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Contact Congress Today And Say No To An Attack On Syria

President Trump has been using increasingly bellicose language in response to the reports of an alleged poison gas attack in Syria. His latest tweets amount to a direct military challenge to the Russians, essentially daring them to try to shoot down our cruise missiles, and a conflict with Russia over a deeply dubious claim of a strategically nonsensical poison gas attack could lead to a real World War III. It is crystal clear that the United States has no national security interest in the Syrian civil war. Syria has not attacked us, and poses no threat to do so. The civil war is winding down as ISIS has been defeated, one of the alleged reasons for our involvement there in the first place. The stability of the Middle East is not going to be improved by further destabilizing yet another nation. We have spilled too much blood for no valid reason in the Middle East. No more of our blood and treasure to tinker in conflicts that we have no business being involved in. If you agree that we don’t need a new war in the Middle East, I would encourage you to contact your Congressional representative and urge them to oppose a widening of the current U.S. involvement in Syria.

Below is the text of an email sent by me to my Congressman, Jim Banks of Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District. Feel free to use my comments as an outline but the most important thing you can do is let your voice be heard.


Dear Representative Banks

We are writing to you today to urge your opposition to an escalation of the U.S. military intervention in Syria. Based on a very dubious claim that the Syrian government used poison gas against her own civilians, a claim that makes little strategic sense, President Trump appears to be on the verge of a massive escalation of U.S. involvement in the ongoing Syrian civil war. The United States has no national security interest in doing so and any escalation of military intervention in this conflict would possibly put the United States in direct engagement with the Russian military. Pursuant to Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution, only the Congress has the power to declare war and an attack on a sovereign state that has not and continues to pose no threat to attack us would be a clear act of war. As your constituents and fellow Hoosiers our belief is that the focus of the United States government should be on the United States, not in endless foreign wars based on the same sort of claims that involved us in regime change in Iraq. We therefore encourage you to oppose any escalation of our involvement in Syria and instead seek the withdrawal of what forces we do have from that nation. Furthermore we encourage you to insist that President Trump seek approval from Congress via a formal declaration of war before undertaking any new military strikes on Syria. With our economy on the rebound the last thing the United States needs now is a new war in the Middle-East.

Thank you for your time and consideration


For more on why this attack by Assad make absolutely no sense and is therefore extremely suspect, check out this brief video from Black Pigeon Speaks.

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