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Greetings to my guests and visitors!

Welcome to my new online home. After more than fourteen years of posting at The Voice Of One Crying Out In Suburbia, generating 4,292 posts which gathered over 835,000 pageviews, I am starting a new blog with some familiar themes: politics, culture, education, entertainment, books. My interests and passions have shifted of late and I am looking for a fresh start. For those who read my old blog, expect to see some of the same stuff like book reviews but also look for more numerous and shorter pieces. There are always lots of things I want to share but in the past I have always felt like I needed to write a book length post to accompany anything.

I plan to flesh out what I hope to accomplish with this new venture in the coming days but suffice it to say that I am hoping to use my blog as a change agent rather than just a place for me to muse out loud and work out issues in public. I still will do some of that but I also plan on doing a lot more than just that. Plus more memes and gifs.

So again, welcome one and all!

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