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2019 Is Going To Be Worse Than You Can Imagine

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It is very hard these days to pay close attention to what is going on, digging past the headlines and the fluff, and not be black-pilled. I entered 2018 somewhat optimistic but I have to admit that sitting here on January 1st that I am deeply pessimistic. After two years of Republican control of both chambers of Congress and the Presidency, it wasn’t until the second year was almost over that Trump finally dug in over border security, which is the very issue that got him elected (not moving the embassy to Jerusalem or tax cuts). If he had done this earlier on, like 2017, there was a chance that he could have gotten the wall and some other immigration reforms but the incoming House Democrats, especially loons like Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, are never going to compromise on that issue. Why would they? It is just a waiting game for them. The demographic tide is surging in their direction and simple inertia will give Democrats a permanent electoral majority in the very near future. I am confident there are people planning today for a legal challenge so ungrateful Somali Ilhan Omar can run for President in the very near future.

2019 promises to deliver an escalation of the tech and media censorship that was ramping up in 2018 as internet companies and banks alike start to deny more and more basic services to conservatives. libertarians and others on the Right. I am assuming we will see some big names banned from Twitter and Facebook. Right now Stefan Molyneux looks like a prime candidate for his naughty tweets about race and IQ. I also expect to see credit card processors pressured into not transacting business involving firearms and ammunition. On the bright side I think we will see some progress in alternative ways for voices on the Right to get funding from supporters, Gab is leading the way on this front. I am hoping that crypto-currency becomes more of a way to transact business anonymously instead of a “get rich quick” scheme.

With the 2020 election coming soon and the first votes for the Presidential primaries happening on February 3rd in Iowa, just a little over 13 months away, the upcoming year is going to be a contest between Presidential hopefuls trying to outdo each other in their rhetoric about Trump. Since many of the contenders, from Elizabeth “1/1024th Indian” Warren to Kamala Harris to Cory Booker, are in the Senate, expect that to prevent any sort of deal-making for all of 2019 and 2020. None of them are going to want to answer a question from a purple haired gender fluid Muslim lesbian in a wheelchair at some townhall in New Hampshire as to why they cooperated with Trump. It is going to be grandstanding and obstruction 24-7-365. Trump better really focus on judicial appointments and get any vacancies filled because legislatively nothing positive is going to happen.

The degradation and degeneracy of 2018 is only the beginning. Since homosexuals and transvestites are already permanently established as an exalted protected classes, that means that the Left will need to find new deviancies to embrace and demand that the rest of us approve of. The spectacle of a pre-pubescent boy “drag queen” dancing suggestively for a crowd of homosexual men and the sight of transvestite men doing story time at local libraries suggests that pedophilia is the next contestant on “Defining deviancy down”. Those of us that warned that the acceptance of homosexual behavior would lead to a domino effect of perversions going mainstream were shouted down as bigots but are proven correct with each passing day. On the bright side at least now “women’s sports” will be watchable as more and more men pretending to be women compete and the level of competition and skill goes up.

There are a lot of ominous rumblings in the financial system. Instead of learning their lesson from the housing crash, many banks saw the bailouts as a greenlight to right back to making risky loans. Stock prices seem wildly overvalued to me. Rising interest rates seem to be causing some instability in the bond market. As always the looming insolvency of Social Security and Medicare coupled with the ballooning national debt mean that the music is about to stop and almost no one is going to have a chair. Granted I read a lot of sites that are overwhelmingly bearish all the time but I don’t think they are wrong.

Will Trump be “impeached”? Possibly but I am not certain he will be unless some actual impeachable offense is discovered. Without some bombshell an impeachment in the House will not lead to removal from office by the Senate so it would just be a sideshow and might actually help Trump when it is revealed that there really is nothing substantive there. The brass ring for the Democrats is the Presidency, not some silly show trial, so the adults in the party are going to have to keep the yutes in line.

Internationally it should be an interesting year as the “Yellow Vest” protests portend more unrest. Like the U.S., many Western Europeans are getting dangerously fed up with the transformation of their nations, a transformation none of them agreed to. I predict at least one more nation leaving the EU and a sharpening of the lines between Eastern and Western Europe, as the East looks more to alliances like the Visegrad Group and Three Seas Initiative. More of our protectorates are going to start to think seriously about upping their defense budgets as it becomes apparent that there is neither the will nor the money in the U.S. to continue to bankrupt ourselves for the protection of our “allies”. More right-wing/populist/nationalist groups will gain influence and political power as the stigma of being labeled “Nazis” loses effectiveness in the light of mass Third World migration. China will quietly blink in the face of the devastating trade war and give Trump much of what he wants, while continuing to spread influence with money around the developing word. Russia will try to do the same but could be tripped up by the Ukraine situation.

Are there no signs of hope? Of course there are. I am very encouraged by the Yellow Vest protests in Europe. I think there are many, many people in America with the scales dropping from their eyes, although I would also point out that many people are moving into dangerous territory. People seem to be realizing, probably too late, that just minding your own business isn’t going to cut it (more on this later). The election of Trump was the first sign of a serious pushback. People are beginning to refuse to be silenced by specious accusations. We still live in a nation where we have explicit protections on things like speech and religion and bearing arms. While Western civilization is under constant assault both from without and within, it is also the same civilization that explored the world, conquered continents, created the greatest art the world has ever known, developed most significant scientific achievements and built the most just and equitable nations the world has ever known. So there is hope.

Locally things are still pretty good and insulated from the worst of the troubles around us. My family is well, the adult kids are employed or in school, and live near us. Our neighbors are nice and our neighborhood is peaceful. We have food on the table and a roof over our heads. All things to be thankful for. I see no reason that would change in 2019 but I also think this won’t last forever and we need to prepare accordingly. More on that soon as well.

It is going to be a wild ride in 2019.

Trusting in providence is perfectly fine but preparing for the worst is prudent.

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