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Why Do They Call Us Fake News, Episode 1,966

There was a brief flurry recently of news-blurbs featuring people confused about getting a smaller tax refund than in years past. The media painted this as Trump lying to people. “See, people are getting less money back from the government! Orange Man Bad!”. As usual the reality of what is really happening is quite different. This succinct video from Mark Dice explains in his usual acerbic manner:

So you end up with more money in your pocket over the course of the year but the lump sum at the end of the year is not as large so you feel cheated. The media knows this, I assume at least the producer level people are intelligent enough to understand what the real story is but they are choosing to run with these fear-mongering stories anyway because their agenda is not to report news but to undermine Trump. These are the same people who get the vapors when Trump calls them fake news and the enemy of the people. Well you can’t have it both ways. If you choose sides in the partisan divide and actively and openly work against the President and Republicans, you don’t get to get outraged when he calls you out about it.

This is also why the whole “tax refund” thing is so awful, people lose their earnings by dribs and drabs throughout the year but then get a big chunk of money that they already earned back in February and think they struck it rich. It was always your money people!

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