.

A lot of people who pay taxes didn't go to an overpriced university. They either didn't go on in their schooling after high school or they took affordable classes to learn a trade at a community college. They are middle class people with families and mortgages and car payments but they are apparently supposed to be taxed to bail out people who irresponsibly took out student loans for bullshit degrees that have no value in the marketplace. A prime example is this dame, Heather Gautney. Her profile on Twitter is about what you would expect:

A far left college professor? Didn't see that coming. Anyway, she tweeted this out yesterday in what might be the biggest self-own on social media this month:

So, she got herself $180,000 in debt to get a PhD in sociology which is in the top tier of most useless degrees at any university. There isn't really much calling for sociologists in the work force unless you are teaching that useless subject to other dolts. Boohoo, you went in debt to get a degree with no demand in the marketplace. But you get a tenured professor position at Fordham, which I assume pays very, very well for minimal work. Sadly you decide to teach at Fordham which is in New York City so you go to Twitter to whine not only about your $1100 monthly student loan payment but also that you are dumb enough to live somewhere where rent on an apartment is $2200/month. She should be required to stand on street corners in NYC wearing a sandwich board declaring "I iz dumbz". Instead she is a professor teaching young idiots the same meaningless "academic" discipline that she learned at a school with an annual tuition of $53,000, and also working as a "Senior Policy Advisor" for Bernie. Someone clueless advising Comrade Sanders, shocking! Here is a list of the courses Ms. Gautney teaches when she is not whining on Twitter:

Inequality in America, Transnational Social Movements and Political Sociology on Film. Wow, that is some hard hitting academics right there. Let's look at that last one in detail (from the Fordham webpage)

SOCI 3256. Political Sociology in Film. (4 Credits)

Film has played a central role in shaping the political landscapes of the 20th and 21st centuries and our collective understanding of them. The objective of this course is to enable students to read and analyze global and domestic politics through the medium of film an provide them with a firm grasp of theoretical and empirical issues in contemporary world politics from a sociological perspective. This course makes use of documentary, short-, and feature-length films to interrogate key themes in political sociology and analyze the most important political developments of our time. It also aims to provide students with an appreciation of the complex relationship between art and politics, history and mythology. Substantive areas of study will include: (1) terrorism and war (including civil war, military intervention, and the Cold War); (2) globalization, human rights, and "development"; (3) transnational and domestic social movements; (4) democratic and undemocratic political regimes; and (5) colonialism and imperialism. Readings will be drawn primarily from the field of sociology, but also from political science, history, and film and cultural studies. Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.

So they watch movies and read books about movies and analyze how those movies reinforce their existing political beliefs. No wonder you pay a decent annual salary in tuition every year for solid academic work like that. It is hard to believe that people that study nonsense like this, and it is complete nonsense, can't seem to find gainful employment.

Again, plumbers and store clerks and truck drivers are supposed to pay higher taxes to bail out someone that is such an idiot that they went almost $200,000 in debt for a useless degree and that chooses to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world paying more than double in rent than what a normal person pays for a mortgage. Not to mention the fact that the people who are going to disproportionately benefit from this are white professionals with college degrees and the optics of Mexican carpenters and black janitors getting taxed to bail out white liberals is awful.

You could make student loan debt something that is included in bankruptcy filings, that might help. Right now it is simultaneously as easy as pie for an 18 year old with no credit history and no job prospects to borrow $100,000 unsecured and at the same time it is impossible to discharge that debt no matter what happens. If you get into credit card debt or unexpected medical bills, you can declare bankruptcy. That is devastating to buying a house or even getting a job but it is a last resort. Student loans? You can never get away from them and the government can garnish your wages or your tax refund at will.

The student loan thing is a hot mess, no doubt. So is the credit card debt situation and the public pension underfunding and the looming insolvency of Medicare and of course the $22 trillion dollar existing national debt. The solution is going to be painful and just waving your magic socialism wand and "canceling" that debt isn't going to fix it because as soon as you do, students will start taking out new loans and colleges will keep inflating their prices double digits every year and the cycle starts right over again. The government can't fix the student loan crisis because the government caused it by creating an artificial lending environment where kids who have no business getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured loans are getting them anyway. That artificial lending environment upends the normal underwriting process where risk is a significant factor in loan approval. When there is no risk, there is no reason to not approve a loan. The only student loans that should be extended to students are loans for degrees with reasonable expectations of leading to jobs that will allow the student to make good on the loans (engineering, nursing, accounting, etc.). You should have to apply for a student loan and have that application submitted to underwriting standards like any other loan. If you can't make the case that your degree will lead to a high paying job, you don't get a loan which is how loans are supposed to work. More on this topic: Nothing Is Free.

Obviously the people cheering on #CancelStudentDebt have not given any thought to the ramifications of wiping out $1.6 trillion in student loans, whether that somehow means forcing "Wall Street" to take a huge hit which means that banks will stop offering student loans and students won't be able to afford the inflated cost of college or more likely that tax-payers will get saddled with the bill. They haven't thought about the ramifications because they are incapable of critical thought, and that is by design. All they are capable of thinking about is "I have a bunch of debt and it is a drag. I don't want to have this debt. Bernie says he will make it go away. I'm voting for Bernie". That is all the more complex of a level their thought processes are capable of operating on and again that is by design. Having a problem and making someone else fix it is precisely what Bernie voters are looking for. They are owed everything and they have responsibility for nothing.

Bernie isn't going to be the nominee. I think his support has a pretty hard ceiling at 30% and Elizabeth Warren is peeling off his supporters by proposing many of the same things while be less honest about being a socialist. What he is doing is moving the discourse to the Left. He is staking out a crazy position and that requires all of the other candidates to respond with their own slightly less crazy plans. We still have more than half a year until the first votes are cast, it is going to be a lot crazier in Clown World.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Welcome To The Big Leagues Buttplug!

Oh, poor Peter Buttpirate. His charmed life as a "serious" candidate for President, a candidacy driven entirely by him being the mayor of the 4th largest city in Indiana and getting sodomized by other men, ran into a buzzsaw today. The issue is the shooting of Eric Logan, a career criminal who was shot in South Bend while breaking into cars. Mr. Lynch had a "6-8 inch knife" that he had apparently already stolen from a car, along with a purse stolen that was also stolen and didn't even match his shoes. He was ordered several times to drop the knife and was finally shot by a 19 year veteran of the police force who was backing up at the time. We don't have body cam footage because the officer never turned the lights in his car on. 

Booty-Giggigty took time off the campaign to go to a town hall in South Bend and got ambushed by representatives of "Reverend" Al Sharpton. The crowd was apparently very angry and hostile. A reporter covering the event I was reading on twitter sounded like he was a little scared.

I had some quips about it on twitter....

Aw, poor Peter. Turns out running for President, even with a fawning media boosting him at every turn, is a full contact sport. Pete just got knee-capped and didn't even see it coming and the first Democrat debates are this week. He is in a bad situation, if he shows up at the debates next week he is going to get scorched for it but he can't skip the debates or he loses momentum.

Al Sharpton has been playing this game since Peter Buttpirate was still playing with Ken dolls.

The scenario here is pretty straight-forward. The media describes the death of Eric Logan as a "police shooting", which is technically true but ignores the actual facts in the case, specifically that Logan is a career criminal who was caught breaking into cars and stealing from them, was armed and refused to drop the knife, and the cop who shot him was treated for injuries. There will be an independent investigation which will confirm all of this stuff but Sergeant O'Neill will now be in danger from angry black community members who only care about Logan being shot, not whether it was justified or not.

In the real world, the death of Eric Logan is meaningless. He was a 50 something year old career criminal with five stints in prison who lived with his mother. No one really cares about him other than his current utility to hurt Buttplug. Kamala Harris and Corey Booker both know they are now in the debt of "Reverend" Sharpton. That is how the game is played. Whether it helps them or not remains to be seen but Bootygag just found out that being a sodomite is only going to get him into the race and getting to the finish line is going to be ugly.

Do The Math: Texas Edition

Last week I did a piece that looked at the very difficult situation for Trump in Florida in 2020: Do The Math. I don't see a path to re-election for Trump without winning Florida again but now I want to look at Texas. Texas is the reliably Republican big state, not quite but almost off-setting California. Texas is a huge electoral prize and is generally not contested by Democrats, just as California is not contested by Republicans. In 2016 Trump defeated the Wicked Witch quite handily.

When you lump in Johnson and Stein, the "right" candidates pulled in around a million more votes than the "left" candidates. Pretty solid win.

But then look at two years later when popular Senator Ted Cruz had a tough win against an absolute imbecile Robert "Beto" O'Rourke....

The picture is a little hard to read but there were about the same number of votes cast, a little over 8 million, but Ted Cruz only won by around 200,000 votes. So assuming the same basic people voted in 2016 and 2018, that means 800,000 Trump voters pulled the lever for the spastic O'Rourke just two years later. Or 800,000 new Democrat voters showed up and an equal number of Trump voters stayed home.

In 2020 Trump is going to have to invest a lot more time in Texas than he would have in the past. Trump can still rally the base, in my home state of Indiana what was supposed to be a fairly close race in 2018 between Mike Braun and incumbent Joe Donnelly was a pretty significant blow-out and that is thanks in large part to Trump showing up in Indiana to rally the base multiple times before the election. But Trump needs to be focusing on states like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even other once reliable states like Georgia.

Like Florida, the electorate in Texas is not static and four years is a long time. A recent report from the Texas Tribune tells an ominous story:

Texas gained almost nine Hispanic residents for every additional white resident last year

Read that again and then look at this chart from the story:

Yikes. From the article:

The gap between Texas’ Hispanic and white populations continued to narrow last year when the state gained almost nine Hispanic residents for every additional white resident.

With Hispanics expected to become the largest population group in Texas as soon as 2022, new population estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau showed the Hispanic population climbed to nearly 11.4 million — an annual gain of 214,736 through July 2018 and an increase of 1.9 million since 2010.

The white population, meanwhile, grew by just 24,075 last year. Texas still has a bigger white population — up to 11.9 million last year — but it has only grown by roughly 484,000 since 2010. The white population’s growth has been so sluggish this decade that it barely surpassed total growth among Asian Texans, who make up a tiny share of the total population, in the same time period.

In spite of endless attempts to transform the GOP to appeal to blacks and Hispanics, it isn't working. Blacks overwhelmingly vote Democrat and so do Hispanics, although not quite as uniformly.

Texas is turning into a miniature version of America as a whole as the large urban areas and the border counties are turning deeper blue each year while the rural areas remain deeply red.

The Hispanic community is growing in numbers across the state. But 47% of Texas Hispanics now live in the state’s five biggest counties — Harris, Bexar, Dallas, Tarrant and Travis. Home to Houston, Harris County leads that list with more than 2 million Hispanic residents. But Hispanic growth since 2010 continues to be most significant in Tarrant County.

The urban-rural gap is huge and growing, in Texas and around the nation. The more people we cram into the cities, the more those urbanites depend on the government and the more reliably Democrat voters they become. All part of  the plan; lather, rinse, repeat.

After decades of mestizo migrants, legal and illegal, flooding into Texas and other border states and having children that magically become American citizens, the demographic tide is on the verge of swamping the heritage American population. Worse, there is no sign that these new Americans will ever vote for smaller government, gun rights, pro-life legislation or tax cuts. There is nothing in the Republican party platform that will appeal to black and mestizo voters even though the policies themselves would benefit those groups. I have been making the case for years that tribal and racial identity trumps economic and policy concerns for minorities. In 2008 black Protestant Christians voted essentially unanimously for Obama and did so again in 2012, in spite of Obama's support for gay "marriage" and abortion (As a side note, no one dared bring up the politically monolithic black Christian voting patterns, but woe to the white evangelicals who voted for Trump). Electing a fellow black man was more important than his actual policies, policies that resulted in terrible levels of black unemployment for his tenure. Mestizo voters are similar in terms of in-group racial solidarity.

Because of this, Texas is going to go permanently blue sooner rather than later. Trump probably wins Texas in a struggle in 2020 but that is the end of it. John Cornyn, the other Senator from Texas, is up for re-election next year and will probably win again riding Trump's coattails but when Cruz or whoever the GOP runs is up in 2024, I expect they will lose and the two Texas Senate seats will either go Democrat or be held by milquetoast "Republicans" in the Susan Collins model: essentially Democrats.

Are you starting to see the big picture yet? For decades Republicans have abstained from securing the border for a variety of reasons, mostly because of their abject terror of being called "racist" by people who will call them racist no matter what they do and also because most entrenched Republicans are beholden to the Chamber of Commerce and corporate interests that demand cheap labor and reliable consumers. Trump was elected by promising to secure the border and he has utterly failed to do that. No wall, no immigration enforcement, massive numbers of illegals crossing the border and being scattered in the interior of the country. When he can be bothered to think about the border at all, he mostly threatens and blusters and then forgets what he said or backs down for the umpteenth time. Pointing out his failure to act gets you labeled a liberal on social media by Trump's fanatical followers. In fairness to Trump, the problem was already insurmountable when he took office but he could have at least tried. He should be waking up every day and cracking the whip over ICE and DHS and the Border Patrol to stop illegals and deport the ones we catch. There are well over a million illegals who have final deportation orders or are in the process, and they aren't being sent back. Every year we delay is another year for them to have an anchor baby or to disappear into the illegal alien underground.

Trump likely won't win Florida in 2020 but he will probably win Texas, although it won't matter without Florida, but by 2024 it will be essentially impossible for Republicans to win the White House as Florida, Texas and perhaps states like Georgia flip blue permanently and Republicans become an impotent permanent political minority. There isn't a way to stop this with the "leadership" we have now. There isn't a political solution.

That leaves two options. You can just accept things are what they are and hope you can survive out in the country or you can refuse to live under a Marxist government. There are no other options and the deadline to choose is less than 10 years away.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

When You've Lost hickok45....

There are lots of guys and a few gals on Youtube that do gun videos, mostly reviewing new firearms and ammunition. Many of them have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. One stands above the rest, literally and figuratively, and that is hickok45. He and his son have been doing videos since 2007 and have a combined 1.2 billion views. He currently sits at 4.2 million subscribers. I am one of those subscribers and usually watch every video. He combines self-deprecating humor with solid information and is a deadly shot for however old he is. He always starts his videos out thanking his sponsors and encouraging everyone to join the National Rifle Association. Then yesterday he posted this video and I hope Wayne LaPierre and the board at the NRA took notice.

The gist of the video is that they will no longer be actively promoting people joining the NRA. While they will remain members and are hoping the NRA straightens itself out, they are not linking their brand with the NRA.

The NRA has around 5 million members. Hickok45 has 4.2 million subscribers. I would bet half or likely much more than half of his subs are already NRA members.

This isn't sniping from the hostile Washington Post who wants to see the NRA fail. This is from a lifelong gun rights advocate who makes a living shooting guns and videoing it. There isn't a bigger advocate for the 2nd Amendment anywhere in public than hickok45. Sure he is "just" a Youtuber but he has a huge audience. As of this morning the video has over 111,000 views and climbing.

The blow-up at the NRA Annual Meeting was just the beginning. Now there are dueling lawsuits and the NRA just suspended their number two guy and chief lobbyist Chris Cox for allegedly being part of the "coup" against Wayne LaPierre.

Like many others, I am coming to the place where we need to clean house at the NRA and do it now. As it stands, Trump is going to have a very difficult path to re-election (see: Do The Math). Without the NRA to rally the troops, it is just going to be harder but it is looking like the NRA is going to be dealing with internal squabbles and fighting off lawsuits instead of advocating for 2A candidates in 2020. Wayne LaPierre has been at the head of the NRA since 1991, when I was a freshman in college. 28 years is a long time and with his compensation package in the millions annually, along with all of the perks he has been using/abusing, I wonder if Wayne is as focused on the mission of the NRA as he should be. He is turning 70 this year and it really is time for him to retire. The same is probably true for most of the NRA board. I understand the value of long-term lobbyists who have all the right contacts and phone numbers but this is approaching crisis mode and it is past time for the NRA to decide if it is in the business of defending the 2A and providing local gun events or is just a huge grift for top level executives and their cronies.

I still support the NRA because they are still the largest gun rights organization out there but I also support the Gun Owners of America. I have no idea who the head of GOA is and that is probably a good thing. If the NRA collapses it will be the greatest victory the Left has had in a very long time and losing an effective NRA would be devastating for gun owners. Every single Democrat running has the same draconian plans for gun ownership. Trump has been a mixed bag on gun rights but at least the NRA has his ear. If any Democrat wins you can expect executive orders immediately to make it harder and harder to buy and even to possess normal firearms. The NRA needs to wake up right now and get their house in order and it is pretty clear that the leadership of the NRA is more interested in defending their own turf and benefits than they are in defending my 2A rights.

The National Rifle Association is not Wayne LaPierre's organization. It isn't Christopher Cox's organization. It isn't the board of directors organization. It is our organization, the five million members who pay the dues that keep this organization running and who show up in November to vote for 2A rights. Somewhere along the way the leadership at the NRA forgot who the NRA is supposed to represent. They better figure it out or they will all be looking for new jobs.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Be Careful What You Wish For

This little news item caught my eye this morning while I was reading a different story:

Alabama church gets the OK to use private police force

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed a bill that will allow a Presbyterian church to use its own private police force on its campus.

The law, approved two weeks ago, allows the Birmingham-based Briarwood Presbyterian Church to establish a private law enforcement department to make arrests when crimes are committed on its properties.

On the surface, I have no problem with this at all. The church has around 4,000 members and some 2,000 students at their school. A satellite view of their campus shows this is not a quiet little country church:

I am also a big advocate of people taking responsibility for their own protection instead of relying on the state. This would seem like a no-brainer.

Here is the problem. Along with the 1st Amendment guaranteeing religious liberty, we also have the 14th Amendment that states in part (emphasis mine):

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws

So that means that if a Christian church can have a private police force, so can an Islamic mosque. I wrote earlier this year about the troubling practice in New York of having a Muslim patrol running around the streets wearing uniforms and driving cars that are marked in such a way as to be easily confused for actual New York City police (See: Encroaching Ethnic Balkanization ). Here is a photo of the Muslim patrol:

That is pretty hard to distinguish at a glance from a real New York cop.

The problem I see is that when we start to let the various religious and ethnic groups have police forces, it can lead to unintended consequences. I don't worry about Briarwood Presbyterian, even though they are dirty baby dribblers, but giving Muslims the independent authority to arrest people? Right now it is only on private church property but what if a neighborhood becomes 100% Muslim, and they are given the same authority. Will Muslim private cops be given the right to pull me over if I am driving on a public street through their neighborhood because my wife's head isn't properly covered (she does cover her head already)? Why not gay private police for heavily homosexual areas? Perhaps they can require you to have a pride sticker on your car to drive through their neighborhoods.

If I were to say that my rural neighborhood is overwhelmingly Christian and we are going to organize an expressly Christian neighborhood watch, the ACLU would go bananas. So would the ADL and CAIR and every other non-Christian advocacy group.

In a sane nation you wouldn't have to worry about that happening but we don't live in a sane nation. Our laws and framework were written by and for a homogeneous population with common ancestry and culture. No one writing the Constitution or the 14th Amendment could have imagined an America without an ethnic and religious supermajority. The Constitution was written to: the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity...

As we unwillingly move into a pluralistic mess of balkanization and tribal rivalry, it is terribly important that we think through the worst case scenario of misusing laws. If Christians can have private police forces, so can Muslims and Hindus and Jews.

Be cautious of the law of unintended consequences.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Why Cypher Is Really The Most Important Character In The Matrix For Today

American pop culture has many landmarks. From Woodstock to the Wizard of Oz, some music, films and books have left an indelible mark on who we are as a people. For just about anyone under the age of 50, the Matrix trilogy is indisputably one of those landmarks. From the paradigm shifting special effects which were cutting edge for the time, to the phrases and ideas from the Matrix that are commonly used by people, sometimes seriously and often for laughs, The Matrix is a powerful pop culture marker.

As a side note, although not a surprising one, I didn't realize until recently that Larry and Andy Wachowski, the writers and directors of The Matrix, have "transitioned" and now think they are women named Lana and Lilly respectively. It makes sense in retrospect that people who turned out to be mentally ill crackpots used that instability to create a paradigm shifting science fiction/cultural icon movie trilogy.

It is somewhat ironic that the Wachowski brothers are bark-at-the-moon crazy liberals along with being deviants and mentally ill. They probably think that their movies somehow reinforced some leftist fantasy of fighting corporate power or some other such nonsense. Yet one of the most iconic moments in their most iconic movie, Neo taking the red pill, has become a catch-phrase for the "alt-right". Being "red pilled" is a phrase that describes the moment when a "normie", or regular White guy, has an experience that radically shifts their thinking and opens the door to considering ideas that are labeled thought-crimes in our culture. The leftists have actually become The Matrix and the Right is fighting them. The internet is an endless source of irony.

At first blush, the Matrix is a pretty true to form adventure. The plucky but reluctant hero is enlisted to overcome overwhelming odds, complete with the love interest and the older, wiser mentor. Whether it is Harry Potter taking on Voldemort or Frodo Baggins defeating Sauron or Neo smashing the Matrix or Sarah Connor crushing the relentless and seemingly invincible Terminator or beta male Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star, you can watch or read these adventures and come away with a predictable satisfaction of good overcoming evil. However, simply seeing these as "good guys win, bad guys lose" mindless entertainment is doing them an injustice. All of them to one degree or another also have much deeper and complex themes and meaning.

I was chatting with my wife one day about something unrelated and I sort of had an epiphany. The most important figure in the original Matrix movie to understand is not Neo. It is not his love interest Trinity or his mentor and devoted believer Morpheus. It is not even the relentless Agent Elrond Smith. No, for my money the most important character to understand is the cyber-Benedict Arnold known as Cypher, played by Joe Pantoliano with just the right amount of sleaziness and amorality. Assuming you haven't watched the movie (in which case you probably can't internet at all and wouldn't be here), Cypher is the turncoat human that sells out humanity to the computers in return for a "reward" of being returned back to the Matrix, sort of a reverse red-pill, where he won't remember being red-pilled in the first place and is promised to be "someone important, like an actor" which was a nice, self-deprecating line. In this clip he explains in a conversation with Neo's girlfriend Trinity why he is betraying Morpheus, Neo and all of humanity to the machines when he knows the Truth:

"I'm tired". My, my, my. I certainly understand that sentiment. It is so perfectly human and so real. Even though the Matrix is completely fictional, the emotion Cypher feels seems absolutely believable to me. It makes him seem to be the most honest and human character in a movie where most of the time people are doing crazy, physically impossible things, in the Matrix. We live in a world designed to wear us down and make us want to just retreat into our homes and pretend everything is fine.

We all get tired.  Tired of the incessant outrages we see on the news and in the paper and now via the internet streamed to us in real-time 24 hours a day. Tired of an endless stream of humiliations, insults and irritating injuries. Tired of being told on one hand that we are terrible people who accomplished nothing on our own and on the other told we have to work and go into debt so that we can provide for those who refuse to provide for themselves. Tired of seeing the cities we built turn into garbage dumps prowled by dangerous men who kill for any reason or no reason at all. Tired of seeing the schools we built with the sweat of our brows and the money from our wallets being used to tell our own children how awful we are. Tired of being told that it is a worse crime to point out malfeasance by certain groups than it is to be a victim of those same people. Tired of seeing our nation rotting from within and being forced at gunpoint to subsidize those doing the destroying.

White Americans are a generally pretty stoic people. We are trained to suffer indignities without complaint. We used to understand that life was not fair, that suffering was part of living. We grew up trained to look to the future. I will work hard and sacrifice in order for my children to have it better than I did. So we did. Generations of Americans did. My dad did. When war came, we fought and many died. The ones who lived came home, put down their gun and picked up a hammer or a mail pouch or a pitchfork and went back to work. Now I see my people beaten down and cowed in this country, dreading being thought a racist, while my people in Europe are filmed over and over running in a panic away from the latest encounter with Muslim cultural enrichment.

The most important thing to remember: This is by design. We live hectic lives with brief interludes to eat food that makes us ill and popping pills that purport to help but usually make things worse. Instead of working hard so our kids have a brighter future, we are simply told to borrow money so they can go to college. Work smart, not hard! Then little Suzie and little Johnny get out of school and they or their parents or both have a debt load that would buy a nice starter home. We are absolutely inundated with entertainment and distraction such that few of us seem able to take our eyes off of our phones long enough to see what is going on around us. I believe the constant din that we live in everyday is the result of an intentional effort to wear us down, keep us distracted and exhausted.

Like Cypher, many of us are exhausted by the truth. It gets tiring to beat your head against a wall over and over again while so many fellow citizens just blithely stumble about their lives concerned only with when football season starts and how soon they can upgrade to the latest iPhone. There are many days when I want to just say forget it and go back into the Matrix where diversity is a good thing and Whites can pretend that things will keep going as they always have before. It is a bitter reality of human life that a comfortable lie seems to be better than a discomforting truth. An awful lot of heritage Americans are exhausted just like you and me.

In some ways I wish I could take a blue pill and go back to the more innocent days of my youth. Life was easier when I could worry about my fantasy football team and pretend the world wasn't going to hell in a handbasket. But I can't.

For decades we have treated this struggle as a political competition between fellow Americans and because of that we have operated under civilized rules of engagement. We go about our lives as normal and turn on the news in the evening and show up to the ballot box in November to cast our votes. When we saw footage of antifa rioting and people showing up to Trump rallies being attacked, having eggs thrown at them, assaulted for wearing MAGA hats, it caused something of an overload. It didn't compute. This isn't how it is supposed to be. We are all Americans and that means we all believe in the marketplace of ideas, in free speech and the freedom to assemble. But now you can't assemble freely in many places unless you want to get assaulted or have your identity splashed on the internet and potentially lose your job and have your family threatened.

Many like-minded people who instinctively know that something is wrong refuse to see it. Many others see it but are just worn out by the whole thing. Like Cypher they are just tired. Can't we just give it a break? Your exhaustion is part of the plan. They wear you down with assaults on so many fronts that you can't process it all and just give up. The media and most of the once anti-war Left is cheerleading an attack on Iran because that gives us the sort of distraction they love. A war in Iran is perfect. Gen Xers and Boomers alike remember the Iranian hostage crisis under Jimmy Carter and have a deep-seated revulsion for Iran. We even had the Iron Sheik in the 80s, a villainous Iranian wrestler.

Man, I hated that guy.

The game isn't being played like we were told. We think we are in a polite, spirited but civilized political disagreement but the other side sees this as total war. It is a jihad for them, a quasi-religious crusade against all of the evil heretics they have been indoctrinated to hate, specifically white men and everything they have built and everything we care about. This isn't something they think about as November gets closer. It is what they live and breathe from the moment they get up to the moment they fall asleep. Their jihad consumes them and gives their otherwise miserable lives meaning. They don't get tired or weary from the struggle because it is all they have. We have careers and families and neighborhoods. They have the jihad. They count on wearing us out.

We can't get tired. We can't just quit. Losing this fight means more than losing an election or seeing tax rates go up. If we lose this fight, we lose everything that our ancestors spent thousands of years building. It means no future for our children and our grandchildren. Each generation in the West is entrusted with a sacred duty to preserve and expand what was built by those who came before us and in this sacred trust we are failing miserably. We must change our thinking about what is going on.

If someone breaks into your home and threatens your family, you know what to do. You fight with every fiber of your being, no holds barred, nothing is off the table. I am not an especially violent person but if someone tried to hurt my family I would have no issue stabbing them to death with a steak knife or gouging out their eyes with my thumbs. There is nothing I wouldn't do to protect my wife and my kids. That is the sort of attitude we need because the other side has no moral qualms about anything. They think you are a Nazi and your family is too simply by association. They think your free speech is violence and are therefore justified in using actual violence to suppress your speech. They think you have stolen everything you have worked your entire life to earn and therefore they are justified in stealing it from you. They think you are evil because of your very existence.

Don't tell me about being tired. I am tired all the time. I get it. It wears you down, and makes it hard to sleep. It stresses you out and gives you headaches. Just remember the stakes we are dealing with. The Left doesn't want to win the next election, they want to burn down an entire civilization and exterminate an entire race of people. We must stop thinking of this in terms of a political conflict and start to see it for what it is, a lukewarm civil war. If you refuse to submit meekly to boarding the train to the gulag, you will become their enemy. The only options they are giving us are complete submission or utter annihilation. Therefore our only hope for surviving is to have the same commitment to our preservation as they have for our extermination.

We don't have time to be tired.