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The Smallest Man To Ever Hold The Office Reminds Us How Much He Hates Americans

Behold Barack Obama holding forth on how awful Americans are while imagining His rambling rhetoric to be incredibly clever (spoiler alert, he is not)

He could just fix everything but Americans don’t listen to Him because we are “confused” and “blind” due to our racism, hatred and “mommy issues”. Obama has a lot of nerve accusing others of “mommy issues” but let’s set that aside for a moment. Who knew that being a community organizer and President qualified one to psychoanalyze tens of millions of people?

Obama thinks and has always thought that he is just too good for America. We are undeserving of His greatness and wisdom and in failing to line up to kneel at His feet, we just show how ignorant and hateful we are. His smugness turned quickly into rage as He realized that an awful lot of Americans simply didn’t find His pontifications to be all that compelling. That is when we started to get the daily scolding and hectoring, often accompanied by finger wagging, delivered in that nasally, arrogant voice. Of course the only reason anyone wouldn’t blindly accept and embrace His every spoken word is that we are just a bunch of hateful redneck racists, clinging as we do to our guns and religion.

It is my contention that no man has ever been President of the United States that was as small a man as Obama. He was unaccomplished and inconsequential and His entire campaign and Presidency was political CGI, a creation of the media and entertainment world that still fawns over him and his wife. Obama accomplished nothing of consequence in His life until He suddenly was elevated to the highest office in the world and once He took office He showed how out of His depth and over His head he was. Now that He is out of office, He of course has chosen a different path than all of his predecessors who were content to step out of the public eye for a while and enjoy life as a private citizen. Instead Obama has been nearly as omnipresent after leaving office as He was in office, and has actually become even more insufferable as He and has wife parlay their artificial fame into a billion dollar brand.

No President has ever, as far as I can tell, sought the Presidency because he hated the American people until Obama. I use the word hate carefully and intentionally. Of course Obama doesn’t hate all Americans, just those that fail to worship Him. But hate is the right word for how Obama sees the rest of America. He really believes that He was a prophetic voice, a near demigod, that could have ushered in an era of paradise on earth if only those awful white gunclingers would have gotten in line and let Him fix everything. His birthright was to rule over the world as a benevolent deity and having it spoiled, His wrath is indeed fierce to behold.

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