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At Some Point They Will Punch Back

CBS, a television station that is apparently still on the air although I am not sure I have watched one of their shows in like a decade or more, has a show called “The Good Fight”. No idea what it is about but their twitter account had a video up showing one of the characters giving a monologue where he seemed to be justifying attack people because they are “Nazis”.

The show pulled the video or it was knocked down by Twitter because it pretty clearly is an incitement to violence. But this is the internet and the internet remembers. Here is just one account that reposted the video.

Punch a “Nazi”? Why stop there? Why not go full ‘Minority Report’ and punch them before they become Nazis? Even better, go in search of five- year old, fair-haired, Aryan-looking boys and push them off balconies to their death in case they one day grow up to be Nazis.

— Vigilante Jesus Rises (@VJ_Returns) April 13, 2019

The guy narrating talks about Richard Spencer getting punched on TV and was outraged that Spencer had the audacity to be wearing a suit and talking calmly about his positions. That can’t be allowed! “Some speech requires a more visceral response”, in other words assaulting someone because you don’t like what they are saying. “It’s time to punch a few Nazis” he says.

I am sure many will defend it because it is just a dramatization from a TV show. First, those same people would freak out if you had a monologue of someone calling for the assault of sexual deviants in libraries grooming school kids even if it was just a TV show and they would immediately boycott the advertisers. Second, we don’t live in a sane world where people understand the difference between fiction and reality. A lot of people, especially on the Left, form their worldview entirely through the lens of Harry Potter, Star Wars and comic book movies. They don’t understand the difference between acting in a fictional setting and the real world. “What would Hermione do in this situation?” is a completely reasonable question for them when faced with a perplexing issue.

Richard Spencer is a clown, a cartoonish villain that is allowed to keep his platform, unlike Jared Taylor, because he serves a useful purpose. He looks like a d-bag and probably is in real life. He has a pretty tiny actual following, even on the alt-right, but has outsized influence because he serves as useful role as the token “fashy haircut bored rich kid who latched onto far right politics”. He is a moustache twirl away from being the modern Snidely Whiplash.

But Spencer is a “Nazi” every bit as much as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Communist. If I ran up to AOC and punched her in the head while she was peacefully talking to a reporter, first I would be a coward for hitting a woman and for sucker-punching anyone and then running away, but second I wouldn’t get praised for it by mainstream conservatives. I would be universally condemned, and rightly so. I would go to jail if the police caught me in time or some lunatic fanboy of AOC would try to assassinate me to curry favor with her.

Punching Richard Spencer and running away is cowardly but it was safe because Spencer is a fop who wouldn’t right back. It is the opposite of courageous “resistance” to attack people when there is no chance of retaliation. I am of the opinion that people should be afforded the right to speak as they wish, and in most cases those I consider political enemies do my side a great favor when they speak. I love it when they shove a camera in the face of Ocasio-Cortez or Ilhan Omar or Maxine Waters. All three of them are dolts who should never hold a job more significant than cart crew at a Wal-Mart but when they speak they make my case far better than I ever could. I can tell you Ilhan Omar is dumb as a bag of hammers but listening to her speak is far more convincing. I am also of the belief that if you do think it is necessary to get physically violent with someone, you should do so in a fair fight. Man to man, one on one. Attacking someone when they aren’t looking or ganging up on someone when you have them outnumbered is a punk move. It is also something that will get you killed. Being attacked by 3-4 attackers, even if they are not “armed”, is something I would consider a lethal threat to my life and I would respond accordingly.

Meanwhile, just yesterday some leftist lunatic was stalking a female conservative: Police Investigating ‘Bias Incident’ at South Seattle College After TPUSA President Stalked by Man in SUV.

“I was at our [TPUSA] recruiting booth when this man started vandalizing and then stealing our organization’s personal property,” said (Katie) Daviscourt to Breitbart News, “I asked him to give us back our signs, he gave it back, and I thought that was the end of it, but he kept coming back [to the TPUSA booth] to yell at us some more.”

The student added that the confrontation continued in the parking lot while she was walking to her car.

“When we left for the day, I didn’t know it, but he was waiting for me in his car,” said Daviscourt, “I could feel a car coming and I didn’t know it was him at first. It wasn’t until he passed me, and I realized it was the same guy from earlier. So I tried to get back to my car as fast as I could. Then, he tried again for a second time, I jumped out of the way and hid between cars.”

Daviscourt told Breitbart News that in that moment, she feared for her life, as she believed the man would try to strike her with his vehicle if she were to step out from in-between the cars.

“When I was hiding between the cars, at this point, I thought he was trying to kill me,” said Daviscourt, “So I tried to get a picture of his license plate, and then I called 911.”

This goes hand in glove with the sort of rhetoric that declares some political speech to be off-limits, needing to be policed and “enforced” by violence, or a “visceral response”. This guy didn’t like what TPUSA, a very mildly conservative group, stands for or at least what someone told him it stands for, so he decided to harass a girl and vandalize and steal her property to prevent her from exercising her right to free expression. Then he was stalking her in a car while she was on foot. People wonder why so many Americans choose to carry firearms and this is exactly why.

Starting late this year you will see the re-election campaign of Trump start to ramp up with public events. Even before he was elected supporters were assaulted on a regular basis by neo-Marxists and with four years of these same loons being force-fed a steady diet of hatred for Trump and anyone that voted for him, calling them Nazis and racists and every other name they can come up with, it is inevitable that the assaults will continue. This makes it highly likely that someone is going to get seriously hurt. In 2016 at a Trump rally in San Jose, many people were attacked by groups. A woman had eggs smashed on her. An elderly couple was knocked down. Bottles were thrown at people. People were hit from behind and chased by large groups, some were chased into parking garages and their cars were hit. Again, someone at some point is going to stop and make a stand and then someone is going to get killed.

People shouldn’t have to fear political assembly because they might get assaulted and even seriously hurt and sooner or later it is going to turn lethal. Tools like Richard Spencer should be able to say what they want to say in public spaces without being assaulted by cowards, just like hate-filled ingrates like Ilhan Omar should be able to spew their nonsense. Inciting people to violence, even when you cloak it in  euphemistic language like “visceral response”, will eventually get the violent reaction you are looking for. The people who thump their chests and talk about “punching Nazis” on social media always assume someone else will do the punching for them but when this raging anger finally gets let off the leash, they are going to find out quickly that being an internet tough guy isn’t much protection when facing a real world person that has been backed into a corner.

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  1. John Wilder

    It seems as if the tools on the farthest extreme are the ones they want to trot out, yet one is universally regarded as a tool, and the other is in congress.

    But I repeat myself.

    Extremes – part of the plan. Sadly.

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