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Day Ten In Twitter Gulag

It is now the 10th day since I was arbitrarily suspended by Twitter for “7 days” and my suspension is supposed to lift tomorrow. In a fit of pique Twitter has now put me on double-secret probation. Although I am told by Twitter, both on a desktop and the phone app, that I can browse twitter but not comment or tweet, I actually can’t. I get this message on my computer and phone:

On my phone it will show this and allow me to continue but as soon as a scroll anywhere it flips back to this message and it will keep doing it over and over so essentially I can’t “browse” twitter. On my desktop I can’t even click through to twitter, the button doesn’t do anything. Some fruitcake in the Twitter HQ cubicle farm has clearly monkeyed with my account so I can’t even browse twitter. It will be interesting to see if I can actually get on my account tomorrow after my suspension is lifted, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I can’t, and from there how long I last before getting suspended again. It is their little game and I recognize Twitter as hostile territory, maybe I can keep my comments reserved to people on our side and leaning that way instead of getting caught up in trolling low-IQ bozos and getting suspended. The forecast for that happening is not great.


  1. Arthur Sido

    You don't even tweet that much and nothing terribly offensive but like I said, it is a hostile platform and seemingly the goal is to keep like minded people from connecting. Almost like it is coordinated….

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