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Happy New Year!

2018 was the wackiest year I can recall. It was one new absurdity after another, whole new categories of being offended (like “misgendering”, otherwise known as calling men, men and women, women. This offense can cost you your social media account) and the continued degeneration of our culture into what could be called a cesspool, except that would be an insult to actual cesspools. It was a year where the crazier the deviancy, the more cultural power you wielded.

Thanks to the general ineptitude of the national GOP and a significant number of collaborators in the Vichy Republican party, the Republicans lost seats and the majority in the House while picking up seats in the Senate. In several cases what looked like outright cheating from Democrats was ignored by Republicans leaders. So we are only a few days from ungrateful former refugees and outright dimwits being sworn in as new Democrat Representatives and then the circus will be in full swing.

As crazy as 2018 was, I can only assume 2019 is going to be far worse. There is a real risk of some serious financial meltdown or a major war breaking out. So happy new year I guess and my recommendations for 2019 are as follows:

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