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Encroaching Ethnic Balkanization

The New York Times ran a piece yesterday about a new “neighborhood watch” group in Brooklyn. No big deal, right? Except the story ran with this photo at the top:

James Keivom for The New York Times, link below in text.

If you just glanced at the picture you would think it was a New York City cop with an unmistakable Islamic beard with his cruiser parked in front of a precinct building. But that isn’t a cop. The Muslim man in the picture is Noor Rabah, “vice president of Muslim Community Patrol & Services”. In other words, he is not a cop, he is a civilian. He is dressed like a cop and his car looks like a cop car, down to the shield, paint job and the words Muslim Community Patrol on the side. Here is a picture of an actual NYC police car. Look at the paint scheme and then compare it to the vehicle above.

I am sure it is coincidental that a “civilian” group wears official looking uniforms and paints their cars to look almost exactly like an actual NYC police car. If someone on their own dressed like that and painted their car like that and was out patrolling a neighborhood, the cops would probably think (rightly) that they were trying to impersonate police officers.

The story has the clumsy title: Muslims Form Community Patrol. Some Neighbors Say No, Thanks. From the story:

The unarmed civilian patrol will offer translation services — its members are fluent in any of seven languages — explain cultural nuances, report suspicious activity, respond to traffic accidents and even help in searches for the missing. The patrol has the support of Brooklyn’s borough president, Eric L. Adams, and Assistant Chief Brian J. Conroy, the commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South.

“More than buildings went down in 9/11. Trust between communities went down,” Mr. Adams said. “We are building it back one brick at a time, and this patrol is one of those bricks.”

What isn’t mentioned is that when those buildings went down, not only did trust go down but thousands of New Yorkers were murdered by a band of Muslim hijackers supported and funded by other Muslims. So you can perhaps understand why trust has gone down but apparently the way to “rebuild” that trust is to allow an ethnic street patrol dressed up like cops in cars that look like actual police cars. I am not sure that would make me feel more trusting.

The article points out that there are already two other ethnic community watch groups operating in New York, the “Asian Safety Patrol” and the Jewish community patrol Shomrim. I wasn’t aware of those group but I also find them troubling although admittedly not as much as the Islamic patrol given the very real phenomena of “Sharia patrols” in places like the UK and Germany where they were going around telling Germans not to drink. In general Asians and Jews don’t hold up signs advocating for Sharia law in Western countries to replace the liberal democratic order.

Charming ladies no doubt and grateful to live somewhere they can protest freely.

I know the response already. “You are just being Islamophobic and alarmist. It is just a community watch. Bigot!”

Yeah, we have heard that before. Love is love! Marriage equality! It has only been 3 1/2 years since the Obergefell decision created a “right” for homosexuals to “marry” out of thin air and we find ourselves in a culture where homosexual propaganda is everywhere and transvestites are now in libraries reading to little children dressed up as demons and little “transgender” boys are dancing provocatively for homosexual adult men. This is not only not condemned, it is celebrated and you are required to celebrate right alongside them. “Misgendering” someone on social media, in other words calling them by the correct biological gender instead of the gender of their imagination, can get you suspended. There are more and more states recognizing “non-binary” genders, denying biological reality in favor of the cultural whim of the day. Lunatic cross-dressing men are screaming at store clerks for not calling them “ma’am”. We are not far from the day when refusing to play along with the deranged fantasies of transvestites will be considered a hate crime. So don’t bark at me about the “slippery slope fallacy” because the slippery slope is pretty much a rock-solid guarantee today. Here is a good overview from Martina Markota at Rebel Media:

Do we really want to start to rely on specific ethnic and religious groups to supplement the police? Or do we play the “what about” game? What if there were Mormon Community Patrols in Salt Lake City driving around in official looking cars and giving the stink eye to anyone drinking Starbucks? Or White Community Patrols in white enclaves of otherwise majority non-white cities? I am sure that would get a similarly soft touch from the New York Times. It seems to me that if ethnic/religious specific patrols are the wave of the future then we should all get the same treatment. That is not the case of course. Despite very real and evidence based concerns, anyone that objects to ethnically based community patrols will be called a bigot. at least when the ethnicity forming patrols is one of the favored identity groups.

We keep drawing closer to a future that is deeply Balkanized and are already pretty close. The world I live in here in Indiana is completely foreign to people living in San Francisco or Baltimore. The converse is also true. The relentless campaign to undermine the culture and institutions that provided a sense of common purpose and destiny is serving to reinforce and compound the disconnect so many of us have toward so many others. That has mostly led to ill will and resentment so far but if there is a significant downturn or a fiscal crisis and these competing groups are scrambling for a limited pool of resources, it will turn dangerous in a hurry.

On a related note, the people most likely to be offended that anyone is concerned about “Muslim Community Patrols” are the people who will be the first to suffer when Islam reaches a critical mass. There are, according to the linked NYT story, already over 3/4 million Muslims in NYC and I suspect that number is probably low. What happens in places like New York when that number climbs to several million? The Michigan city of Dearborn gives you a clue.

The dingbats that dress up like characters from the “The Handmaid’s Tale” are terrified of an impending Christian theocracy. Just watch this idiotic trailer with the Washington monument turned into a giant cross.

These idiots really think this is just around the corner. Just wait until Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies or perhaps more accurately is admitted to have been dead for some time. They will go into full scale LARPing mode. It kind of makes me suspect it is sort of a twisted take on the 50 Shades frenzy where “strong, powerful, independent, don’t need no man” feminists devoured crappy literature that depicts a woman being spanked by a rich playboy. Weird projection, right? Likewise I suspect a significant number of the women that cosplay as “Handmaids” really wish some guy would control them so they don’t have to show back up for their miserable cubicle-dweller job.

But the real “Handmaid’s Tale” is not going to be initiated by Christians. There is nowhere in the U.S. where Christians are in sufficient numbers and zealotry to do this. Most Christian men are terrified of women getting mad at them and the few that aren’t are not influential enough to impose some sort of patriarchal theocracy. The trajectory of cultural Christianity heavily favors the milquetoast expressions. But Islam is the opposite. The trajectory of cultural Islam looks to be dominated by the most radical, “conservative” elements. Liberal “Christians” constantly pummel the more “conservative” types for being “fundamentalist”, out of touch, on the wrong side of history, etc. but more liberal Muslims are terrified of conservative Muslims. The threat of being beheaded will tend to do that.

For observers of the cultural trends, an officially sanctioned pseudo-law enforcement group run by Muslims is a dangerous first step toward Sharia patrols and “no go zone” ghettos where cops fear to tread and Islamist thugs enforce Sharia law. Perhaps that will prove to be alarmist but then again the pattern seems to suggest otherwise. When these “community patrols” inevitably start to cause conflicts, don’t be surprised to see other groups start to follow suit and having dueling ethnic paramilitary groups in close proximity is going to end badly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. John Wilder

    Exactly!!! There is one bad religion. One, and in Hollywood, the most likely case is that the dominant religion for most of the existence of the country is somehow gonna go rabid like Old Yeller and they're gonna have to put it down.

    Sorry for the spoiler.

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