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The Impotent God Emperor

President Trump held yet another self-congratulatory rally last night, this time in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to crow about the end of the Russia collusion investigation. He apparently even titled it a “Total Exoneration” rally. I didn’t watch but a lot of it seemed to be him crowing about the failure of his political enemies. I get that but did we need yet another rally to talk about it? He also talked about Jussie Smollett but I expect that to be another issue where the Swamp thwarts him and nothing happens to Jussie.

He did manage to talk a little about the issue he ran on and that won him the White House: immigration. Trump said Mexico had to stop these caravans and boy he really means it this time:

“If they don’t — and I’m telling you right now — we will close the damn border,” he says.”

Hasn’t he been President for over two years, making this same threat, and nothing has happened? There is no wall and there doesn’t appear to be plans for one. For a God-Emperor he doesn’t seem to be terribly effective.

Can you spare a few legions to secure our border?

That isn’t to say he hasn’t done anything. Sure he got the tax cuts. He has made two solid Supreme Court nominations and a bunch of lower court nominations. The economy seems to be humming along. He has done lots of stuff to appease Israel.

None of that matters.

Even if Trump ends up replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg with some super conservative jurist, it won’t matter. The Dems are already planning to add to the number of Justices and pack the Supreme Court with as many far-left “justices” as they need in order to have a bullet-proof majority that will rubber stamp whatever laws and executive orders they pass.

The tax cuts will go away as soon as the Congress and White House flip and will actually get much higher. Of course the Left will build in exemptions for their corporate partners so the tax increases will mostly hit the average American instead to pay for their new spending programs.

The economy is being driven by cheap debt and that is going to come to an end sooner or later.

Israel is going to find pretty quickly that they are not as influential in today’s Democrat party as they used to be, especially with the young ones, but as long as the Democrats are funded by multi-billionaire Jewish donors, Israel should be OK.

Meanwhile the flow of illegal aliens invading and occupying our nation is continuing unabated. That is the only thing that matters.

I am afraid Trump is reverting to the old Republican ploy of trying to use the same issue to get elected over and over (see: abortion) by running on securing the border in 2020 even though he squandered his entire first term by doing nothing on that very issue. I am sure lots of people will still vote for him but even a small decrease in enthusiasm will sink his re-election. It is pretty hard to get enthusiastic about his border rhetoric when it has thus far been nothing but talk.

Even though the Russia collusion hoax was just that, a huge hoax, it perhaps was enough of a distraction to keep Trump from focusing on his signature issue. That assumes he ever meant to do anything about it in the first place. Now Trump is looking more and more like an empty windbag. I really wish some days that Trump would be the dictatorial despot that the left accuses him of being.

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