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Eric Schneiderman Is Just The Latest

Here is something I posted on my old blog last year, long before Eric Schneiderman was in the news as a champion of women and progressive politics that likes to slap around women and call them his “brown slave”:

One of my working theories is that many men on the political far Left who proclaim the loudest that they respect womyn and are “male feminists” actually hate women. I think the reason for this is that modern feminism is basically man hating. That sounds kind of Rush Limbaugh-esque but it also happens to be true. Contemporary feminism seems mostly concerned less with women having equal opportunities as men and more with the absolute degrading of men. What this leads to is a weird self-loathing from liberal men who are forced to despise and hide their own maleness to appear properly “woke”. What it doesn’t do is eliminate their maleness, as much as they might try to make it appear that way. What it simply does is force it below the surface where it boils up from time to time when there is an “acceptable” female target.

Just about a month later I was writing something similar about another liberal guy who was abusive towards women, Liberal Male Misogyny And Harvey Weinstein.

One of the recurring topics I have on this blog is the trait I have noticed among male liberals where they hold pretty ugly views of women that they hide under feminist rhetoric until they get the chance to unload on a “safe” target, usually a conservative woman. They also usually get a pass from other liberals because of the target of their ugliness being conservatives.

Here we are in 2018 and the news is pretty much the same. A guy appaluded as a champion for women is just another creepy perv. It sounds like it was an open secret, like Weinstein, among New Yorkers based on this interview with Tucker Carlson, which starts off with a very solid argument that liberalism is less a political theory and more like a religion.

Contemporary liberalism is at the core an ideology of hatred and that hatred falls on a spectrum depending on your identity. Heterosexual religious white males are the most favored targets for progressive vitriol and often violence and this has led “progressive” men to publicly flee from any hint of what we traditionally associate with masculinity with the above disastrous results.

Ultimately you cannot change human nature. You can try to force masculinity underground. You can drug boys, give them smartphones to stare at, video games to play. You can try to de-platform expressions of male thought on the internet. You can go after male organizations like the Boy Scouts. But masculinity doesn’t go away and when you take away healthy outlets for masculinity, you give rise to uglier aspects like Eric Schneiderman. The same is true politically. Trying to drive the alt-right off of the internet is not going to make it go away, it just moves it into the internet shadows and causes it to metastasize in the dark.

As “toxic masculinity”, in other words normal and healthy male behavior, continues to be attacked among liberals you can be sure that ugliness like what we saw from Eric Schneiderman will get worse.

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