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You People All Suck! Also, Why Don’t You People Buy My Book?!

Behold, a glimpse into the mind of a NeverTrump neocon.

Plus I like the play button on his nose.

If you don’t know who Max Boot is, and I had never heard of him prior to his daily screeching about Trump, he is a “conservative” that is awfully sore at other conservatives for not nominating someone like Jeb! Bush or Marco Rubio to lose to Hillary Clinton in 2016. I say conservative in quotes because from what I can tell his “conservatism” is mostly just a particularly violent form of generic liberalism.

What is most telling is to glance through his twitter feed and also to read the replies to his tweets. The people reading his tweets and responding are about evenly split between conservatives telling him he is full of crap and liberals agreeing with him. That is true with other “conservatives” like Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin, they are mostly signaling to liberals and criticizing conservatives. As I have said before, if your social media is filled with liberals agreeing with you, perhaps you aren’t a conservative at all.

So you have a guy who spends all day raving about Trump like a lunatic and scolding conservatives. Then you post something like this….

Without using Google, which person in this picture is a whore?

Gee, I wonder why conservatives aren’t buying or discussing his book?

It is high time that the Beltway “conservatives” just stop pretending to be anything other than war-mongering liberals. The GOP has changed, for the better, and they were left behind. No one cares what Max Boot thinks about conservatism, or really about any topic.

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