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Learning From The Past

This is a great video from Sensible Prepper….

Way too many people think that the solution to surviving in a SHTF situation is just the right gear. If I have just the right scope on my super customized AR and optimize the magazine placement on my plate carrier, I will be OK. I get the desire to have the neatest “tacti-cool” stuff. Right now this all seems very theoretical and having the coolest, latest gear gives you bragging rights. When things go sideways? If you lack basic skills and lack a support network, you will pretty quickly be a corpse wearing the most awesome 5.11 tactical gear and some looter will be sporting your awesome AR rig.

We can and should learn from the past. When SHTF, things are going to regress quickly. Things you have come to expect and rely on without thinking, like internet and “flip a switch, lights come on” reliable electricity are not going to be there. Nor will super cheap fuel for vehicles or homes. If you live somewhere really hot and the power grid goes down, how will you deal with that in August? Or if you live somewhere cold and the same happens, how will you survive January? What are you going to do if your coat starts to rip and you can’t order a new one from Amazon or if you want to eat corn in the winter but the Wal-Marts are all closed?

This video is a great starting point to start thinking about what sort of old skills we have lost and what you should start to relearn as a family now.

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