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Bolshevik Barbie Is Making A List, Checking It Twice, Gonna Find Out Who Is Counter-Revolutionary

The Bolshevik Barbie, She Guevara, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is apparently compiling a Nixonian “Enemies List” of Democrats that have displeased Her Royal Two Months In Office-Ness by being insufficiently woke….

After more than two dozen moderate Democrats broke from their party’s progressive wing and sided with Republicans on a legislative amendment Wednesday, New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reportedly sounded the alarm in a closed-door meeting Thursday and said those Democrats were “putting themselves on a list.”

The legislation that prompted the infighting was a bill that would expand federal background checks for gun purchases, the Washington Post reported. But a key provision requiring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be notified if illegal immigrants attempt to purchase guns saw 26 moderate Democrats side with Republicans.

According to the Post, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scolded her wayward center-leaning colleagues, telling them: “We are either a team or we’re not, and we have to make that decision.”

But Ocasio-Cortez reportedly took it a step further. She said she would help progressive activists unseat those moderates in their districts in the 2020 elections, the report said. Her spokesman Corbin Trent told the paper that she made the “list” comment during the meeting.

The best part about the story was the picture that accompanied it on the web:

“I wonder what they are serving in the cafeteria today. Maybe pizza!”

AOC only seems interested in being in Congress when she is in front of the camera screeching like a 9 year old hopped up on Mountain Dew. When she isn’t the focus she gets the same look on her face that every kid in middle school gets when the teacher is droning on. All brain activity shuts down and she starts thinking about lunch and recess.

“I put bread in the toaster and toast comes out but where does the bread go?”

For all of her pseudo-populist, just a gal from down the block, rhetoric, AOC is a wannabe tyrant. This is the same immature woman that was threatening Donald Trump, Jr. with the Congressional power of subpoena before she was even sworn in because she was vexed that he was trolling her on Twitter. She is incredibly thin-skinned and thinks she needs to give an over-the-top response to everyone that challenges her. She will take the bait 100% of the time, partly because she is so painfully arrogant but also because she thinks that the rest of America are just peasants. That includes most of her own party. In spite of the big show she puts on with fellow freshman Rashida Tlaib (already racking up an impressive number of gaffes and ethics violations) and Ilhan Omar, she is of the opinion that the Congress exists only for her to display her own “brilliance”.

Her enemies list should be troubling to Democrats. Here is a 29 year old Congressional freshman who has been in office for a couple of months threatening to primary dozens of current Democrats, most of whom I assume are in swing districts where a far left candidate would be slaughtered by the Republican. But she doesn’t care. At her tender age and with an utterly unimpressive resume, she has decided to remake the Democrat party into Her own image. Her response to Joe Lieberman is pretty telling:

In response to criticism earlier this year from former Sen. Joe Lieberman, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a snarky: “New party, who dis?”

Her attempts to be hip and clever are terribly painful but the message is clear: this is my party now.

What is sadly hilarious about this is that Democrats are on the cusp of victory. Their strategy for decades has been solid: split off as many white votes as you can, get in bed with the rich and the media and import millions of new non-white voters who will reliably vote Democrat and flip solid red states blue. Thanks to demographics we are only one election away from Republicans being unable to win the White House again. Take away Texas, Georgia and Florida and you can kiss an electoral college majority good-bye. The only thing that could change this equation is frightening normal voters with some lunatic policy proposals like the New Green Deal. It will be funny if the nation is saved thanks to a far left dimwit like AOC tackling her own team before they can cross the goal-line. Who knows, maybe AOC will be seen decades from now in American history as the unwitting savior of the Republic?

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