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The Soft Bigotry Of Inconsistent Standards

My twitter suspension continues. My appeal was apparently just flat out ignored so I deleted the offending tweet and twitter decided to restart the 7 day suspension clock. So now I will end up suspended for like a week and a half. I may or may not be tweeting under a super clever pseudonym temporarily but this repression is going to make Mandela look like a chump.

Meanwhile, twitter seems to have a very different standard for women and “people of color”. A tweet like this one is apparently just fine.

There are tons of examples like this. Obviously if I tweeted something like “I hate black people with every fiber in my body”, it would not only not be true, it would get me permanently banned from twitter

I can only assume that women in general and colored women women of color are treated to a separate and much lower standard by twitter because twitter believes they lack the self-control to be civil. The poor dears just can’t help but say outlandish and overtly racist stuff.

But I’m the racist that needs to be censored.

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