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Clueless Conservatives

No issue is more important to the future of what is called conservatism in America than immigration. I agree with Ann Coulter who wrote the following in her book Adios, America! (my review):

What happens with immigration will determine whether America continues to exist or becomes a Third World republic that will never elect another Republican—in other words, “California.” It’s more important than gun rights, right to life, taxes, or Iran’s nuclear program—or whatever other issue you care to cite, because immigration will decide all issues, once and for all, in favor of the Democrats.

Coulter, Ann. Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole (Kindle Locations 4711-4715). Regnery Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

Many, if not most, rank-and-file conservatives understand this and agree. Democrats understand this and that is why they refuse to budge even an inch on border security. It isn’t that they want a secure border by means other than a wall, they just don’t want any border security at all. Their political strategy is predicated on replacing the American electorate with one that is easier to manipulate. Without getting immigration under control, all of this yammering about taxes and the courts is meaningless because a permanent leftist majority will simply undo anything Republican accomplish on every single issue.

So you would think that at an event that considers itself to be the pre-eminent conservative gathering, immigration would get the most attention. Right? Wrong. Michelle Malkin blasted CPAC for having exactly one panel, of less than half an hour, on the subject of immigration:

Faith Goldy, for VDARE TV, interviews some people at CPAC and also points out that while defending American borders got only one panel, defending Israel got three panels.

Whatever your views of America’s relationship with Israel might be, do you think that the relationship will get stronger or weaker when Democrats, led by dimwits like Ilhan Omar and Ocasio-Cortez, are in charge?

Trump is incredibly popular among Republicans, even if he is not among beltway elitist “conservatives”, and his signature issue is immigration reform and the difference between him being re-elected in 2020 and losing to whichever Democrat wins the diversity Olympics/Democrat primary is getting something done about the border.

So why isn’t this the main topic at CPAC?

There are two reasons. One is that most conservative and Republican leaders are spineless cowards. They are terrified of being called racist, even though they get called that anyway, so they do whatever they can to avoid taking a stance.

The second reason is that many “conservatives” are owned by the big business groups that have an insatiable appetite for cheap labor like the Wall Street Journal and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. They know this policy of capitulation on the border is suicidal long-term but they are old and don’t care as long as they can line their pockets for as long as possible.

CPAC and the generic conservatism is represents is quickly losing any relevance in the modern political conversation. They are having the same conversations and pushing the same policies they have for decades as the political world has shifted. This isn’t 1980. Reagan is dead. America is on the cusp of becoming a majority-minority nation. Giving the barest lip-service to immigration isn’t going to cut it. The Right in America is going to rally around leaders who actually are trying to preserve and renew America, not those who are mostly concerned with padding the quarterly numbers of the Fortune 500.

So long CPAC, you were kind of fun for a while but inviting leftist Van Jones in while keeping immigration patriots out means you are not the sort of leadership we need. Maybe someday if this Republic survives you can be interesting again.

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