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More Twitter Hypocrisy

Last month I mentioned I had been suspended from Twitter for using the hate-speech word “bimbo”. As an experiment I reported a racialist bigot, “Bishop” Talbert Swan who called white women that voted for Republicans “pure trash”. The tweet remained up and I checked again today and sure enough it is still there. Then came news that the newest Heisman Trophy winner, Kyler Murphy of the Oklahoma Sooners, had used “homophobic” language on Twitter. When he was 15. When I was 15, almost every guy called other guys queers or faggots on a regular basis because we weren’t a bunch of snowflakes that were raised on political correctness and we also recognized in our own primitive way that homosexual behavior is inherently disordered and gross. Calling another guy a queer was an insult because being queer is a bad thing. Still is, even if we aren’t allowed to say it. Good thing we didn’t have twitter back in the 80’s, none of us would be able to get a job now. So the homo-mafia gets another scalp and increases the reign of terror where a tiny group of effeminate homosexuals and angry lesbians controls what anyone is allowed to say.

Meanwhile, on Twitter. Arch-leftist “comedienne” Sarah Silverman, who was last seen being funny in Greg The Bunny (one of the most underappreciated TV shows ever), posted back in 2010, the year she turned 40, the following tweet (I took the screenshot myself from this tweet) :

So for fun I reported her tweet as it pretty clearly seemed to violate all sorts of twitter rules and just a few hours later Twitter reviewed my report….and did nothing. She wasn’t a 15 year old kid, she was a middle-aged adult. The tweet is still up. Her account is not suspended.

Again if you are keeping track at home:

– A right-wing white guy without a blue checkmark calls a liberal blue checkmark woman a bimbo and gets suspended and has to delete his tweet to get access back.

– A left-wing woman with a blue checkmark refers to someone on a TV show as a faggot and Twitter doesn’t do anything about it. Blue checkmark intact, twitter account still fine, still tweeting away.

It would seem that using “homophobic” or “racist” or “misogynistic” language isn’t really the issue after all, it is just an excuse to censor people on the right and create a chilling effect on free speech.

I assume that doesn’t surprise anyone that has been paying any attention.

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  1. Anonymous

    Agreed. I said an attention-seeking woman who flashed her breasts at a football game a "bimbo" and got my account locked for a week with read-only access on twitter. Hate speech? Hardly.

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