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Leadership By Locust

Almost every politician is full of crap and the higher up they are in the government, the more full of crap they are. We know this. We all know this. Other than some Bernie-bros that stumble around starry-eyed thinking Bernie is the One True Savior, the magical “socialist” with three homes and a top 1% income that will make Real Socialism™ work, we all know that politicians are full of crap. But at least they used to do us the courtesy of pretending that they cared about the people and the future of this country.

The latest crop of politicians doesn’t even pretend anymore. People like Ilhan Omar, the ungrateful Somali, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, possibly the dumbest person to hold elected office in American history, and Rashida Tlaib, the foul-mouthed Palestinian from Michigan, are in office for one reason and one reason only: to strip this country bare of every resource like a swarm of locust.

They no longer even pretend to be civic minded or mouth platitudes about American values and the American dream because they think that dream and those values are actually the problem. This is nothing more than a giant cash grab enforced by the militarized law enforcement apparatus. They are going to break the U.S. open like a piñata, scramble around the floor scooping up goodies and then walk away from the broken pieces.

I believe in lower tax rates even though they don’t directly help me because I believe that they are good for the country. People like Ocasio-Cortez want higher tax rates because the people it would impact are not part of her identity group and she sees higher tax rates as a way to fund payments to people that are part of her identity group. Ilhan Omar fled her home nation of Somalia because it was full of Somalians and came to America because it is full of people like me and has spent her time in this country crapping on the people that welcomed her in and trying to transform America into the kind of place she fled from because she thinks it will benefit her tribe.

We are no longer a nation of different people all working together to create a brighter future for everyone. We are just a nation of competing tribes and identities trying to get all the goodies we can for our own people at the expense of others. Who cares about the future, we want to eat our seed corn now and let future generations worry about what to plant. Our nation is all identity politics, all of the time. Tucker Carlson gets this mostly right in his latest piece: Covington isn’t about facts, but about identity politics. Nick Sandmann committed ‘facecrime’. He said:

Let’s be honest. This entire conversation is not really related to what happened outside the Lincoln Memorial last Friday. The people who are angriest at Nick Sandmann and his classmates don’t actually care what happened. They don’t even know. They haven’t watched the video, and they don’t plan to.

This isn’t an argument about facts and evidence and truth. It’s an argument about identity. The Kentucky students are being attacked for who they are, not what they did or didn’t do. The sooner the rest of us understand that, the sooner we’ll understand what is at stake here. Everything is at stake, most specifically our ability, collectively, to live in peace in a multi-ethnic society.

Tucker holds out hope that with the right kind of thoughtful leaders we can still survive as a multi-ethnic Republic. But as the Congress gets more “diverse”, it gets more divisive. The reality is that we are not going to get “thoughtful leaders” in the future, we are going to get identity politics warlords using the power of demographics to take what they can get. Tucker has a national platform and probably feels some obligation to try to express some hope. Maybe he really believes it but I stopped believing in the fairy tale ending a long time ago.

When the Ocasio-Cortex and Ilhan Omar types have finished picking the fields clean, they will turn to the people that planted the fields and demands to know why they didn’t plant more. There is no appreciation of the blessings of prosperity, health, opportunity and relative safety they enjoy in this country compared to where they could be living. Instead there is the endless demand for more. More of everything and outrage that anyone would deny them what they demand. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, who is qualified to make laws by virtue of an undergrad degree in economics and flirting with strangers for tips as a bartender, says it is immoral to have a system where people can become billionaires but the people who are the wealthiest in America (besides being overwhelmingly leftists) also created lots of jobs. Jeff Bezos created Amazon which employs more than 600,000 people. Bill Gates created Microsoft which employs 135,000 people. Warren Buffet started Berkshire Hathaway, employing 377,000 people. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook employs tens of thousands of people. On and on and on. If you work in the private sector, chances are the company you work for was started by someone who is very, very rich and that is not only OK, it is great. Taking risks and investing is how economies grow. They don’t grow by people like Ocasio-Cortez looting the productive class of people in order to funnel money to her own tribe. You don’t grow the economy and increase prosperity by shuffling the same money around. One would think having a degree in economics would teach you that unless you have actually taken a university economics class.

Leadership by locusts is going to leave this once prosperous country, the envy of the world, as barren as the Mojave Desert and when there are no more resources to devour, the locust will start to devour each other and the rest of us. Plan accordingly.

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