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Sneak Off The Plantation And Boom You Are A “Token Negro”

Watch this panel on CNN calling Kanye West a “token Negro”

“Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read”. I am not sure if he said “nigro” instead of “negro”, which is some sort of slang blend of “nigger” and “negro” but maybe not, I have watched it several times and I can’t tell. Then after he said that the other two black talking heads smirked and guffawed while the liberal “token honky” sat there looking terribly uncomfortable. “Um, can I laugh? Is it racist if I laugh? Is it racist if I don’t laugh? What should I do?!”. Ironically it is Democrats that demand tokenism and froth at the mouth when Trump says Maxine Waters is a really low IQ person, which she clearly is.

Depending on the poll, black support for Trump is actually quite high relatively speaking. That might have something to do with the really low black unemployment rate or it might have to do with a lot of black voters realizing that mass immigration hurts their job prospects. I don’t expect to see some massive wave of black voters voting for the GOP in 2018 but if Trump’s numbers among blacks stays strong or climbs, it could help propel him to re-election in 2020. While guilty white liberals are fixated on “sexual assault” claims from 35 years ago, most people in this country are more worried about jobs and immigration.

Liberals hate a lot of people. Trump voters, white people in general, business owners, gun owners, religious people, etc. but there is no category of people liberals hate more than black people that stray from the plantation.

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