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Another Day, Another White Liberal Professor Trying To Be Edgy And Funny By Calling For White Genocide

Strolling through Twitter and came across this:

Oh, how edgy. Before I even dug into a little, I knew what I would find. Sure enough this account is owned by one Peter Alvaro, an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of California – Santa Cruz ( email: phone #: 831-459-1304). It wasn’t hard to find a picture of Mr. Alvaro and again I could have drawn this up before I even clicked on a link….

Mr. Alvaro is pretty much a walking cliché, the Assistant Professor with the scraggly beard and obligatory pony-tail. A few generations ago he would have worn a corduroy blazer with elbow patches. As is usually the case, this fella calling for white genocide looks like a sissy so I doubt he is gearing up to start the genocide himself. He is just virtue signaling and trying to be edgy, probably to help him get in the pants of some obese undergrad. A male or female undergrad? Jury is out on that one.

I sent this note along with a screenshot of the tweet to the dean of his college, the Jack Baskin School of Engineering, Alexander Wolf ( phone # 831-459-4877) and his department chair Martine Schlag (  phone # 831-459-3243 ) to ask if they support his rhetoric.

Dr. Wolf

Last month a man identifying himself as Peter Alvaro posted on twitter that “all i want for my birthday is white genocide”. See attached screenshot. According to the link provided in his twitter profile ( ) Mr. Alvaro is employed at the University of California – Santa Cruz as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science as part of the Jack Baskin School of Engineering. You are listed as the dean of this school. While I certainly understand the desirability of freedom of expression in an academic setting, I question whether it is appropriate for someone publicly identifying himself with your university and your academic school to call for race-based genocide and if you would permit someone calling for race-based genocide of a a different race or ethnic group to continue to be employed at UC-SC. Does it enhance the learning environment for students to sit in classes where an Assistant Professor is calling, even as an attempt at an edgy joke, for the genocide of white people? 

Something to consider.

Of course nothing will happen and I don’t even want Mr. Alvaro to lose his job. I just want the same standards to be applied to liberals that are applied to conservatives. I am fully aware that if I should ever try to go back to the corporate world (and please kill me if I ever even suggest thinking about this), my social media history would likely close many doors but a man can make a lame, tired joke about white genocide and face no repercussions for it.

I also reported his account to Twitter support. If anyone were to call for black genocide or Muslim genocide, I am certain they would be banned if reported. Again I doubt anything will happen to this hippie wannabe. And again, that isn’t really my point. I kind of like internet tough guys saying stuff like this because it wakes other people up that this is not a game and no, we can’t just all co-exist peacefully. My point is to point out, yet again, the incredible hypocrisy and double-standards of the monopolistic tech giants.

Mr. Alvaro is someone I would once have characterized as a self-loathing white guy (although maybe he is partly Hispanic based on his name) but today I realize that he doesn’t hate white people, he just hates the wrong sorts of white people. The sort of white people that don’t joke about white genocide, the sort of white people that didn’t vote for Hillary, the sort of white people that inhabit the majority of the country. He hates those kinds of white people. Maybe he got beat up in high school by white kids or maybe the attractive white girls don’t like him. Maybe he comes from an embarrassingly white family and he deals with his shame by saying stuff like that. Or maybe he is just a douche and says that sort of stuff to signal to his peers that he is one of them.

Anyway, I don’t have much to fear from Mr. Alvaro. He doesn’t look like someone likely to start throwing hands and kicking off the revolution. But one of his deranged followers on social media? Yeah, they are the reason we are so well armed out here in the parts of the country where Pete wants to commit white genocide. Bring it on.


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