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The Left Won’t Be Happy Until Someone Gets Killed

It was just over a year ago that James Hodgkinson, a far left Bernie Sanders supporter, shot up a Republican congressional baseball practice. One member of congress, Steve Scalise, was seriously injured and nearly died from his injuries. This attack kind of culminated a string of incidents that went back to the 2016 election where on multiple occasions people were assaulted at Trump rallies and conservative speakers on college campuses saw mass demonstrations that often turned violent and destructive.

Now more than a year and a half after the election, things are not much better. We have the Department of Homeland Security head, Kirstjen Nielsen, chased by a mob from a restaurant and being harassed at her family home. Press secretary Sarah Sander was kicked out of a restaurant by the owners for no reason other than working for the Trump administration. Actor Peter Fonda went on a twitter rant where he used the vulgar term “gash” to describe women and fantasized about kidnapping the son of the President and locking him in a cage with pedophiles, presumably hoping that said pedophiles would rape the 12 year old boy. Meanwhile Peter Fonda still has his twitter account while right-wing accounts, like Jared Taylor, that have never posted anything even close to that have been permanently banned. Federal employees working for ICE have been described as terrorists and people have posted their personal information on the web and talked about showing up at the schools of their children. The threat of violence is omnipresent from the political left and it is getting worse by the day.

There are lots of unhinged people in this country and it won’t take much to push one over the edge. It honestly seems like the Left in this country won’t be happy until some conservative politician or a Federal agent ends up being killed by a lunatic. For all the talk about Trump’s “inflammatory” rhetoric and “hateful speech”, it seems to me that the people who are advocating violent revolution and attacks on elected officials, federal employees and even their children all emanate from the Left. Do we want a political atmosphere where the losers of an election spend the next year and a half terrorizing their political opponents and not so subtly threatening their families? I mean, if ICE agents are “terrorists”, why wouldn’t some loon think he was justified in killing one? We kill terrorists in Afghanistan, so why not in northern Virginia?

The Left runs on emotion rather than facts and logic and the more hysterical the emotion, the better. When you think you are defending the poor children “ripped” from their mother’s arms on the border, it becomes really easy to rationalize attacking the people you are convinced are out to get the kids. It becomes little different from someone who rationalizes shooting an abortion doctor. Hey if I kill Dr. Abortionist then he can’t abort any children and maybe it scares other abortionists off. Likewise, hey if I kill this ICE agent then he can’t arrest any more “undocumented immigrants” and maybe it scares other people away from working for ICE. You see how this logical progression works?

Rhetoric turns into action. The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf are just books that contain political philosophy but when people take that philosophy and turn it into actions it has consequences. When you keep saying your political opponents are heartless and cruel, and are in fact terrorists and evil, it is only a matter of time before someone turns that rhetoric into action and shoots a cabinet secretary or murders the child of an ICE agent or even goes so far as to take a shot at the President of the United States.

I am saying right now, this is going to lead to bloodshed unless the thought-leaders of the Left tamp down the rhetoric and right now it seems very unlikely that will happen.

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