Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Day Three In Twitter Gulag

While Twitter was able to decide I was engaged in hate speech hours after a post and suspend my account almost immediately, my appeal is on day three and still no word. I assume they will reject my appeal but in the meantime as a punishment for suggesting that I was wrongly suspended for a "racist" reply to an overtly racist post, I am not allowed to even look at twitter dot com until some degenerate at Twitter HQ decides to deny my appeal. Nelson Mandela and MLK got nothing on me when it comes to being jailed for political speech.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Being A Nice Guy

This weekend Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the commencement for Taylor University. Taylor is a Christian school in my home state of Indiana and is pretty open about their commitment to Biblical principles. How well they adhere to that is not my business and I am not really sure but it is a defining characteristic of the school and that characteristic shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that chooses Taylor as their college out of all of the college choices in Indiana.

Mike Pence is the Vice President of the United States. He is the former Governor of the state of Indiana. He served in the United States Congress representing the people of his district in the House of Representatives. He was born in Indiana, went to college in Indiana and then law school in Indiana. He turns 60 next month and has spent virtually all of his life here in the Hoosier state apart from his tenure as Vice President starting in January of 2017. So he is the quintessential Hoosier.

More pertinent, he is also very outspoken about his Christian faith. It is his faith and the fact that he takes it seriously that causes such backlash from leftists. Pence specifically takes unpopular stances on issues of homosexuality and that simply cannot be allowed. Even though he is the nicest guy around, he is the bogeyman of the homosexual left. Peter Buttpirate, the sodomite mayor of South Bend, Indiana and media darling Democratic presidential candidate, has been waging a one sided "feud" with Pence, who has never said much of anything about Buttplug. Pence is the convenient piñata of the left to whip up their followers. To hear them talk about Pence, he is only moments away from rounding up the gays and sending them to concentration camps.

You wouldn't expect Pence to get invited to speak at Smith College or Evergreen or some other bastion of liberalism and homosexuality. Taylor on the other hand seems exactly the sort of place that Pence would be invited to speak, an openly and avowedly evangelical college in Pence's home of Indiana. That shouldn't be controversial but this is 2019 and everything is controversial. Right on cue, during the commencement speech a couple dozen graduates walked out before Pence spoke. They were hella mad because Pence is mean to the gays.

Laura Rathburn was one of the dozens to walk out, disappointed that the school's administration picked Pence to address her class. Rathburn decorated the top of her mortarboard in rainbow colors and added a message on top that said, "Ally Visible For Those Who Can't Be.” 

“I think his presence makes it difficult for everyone at Taylor to feel welcomed,” she said.

The handful of students got a ton of attention from the press that loves to take shots at Pence and especially in the case of the Indy Star loves to push Peter Buttpirate as a serious candidate, even though his qualifications amount to a) mayor of the 4th largest city in Indiana and b) gets sodomized by another man. This photo ran on the Indy Star story.

Is there any group in America that is more visible, painfully and irritatingly so, than homosexuals? You have to be delusional to think they are not "visible". More importantly, Taylor has a pretty clear stance on the issue of the gays. On their "Distinctions & Beliefs" page, Taylor takes a clear stand in favor of the traditional Christian understanding of human sexuality and describes homosexual behavior alongside other sexually deviant behavior like fornication, adultery, pedophilia, prostitution and incest. It has always been the Christian understanding that homosexuality is a perversion no different than being a pedophile or engaging in bestiality and Taylor specifically affirms this...

The biblical design for human sexuality demands sexual faithfulness for married couples (Exod. 20:14; 1 Cor. 6:13-20) and chastity for those who are single (1 Thess. 4:3-8). All premarital and extra-marital sexual activity (e.g., fornication, adultery, incest, prostitution, homosexual behavior, and all sexual activity involving children) is immoral. And all use or involvement with pornographic materials is sinful, as are all forms of sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment (1 Cor. 6:9-10; 1 Tim. 1:9-10).

There is absolutely nothing vague or unclear about this. It isn't hidden, it is right on their website. If you don't agree, then you can go to a different college. We have lots of them in Indiana where sexual perversion is celebrated. Taylor just isn't one of them.

It isn't like Taylor invited someone like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton who clearly are not Christians in any sense of the word. Pence is a pretty standard issue generic evangelical Christian, the same kind of Christian that sends their kid to Taylor because it is supposed to be a Christian school. Parents and students choose Taylor and Liberty and other schools like these specifically because they affirm traditional Christian teaching and there isn't anything much more clearly taught in Christianity than the sinful and disordered nature of homosexuality. If you realize this and decide to go to Taylor anyway, then at least have the courtesy of keeping your yap shut about it, just like you don't go to a Jewish or Islamic school and start demanding they serve bacon in the school cafeteria. But for some reason young leftists, especially homos, have made it their mission to seek out people that don't buy into their fetish and demand that they submit to and wildly celebrate their deviancy.

Pence is proof that it doesn't matter how hard you try to be nice and polite to these people. They still hate you. To be more specific and this is an important point:

They don't hate you because of anything you have done, they hate you simply for what you are.

Mike Pence epitomizes what the Left hates. He is a decent Midwestern man, mocked for never being alone with a woman other than his wife. He is white. He is heterosexual. He is unapologetically Christian and his faith informs his politics, just as what is important to every other person informs their politics. When you combine that all together, you create the ultimate boogeyman for the Left and they hate him even more than they hate Trump. Trump's big flaws, he is rude and egotistical and narcissistic, are things they loved about Obama. Pence on the other hand is hated because he appears to be genuine and committed to everything they hate.

You can't placate these people, you can never be kind enough or courteous enough, you can never be sufficiently fair in your dealing with them, to make them not hate you because they hate your very existence and they want to see you dead. Sure we should be kind and generous and polite because it is the right thing to do but never make the mistake of thinking that you can defeat this enemy by being the nicer guy. The old saying is true, nice guys finish last and finishing last in this contest means extinction.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Civilization Ex nihilo

A powerful video from The Last White Man, the reborn video channel formerly known as VertigoPolitix.

The basic gist is this: people that have proven over the course of millennium that they are incapable of creating functional societies cannot be absorbed into existing civilizations and sustain them. Replacing Germans and Frenchmen with Somalis and Eritreans is not going to result in a more diverse Europe, it will simply result in Somalia and Eritrea with snow.

Watch and learn.

A Scene From America's Glorious Multicultural Future

So this happened right here in the Hoosier state this weekend:

Indiana State Trooper's car hit by impaired driver while arresting another impaired driver

The story is pretty much what you would expect, the trooper had a car pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. While he was finishing up the arrest, the trooper's car was struck by a different vehicle. He went to check on the other car and the driver hit the gas to try to get away but was stuck and couldn't move. The driver of that car was also arrested. So a DUI twofer!

The first driver got charged with the following: Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) .15% B.A.C, OWI Endangerment, OWI per se, Driving While Suspended Infraction and Speeding

The second driver got this: OWI Endangerment, OWI with a B.A.C. over .08%, and Failure to Yield to Stationary Emergency Vehicle

What I found amusing about this were the players.

The arresting officer's name is Ala’a Hamed. He seems like a decent guy, there is another story about him saving the life of a motorist who had a heart attack and he talks like anyone from Indiana but he is pretty clearly Middle Eastern of some sort.

The first driver stopped is Mario Rodriguez, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and with his license suspended.

The second driver is Ashley Brown, from Hammond, IN. I looked around and was not surprised to see her mugshot:

So we have a Middle Eastern cop pulling over a drunk Hispanic guy and then having his car hit by a drunk black woman. It sounds the beginning of a bad joke.

Our new America is gonna be lit!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Oops I Did It Again (Twitter Version)

With apologies to Britney Spears.

It appears I have angered some purple-haired gender-fluid freak sitting in a tiny cubicle in the bowels of Twitter HQ for another example of "hate speech". I was suspended for 7 days this time, so I appealed the suspension which will no doubt  be rejected but in the meantime they punish you even further for your failure to submit by not even allowing you to view Twitter. At the same time my other accounts were magically locked for "suspicious" activity, until I had a text sent to my phone. What was my ThoughtCrime this time you may wonder?

First, here is the tweet I was responding to (one of hundreds or thousands like this twitter permits everyday)

Please note the sweeping generalization that demonizes an entire race of people, as well as committing a crime against history because without white men there wouldn't be a nation here, nor would we have things like the internet and twitter in the first place.

Blackness Everdeen is an example of cultural appropriation, using the name of a female white character from "The Hunger Games", Katniss Everdeen, who is the creation of a white female author, Suzanne Collins. So obviously using her character's name in that way is racist. This person is a pretty typical of the inexplicably self-confident youngish black woman on Twitter.

Black Lives Matter, no wall (even though illegal alien labor hurts blacks more than white, they don't care because "muh shared enemy whitey"), resist, etc. In general her tweets are inane and she seems to spend a lot of time a) reporting people who respond to her or replying back with juvenile insults and completely dumb gifs and b) reporting anyone that replies with anything other than guilty white groveling and self-loathing.

Even though I know better, I replied back to her. Again this is a waste of time. People like this are incapable of critical thought and unable to respond to anyone with any substance more serious than making incest jokes. But I did it anyway, here is the response in question:

That is a completely verifiable fact. The majority of violent crime in this country is committed by black men. When you add in Hispanics, Middle Easterners and various other non-white men, what you find is that white men are wildly underrepresented when it comes to violent crime. So what exactly is wrong with this statement? Also whites are the majority in this nation (seeing as how we built it) so if she thinks white men are such a danger, there is nothing to stop her from moving somewhere with no white men. Problem solved. Plus we won't miss her. What exactly is she proposing we do about this "white man" problem? If they are such a threat, is she talking about rounding us up and putting us in concentration camps? Deporting us to Estonia? Just killing us off? This rhetoric from her is not only racially charged, it contains an implied threat. Twitter of course will see it as perfectly fine.

It is pretty clear that twitter is mass suspending anyone that replies back to her tweets while leaving her tweet and others like it untouched. She spews nonsense about white men being a threat to the nation that they created and yammers about "white fragility" and her account is untouched (I did report this tweet on another account, undoubtedly in vain).

No surprise here. I know Twitter is hostile territory where people on the Right are regularly suspended for little or no reason while imbeciles and racialist grifters on the Left are unmolested. I also know that social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. is the equivalent of the town square in our national discourse and that they are cracking down on dissident thought. Trump has made noise about this in the past but done nothing about it. People on the right are systematically being shut out of the public discourse, leaving only the approved Conservative Inc.™ controlled opposition "conservatives" (Ben Shapiro). The inability to engage in the marketplace (and I know that trolling low IQ idiots is not really engagement) is going to make the already challenging task of getting a Right-wing message out to the swayable normies.

I know the "libertarian" argument. "Private companies" can do whatever they want! Do you want the government to control private companies?! Are you some kind of libtard socialist?!?!?!?!

That is swell in a discussion online but in the real world we don't live in a free market. Twitter and Facebook have near monopolistic control over the social media marketplace. Those who try to break into the market are attacked in ways that would make the old robber barons proud. The attempts by Gab to create an alternative platform have been instructive. Gab has been repeatedly shut out of app stores and since only a handful of companies control the apps on smart phones, that is hard to overcome. Gab has been booted by their web server multiple times for bogus reasons. The have had a ton of problems with payment processors. Andrew Torba keeps punching back and is making some real breakthroughs but the truth is that social media companies, banking conglomerates, tech groups and the government itself are working in concert to suppress right-wing speech. Tell me more about this free market thing.

This is another example of conservatives and libertarians surrendering the fight by agreeing to rules that the other side ignores with impunity. That is a recipe to keep losing and your "principles" won't feed your family or keep you warm in the gulag (see: Fighting In A Cage Using The Queensberry Rules for more on this).

The first time I was suspended on Twitter, (for calling Kirsten Powers of USA Today a bimbo, something I stand by because she isn't very smart at all but she is kind of pretty, and everyone knows she wouldn't have a job like this if she were ugly. See also Tomi Lahren) I was kind of mad about it because what I said was pretty tame. Now I just take it as part of the cost of doing business in our world. I don't hide my identity at this point and I don't pull punches. That means I am going to get suppressed by the fruitcakes at twitter and at some point my account will just go away, something I am already planning on.

This can be tiring but we can't rest or throw our hands in the air in frustration and quit. The other side will never quit. This is their religion, the whole reason for their existence and the only goal they have is total victory. If you aren't a black transvestite illegal alien Muslim, you are not going to like living in the world they want to create.

Listen, and understand! The boxed wine drinking cat lady lesbian is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are dead!

Friday, May 17, 2019

More On The College Board's "Not A Racial Preference" Racial Preference

I posted yesterday about the College Board's decision to add an "adversity score" to applicants as a end-around race-based affirmative action scheme, It Isn't Race Based Admissions If You Call It Something Else. I saw that Heather Mac Donald over at City-Journal wrote about it as well and did a better job of it. Her post titled Grievance Proxies has the following sub-heading: The College Board plans to introduce a new “adversity score” as a backdoor to racial quotas in college admissions. Here is the critical snippet:

Advocates of this change claim that it is not about race. That is a fiction. In fact, the SAT adversity score is simply the latest response on the part of mainstream institutions to the seeming intractability of the racial academic-achievement gap. If that gap did not exist, the entire discourse about “diversity” would evaporate overnight. The average white score on the SAT (1,123 out of a possible 1,600) is 177 points higher than the average black score (946), approximately a standard deviation of difference. This gap has persisted for decades. It is not explained by socioeconomic disparities. The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education reported in 1998 that white students from households with incomes of $10,000 or less score better on the SAT than black students from households with incomes of $80,000 to $100,000. In 2015, students with family incomes of $20,000 or less (a category that includes all racial groups) scored higher on average on the math SAT than the average math score of black students from all income levels. The University of California has calculated that race predicts SAT scores better than class.

That is kind of a lot of data but the general gist is that black performance is not tied to affluence and poor students across all races did better on the SAT than black of all income levels. In other words, the issue here is not "income inequality" and the adversity score is intended to shoehorn underperforming black students into schools at the expense of better qualified white and Asian students.

She also points out the elephant in the room, that Asians score much better than whites and drastically better than blacks even though many of them are relatively poor immigrants. Asians also have a shorted history in America and still have leapfrogged other minorities in terms of performance.

So the problem is not what the advocates of the "adversity score" are saying it is and the "solution" won't change income inequality, it will just serve to increase the number of black students in college at the expense of white and Asian students.

Heather also points out another significant issue, specifically that this process tends to be a dysgenic selection. Families that play by the rules and follow the path that leads to stable families are punished in favor of families that don't. The more screwed up your family, the better your odds of getting into an elite college!

The College Board’s adversity score will give students a boost for coming from a high-crime, high-poverty school and neighborhood, according to the Wall Street Journal. Being raised by a single parent will also be a plus factor. Such a scheme penalizes the bourgeois values that make for individual and community success.

The "adversity score" is just the latest attempt to level the disparity field by assuming that the only reason some students do better than others is that they come from "privilege". Heather's solution is pretty generic conservative speak: work hard in school, don't worry about being told you are acting white and have parents that get married and stay married. That would all help a ton but it won't get to the root issue. The performance on SATs by race mirrors pretty closely IQ by race. There is a certain amount of inherent, genetically inherited natural intellectual ability that no program or changes in culture will fix. As the son of a doctor in an intact family, I had all sorts of advantages in school. Just by being exceptionally intelligent I was able to sleepwalk through school, including college with minimal effort.

When it came to football though, genetics had the opposite effect. In high school I was significantly shorter than average, had a hard time putting on weight so I was lucky to tip the scales at 125 even though I was strong for my size and while I was in great shape and could run forever, I wasn't especially quick over short distances. All the work and effort in the world wasn't going to make up for the fact that trying to tackle a running back that was taller than me, quicker than me and outweighed me by 90 pounds almost always ended badly on my end. No one has an issue with me saying that and everyone would agree. Likewise no one worries about black athletes being wildly overrepresented in the NFL and NBA, especially at certain positions in the NFL like running backs, wideouts and d-backs. Raw, inherent athletic ability in certain sports is fine but when you start talking about raw, inherent intelligence as a measure of ability academically? That is how you get banned from social media and lose your job if you are an academic, so most of them just don't talk about it.

Biological reality is what it is but we are moving rapidly away from even the pretense of looking at the facts and evidence to make decisions. The results are what you would expect and only getting worse.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

You Want Free Markets And Limited Government? Dracarys!

I don't care for Turning Point USA but this is pretty spot on and culturally timely. 

It Isn't Race Based Admissions If You Call It Something Else

The College Board, the company that administers the SAT test most college bound students take as part of the admissions process, has found a new way to give racial preferences that punish white and Asian students while promoting black and Hispanic students:

SAT to give students adversity scores to capture social and economic background

There is a lot of push-back on "affirmative action" and Asian students are suing Harvard claiming to have been discriminated against based on their race, with more qualified Asian students being passed over for less qualified black and Hispanic students. This is a way to get around overt racial selection by calling it something else. The goal is quite overt, namely changing the demographics of incoming freshmen classes to pump up the number of non-white and Asian students.

The College Board, the New York based nonprofit that oversees the SAT, said it has worried about income inequality influencing test results for years. White students scored an average of 177 points higher than black students and 133 points higher than Hispanic students in 2018 results. Asian students scored 100 points higher than white students. The children of wealthy and college-educated parents outperformed their classmates.

The assumption in the above quote is that "income inequality" and race are somehow disadvantaging black and Hispanic students relative to white and Asian students. Not mentioned is that perhaps white and Asian students are simply more intelligent on average. The goal is simply to pack classrooms with more non-white and Asian students because "diversity" is universally a positive. I found this line to be especially ominous:

An adversity score of 50 is average. Anything above it designates hardship, below it privilege.

So if someone is deemed to be "privileged", a word that is almost always linked to being white, it sounds like that would actually hurt your chances of getting in. Not just providing a boost to minority students but putting the boot to white and Asian students.

What this means is that if you follow the American dream, work hard and become successful, your children will be punished by losing spots at elite universities in favor of less qualified students because you are too successful and therefore your kids are "privileged". It is like the NFL draft where the worse you perform in the prior season, the better your draft position which leads to "parity", aka mediocrity. That makes sense for a sports league, not so much for a society.

Nowhere is it questioned whether this makes sense or not. The goal is a numbers game: more black and Hispanic students is an unqualified good.

At Florida State University, the adversity scores helped the school boost nonwhite enrollment to 42% from 37% in the incoming freshman class, said John Barnhill, assistant vice president for academic affairs at Florida State University. He said he expects pushback from parents whose children go to well-to-do high schools as well as guidance counselors there.

“If I am going to make room for more of the [poor and minority] students we want to admit and I have a finite number of spaces, then someone has to suffer and that will be privileged kids on the bubble,” he said.

Someone will suffer and that will be privileged kids on the bubble. This is nothing other than de facto racial preferences. The goal is to keep changing the rules to get non-white and Asian students in and to punish white and Asian students for being successful.

What is worse, this isn't even helping black students. Black college students already have abysmal graduation rates and general college performance, so adding even more black students is just setting up more young black adults to not graduate and end up with a bunch of debt and wasting years they could be learning job skills. I posted this story about a year ago with an important graph, Participation Ribbon Egalitarianism Has No Place In Education.

For white students, only 3 out of 5 have completed their degree six years after starting, which of course means that almost 40% of students start school and likely never complete a degree, and many of them have nothing to show for it other than student loan debt. No one lists on their resume "Completed 4 semesters of college". For black students it is even worse with 3 out of 5 students failing to complete their degree in six years, and if you haven't completed a degree in six years the odds are you never will. Schools like the University of Michigan have a staff of almost 100 and spend $11 million a year in their "diversity office" but in the case of blacks the majority of them attending college don't graduate.

What this tells us is that there are already too many kids going to college and there are especially too many under-prepared or simply unqualified black kids going to college. They get in and then they don't complete their university education. That isn't helping anyone except diversity officers and admissions officials at colleges who can brag to their colleagues about their highly diverse incoming freshman class.

The dirty secret of college is that we have too many kids going to school in the first place. There is a lot of talk about that issue. The really naughty secret that we are not allowed to even discuss is that we are admitting too many unqualified and ill-prepared students that are disproportionately black and Hispanic.

If we want to tackle "privilege" and "income inequality" we should be having a serious conversation about the best way for black and Hispanic students to move out of generational poverty and into the middle class. Learning a trade worked for white Americans for many years. Going into a 4 year degree program that you won't graduate from is doing more harm than good. Part of being a dissident in this political world is accepting reality, and dealing with issues as they really are rather than what we wish they would be. Unfortunately as the College Board is demonstrating, most of our "elites" still stubbornly dwell in a fantasy world and we all suffer for their delusions.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Golden Age Of Gun Buying

There is no more stark distinction between the two Americas than what you find on the issue of guns. In leftist dominated states like Washington and New Jersey, the state government is ceaselessly trying to find new ways to restrict firearms ownership. Other states like mine continue to expand opportunities to own guns, carry concealed and other gun-friendly laws (Indiana just expanded the legal protections afforded to someone using a firearm in self-defense).

For example, according to USCCA, my home state of Indiana has one of the highest percentages of concealed carry permits in the U.S. at 13% of the population.

Even that underestimates the percentage. Around 24% of Hoosiers are under 18 so of the 6.7 million Indiana residents, only about 5.1 million are adults and eligible to carry. That works out to 17% of Hoosier adults possessing a concealed carry permit. Utah is even higher at 22.5% of the population licensed to carry concealed. Contrast that with New Jersey....

It is all but impossible to legally carry a concealed weapon in New Jersey without an urgent reason that the government accepts. Even The Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts has over 5% of the population with a carry permit.

Where this is less obvious is in firearms sales. It is a safe estimate that there are at least 400,000,000 firearms privately owned in the U.S., more than one per person. Most of the places I have lived it was safe to assume that the vast majority of my neighbors owned at least one gun, even if just a hunting rifle.

Meanwhile most Democrats running for their party's nomination to oppose Trump are yammering about gun control and are especially excited to use "executive orders" to ban guns. Kamala "Kneepads" Harris said yesterday in New Hampshire that she would "take executive action banning the importation of AR-15-style assault weapons". I guess no one told her that the vast majority of AR platforms are made right here in America. Fellow Democrat Cory Booker, also trailing far behind the two frontrunners in the race, is proposing sweeping laws including requiring an FBI background check before you are issued a license that allows you to buy firearms for five years at a time but also to even possess a firearm:

The core of the New Jersey senator’s proposal is a federal gun-licensing program that would require, among other things, a comprehensive FBI background check and proof of completion of a gun-safety course. After a license is approved, holders “could freely purchase and own firearms” for the five-year duration of their license, “with regular, automatic checks to flag non-compliance with license terms” and the possibility of renewal.

So every five years you would have to submit to a "comprehensive" FBI background check, whatever that means, in order to be permitted to exercise your Constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms. Given that there are tens of millions, maybe in excess of one hundred million, gun owners in America, how exactly is the FBI going to manage all of these background checks for tens of millions of people every five years? The FBI has 35,000 employees. So if you have 50 million gun owners, even spread out over a rolling five years, that is 10 million background checks per year. That is 285 "comprehensive" background checks per FBI employee. There are 260 weekdays in a normal year, so every single FBI employee would have to complete more than one "comprehensive" background check every single working day. That doesn't leave much time for instigating any actual crimes. Do we want the nation's premier law enforcement agency primarily focused on snooping in the lives of law abiding citizens so those citizens can own a deer rifle they shoot 4-5 times a year rather than working on kidnapping, bank robbery and terrorism? Democrats apparently would say yes.

While Democrats are talking about taking guns away from law abiding citizens, those same citizens have access to purchase guns in a dizzying array for incredible prices. You can buy a Ruger AR-556, their AR-15 platform, for under $500. There are dozens and dozens of great quality, high capacity 9mm handguns available for under $400. A Maverick 12 gauge that hold 7 shells in the magazine plus one in the chamber is just over $200. Bolt action rifles in .308, 30-06 and 6.5 Creedmor, rifles capable of hitting accurately and lethally out several hundred yards, or much more for an experienced shooter, are only $300 and you can add optics for only a little more. Better yet, you can buy online and get the best price and have almost any gun shipped to a local FFL dealer for a minimal charge. You want a semi-automatic version of the M249 SAW machine gun? Yep. How about a .50 Barrett sniper rifle? Yep. Ammunition is a little expensive to ship but if you buy in bulk you can get crazy deals on ammo, especially common rounds like .223 and 9mm. With outfits like Palmetto State Armory selling the components to build your own AR-15 and 3D printing getting better and better, there are an increasing number of untraceable firearms that are not on record with the government.

What I am getting at is that most gun control advocates in government and other public platforms have no clue of the sheer volume of firearms and ammunition flowing into the hands of private citizens every day. Getting quality firearms is easier and less expensive than it has ever been in my lifetime. When the ban on high capacity magazines was temporarily overturned in California (hopefully soon to be permanently overturned by SCOTUS), online retailers sold a huge number of "high capacity" magazines to California residents. Some reports say that more than a million high capacity magazines went into California in just a few days. The online retailers I follow were actively marketing to those buyers and offering special deals. At the same time, in places like New Jersey where high capacity magazines are supposed to be destroyed or turned in, it looks like no one is doing so. The same is true with bump stocks. People simply are refusing to comply. When you try to do the same thing on a nationwide scale, what do you suppose is going to happen? People like me that lost all of our firearms in a tragic boating accident don't need to worry but those who still own guns simply won't comply. Will Democrats turn the entire already overwhelmed law enforcement apparatus of America to the task of kicking down doors of law abiding citizens instead of pursuing actual criminals? If you like the idea of seeing nightly news reports of shoot-outs between cops and gun owners on the news every night, basically Ruby Ridge repeated all across the country every day, then voting for Democrats is the way to go.

With a year and a half until the election, gun sales are pretty brisk. If it looks like that Trump will lose? Watch the floodgates open. Smart people are already planning as if Trump will lose to beat the rush and there is no better time in modern history to do so than the times we are living in right now.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Putting The "Eeeee!!!!" In Ebola

Not to be alarmist....

Stolen from WRSA: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com

....but there is more news on the Congo ebola epidemic. Spoiler alert, it isn't good news.

Aesop at Raconteur Report has an update on the Ebola Outbreak Is Definitely Not A Crisis™ situation in the Congo: I Dun Tole Ya.... It is really pretty shocking that it hasn't jumped yet. The capitol of the Congo is Kinshasha with an estimated population of over 11 million. Look at the city on satellite on Google maps sometime, and look at 11 million people crammed together like sardines. Then reread Aesop's post and think about 11 million people smooshed together and a disease that spreads by sneezing and coughing. The main airport in Kinshasha, N'djili Airport, services three quarter of a million people per year. Just one infected person hopping on a flight to Heathrow and then sneezing in the concourse could spread the disease to dozens of other counties. Then look around at some of the other nearby nations and cities like Nairobi in Kenya. It seems like only a matter of time until it escapes containment.

But hey, it probably won't happen. I wonder who won the sportsball event last night?

We Got What We Wanted, Why Does Everything Suck?

It has been a recurring theme for me that feminism has promised women for decades that if they adopt feminist positions and make them a reality, then the lives of women will magically get better. But they keep winning and yet women keep getting more and more miserable. The solution is never to step back and ask if feminism actually works, it is to insist that what we need is just more feminism. So they get more feminism, women become more miserable and the answer is always the same.

The Zman had a recent post that made me do some noodling. Titled The End Of The Road, he ponders the idea that the West has won and it is all easy street from here, a common school of thought following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The West won the Cold War, before that liberal democracy vanquished fascism and imperialism in World War II. What we thought were "our values" were ascendant and we were victorious. Today in 2019 that victory is starting to look a little hollow. Z says....

The West is noticeably less free today than it was thirty years ago. The ruling class is rushing to close off political debate and free expression. In the name of democracy elites are sending gangs of thugs to harass and assault people exercising their democratic rights. In the name of capitalism, a narrowing group of oligarchs are exercising control over large swaths of the economy. The surveillance state is reaching levels unimaginable thirty years ago.

In the shadow of this growing authoritarianism sits the political and cognitive elite, unable to come to terms with what is happening. What is remarkable about the current age is the public debate, the officially permitted one, at least, is irrelevant to what is actually happening in the world. Three years on and the American media is still talking about invisible gremlins supposedly hypnotizing voters in the 2016 elections. Meanwhile, millions of barbarians pour over the southern border and the public space collapses.

Who would have predicted that 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Evil Empire (and it was evil) that we would be seeing freedom evaporating everywhere we look and the people who made the world safe for democracy would be losing that democracy and actively being replaced? I mean, we won! Not only did we win but our victory made the world better for almost everyone. Global poverty is drastically reduced. Life expectancy is up. More people are free and have elections than ever before. This is the golden age of raw consumerism, you can buy anything under the sun and have it delivered to your door, usually for free and often within two days. We have endless entertainment.

Meanwhile people are depressed and killing themselves with alarming regularity.

My working theory is that most people in America are just aimlessly walking through life. They have no purpose, neither individually or collectively. The only people who seem to have a purpose are the Communists and they are trying to destroy America, not lead her back to greatness. There is no frontier to tame, no continent to settle. We did the moon landing and we are getting too stupid to go back, much less go to Mars. The Soviets are vanquished and in spite of desperately trying to find a new supervillain or fighting whichever next Most Dangerous Nation Ever™ that Israel tells us to, there simply isn't a realistic enemy to fight.

What exactly is our purpose other than paying taxes and buying stuff? This is what "winning" feels like? We fought the World War and won the Cold War, making the world safe for democracy, so we can be scolded for our civilization and be forced to bow down before whatever sexual degenerates they decide to parade in front of us?

We are starting to wonder if winning is all it is cracked up to be.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Impossibility Of Satire In Clown World

How can you have satire in a world that is spiraling into insanity faster than you can make stuff up?

On April 29th I wrote a post titled "Reporting Crime While White". The reason for the post was a proposed law in Grand Rapids, Michigan that would make it a crime to call the police on "people of color" who were just "participating in their lives", whatever that means. As part of my post I pondered a hypothetical situation where a white woman calls the cops because she sees some men looking into cars and trying the door handles but ends up being the one arrested because the men in question were black. It was supposed to by hyperbolic but an example of how laws like the one proposed in Grand Rapids can go astray.

Then I saw this on social media, in the New York Times of course.

It was published about a week after my post. Here is a snippet of the question received by "The Ethicist" for The New York Times Magazine, Kwame Anthony Appiah.

Recently, I witnessed a young black male cut across my yard, duck between my neighbors’ two cars and try the doors of both, before “breaking” into the unlocked one. I opened my back door and yelled, “I see you getting into that car!” He took off running. I called the police and then posted to the (admittedly sometimes racially charged) Nextdoor app, in the hopes that my neighbors would check the locks on their cars and homes.

Break-ins are fairly common in my neighborhood, and this isn’t the first time that I’ve witnessed what appeared to be a theft and called the police. It was, however, the first time I was certain the suspicious person was a black man. I immediately felt a pang of guilt for calling the police and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, given the tragic way things too often end between police and people of color.

So this seems pretty straightforward. A man is acting in a furtive manner. He cuts across private property without permission, enters another yard without permission, is checking the door locks to see if the cars are locked and then finding one unlocked opens the car door. The person (presumably white and a woman based on the full question) shouts out a challenge and the young man bolts. She calls the police and then reported this on "Nextdoor" although she seems to regret it because it is often "racially charged", in other words it is used by her white neighbors to report non-white suspicious characters. In a sane world this is absolutely common sense. You see someone who is not from your neighborhood sneaking around and trying to break into cars. You scare them off and warn your neighbors. Your neighbors are thankful because you probably saved someone getting their car or stuff inside stolen. But we don't live in a sane world. We live in clown world. 

The rest of her question was guilty white middle class woman speak. She hoped he wasn't arrested and after all people really shouldn't leave their cars unlocked (the guilty white SJW equivalent of "dressed like that, she was asking for it"). Apparently she thinks she would prefer to live in a neighborhood where thugs rampage all night and your only recourse is to seal yourself in your home and pray you make it to morning. It is like New York in "I Am Legend" but the pandemic is not a seemingly incurable disease, it is just out of control people. It probably just proves I am racist but I have no interest in locking myself inside the house and hiding in the bathtub, hoping what is outside doesn't get in.

"At least no one will call me racist!"

Where I live, worrying about the cops showing up is the least of your worries if you are lurking around a house in the middle of the night. That is why people don't break into cars around here.

So Mr. Appiah weighs in on her question. He starts off by pointing out that what the man was doing was indeed burglary regardless of the door being unlocked. He also tells her that reporting this activity is a civic responsibility. For some reason he then comments about Missouri's "lax gun laws". I guess if you live in New York, being allowed to own firearms at all indicates "lax" gun laws. He then makes an odd comment about the murder rate in Missouri. 

Your state also has the highest rate of black homicide victims in the country (and most violent crimes are indeed intraracial).

So Missouri has the highest rate of black homicide and it is mostly (almost exclusively truth be told) black on black crime. So it sounds like he is OK with her calling because she might have stopped a black man from stealing a gun from a car and using that stolen gun to kill another black man. But then it goes off the rails.

Still, your anxiety that the police might overreact to your call is reasonable. In a 2015 survey conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, about half of African-Americans reported being treated badly by police officers because of their race. (Fewer than 5 percent of white Americans said this.) Unjust policing is wrong; it’s also self-undermining. One problem caused by the flagrant abuses of police authority we see reported in the media — the sort of events that generated the Black Lives Matter movement — is that they weaken community support for the police, and such support is essential to successful policing. It’s possible to understand why so many police officers appear to be willing to turn a blind eye to misconduct by their fellows (solidarity develops naturally among people who face danger together), but the abuse of police authority makes their jobs harder. They’d be better off if they did more to root it out.

Let's break this down. First, the part about the survey where half of blacks reported being treated badly by police officers "because of their race" versus only 5% of whites. Blacks are far more likely to encounter the police than whites on a per capita basis. I won't bother to repeat the statistics showing the vast over-representation of blacks in violent crime. In Missouri, specifically St. Louis, this is especially true where virtually every murder suspect in the city is black. So if you are encountering the police more often, chances are you have more opportunities to be offended at your treatment. I might also gently suggest that some communities have a very different frame of reference that influences their interactions with police. I have been pulled over plenty of times. I am never happy about it, sometimes the cop is cool, sometimes not, but I have never been pulled over without cause. So maybe half of black people think they were "treated badly because of their race" but were mostly just mad because they got a ticket or were arrested while actually committing a crime. 

Second, black lives matter was launched by the shooting of Trayvon Martin (A drug using black teen killed by a Hispanic man who shot Trayvon in self-defense) and accelerated by the shooting of Michael Brown (a criminal who was assaulting a cop and got rightly shot for it) and the death of Eric Garner (another man committing a crime who was 350 lbs and in poor health). From these events and a few others, the media and activist groups have launched a narrative of innocent black men being gunned down for no reason by the cops. In contrast, much of the interaction I see with cops and black suspects shows remarkable restraint on the part of the police. But this woman and Mr. Appiah seem to believe that if the cops caught the guy looking in her neighbor's car, they were likely to just shoot him on sight. 

The bigger issue is that we have people that are conflicted about calling the cops on what is obviously criminal behavior because they have been brainwashed into thinking that that calling the cops on a black man is a) inherently racist and b) dangerous to the black man. The person writing this letter, assuming it wasn't a 4chan gag, really seems to be wondering if notifying the police of criminal behavior is a greater public safety risk than letting criminals browse through automobiles to see if there is anything they can steal. 

When the law enforcement deterrent is reduced, it encourages criminal behavior. If this woman didn't call the cops, her neighbors might have lost some property that they would have to replace at their own expense and the criminals would  mark the neighborhood as an easy mark. This can only embolden the criminals. Maybe next time instead of trying car doors, they check the doors on houses looking for one unlocked. In her misplaced guilt, she could have put the lives of her neighbors in danger and even that of her own family. A neighborhood with a police response and watchful neighbors is one criminals stay away from, the opposite is one that draws criminals and maybe one of these guys finds her back door unlocked when she isn't home but her kids are. 

There is no limit to the suicidal brainwashing many of our fellow citizens have succumbed to. It is up to the few of us that have not surrendered to keep warning the rest until the inevitable happens.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Speaking Of Degeneracy

In my last post I said that the most sure sign of the impeding "coming apart" of America was the spike in public degeneracy. We have always had lots of degenerates in our culture, all cultures do. For most of our history degenerates were rightly shunned and forced by the culture to stay in the shadows. Social pressure kept the lunatics from getting out of hand. What we would now call a "hate crime" or "gay bashing" used to be a way to keep the perverts away from the normal parts of society. I am not suggesting we should assault trannies for walking around but there is a societal imperative to keep a lid on the worst sort of degenerate behavior. We are seeing now what happens when you turn the heat up all the way and take the lid off: the weird crap is boiling over.

Ramzpaul pointed this weirdo out on twitter.

So here we have a...well a guy I suppose...that cheerfully points out his mental illness. First he is a homosexual which was always understood to be a mental disorder. He also has OCD and an eating disorder. I assume there is a lengthy list of other mental illnesses that he didn't have space to mention thanks to the Twitter bio character limitations. But he is the "Mental Health and Chronic Condition Editor" for something called "healthline". I scanned their twitter feed and it was a bunch of kind of weird stuff with a few halfway normal articles mixed in. But Sam Dylan Finch shouldn't be writing about mental health, he should be getting treatment for mental illness.

Then there is this guy, Brian Sims, who is getting all sorts of attention on twitter for harassing an elderly woman peacefully praying in front of an abortion clinic and offering money for people to dox teens also demonstrating for the right to life. What makes this guy so awful is that he is a state legislator in Pennsylvania, and he is trying to suppress free speech and religious expression and intimidate teen-aged kids to silence them. Of course Twitter is too busy banning parody accounts of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to worry about someone openly violating their terms of service. But check out his twitter bio:

An adult "man" and an elected lawmaker that brags about being a "fanatic" about a show made by a creepy transvestite and that he is a Little Mermaid enthusiast. What adult man openly tells people he is entranced by a cartoon movie about a coming of age mermaid?

In less insane ages, men who had a weird fetish about teen-aged mermaid cartoon characters aimed targeted at little girls would have the decency to keep that to themselves. Mentally ill homosexuals wouldn't brag about their mental illness with an online bullhorn. This guy's social media accounts are the online version of a panel van with "free candy" spray-painted on the side.

I don't think that the actual percentage of freaks and degenerates is going up in America but as the population increases the total number of degenerates is increasing as well. There are only a small fraction of mentally ill people like this but when you multiply that small fraction by 330 million, you get a lot of freaks. Even if one half of one percent of all people are sexual deviants, that is still over 15 million of them. Plus the frequency of degeneracy is inflated because they tend to be promoted by and/or involved in popular culture. The other factor is that the severity of degeneracy is skyrocketing. Civilized society once kept the worst impulses in check but now you are encouraged to expand and enhance your perversions. Add in social media and it can seem like this is very commonplace although most of us never encounter it unless you live in San Francisco, New York or some other fetid swamp where this stuff thrives and multiplies.

I guarantee people like this are super vocal about being anti-"Islamophobia" and pro-"refugee". I wonder what happens to people like this in majority Islamic nations?

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Late Stage Degeneracy

It is difficult to look around and not see parallels between modern day America and other once proud and/or powerful, civilizations that collapsed. Rome is the most common example but the Soviet Union exhibits some of the same characteristics. There are obvious differences of course. America is a physically enormous nation with over 330 million people, significantly more than the Soviet Union when it collapsed. Technology is far more advanced so we will be able to watch the collapse in real time. Perhaps most significantly, the sheer firepower of the American private citizen is without peer.

Without straining the analogies too much it is growing clear to many people, and more each day, that we are in the end times of the American and Western experiment. The less perceptive among us, all along the political spectrum, are still arguing about things that won't matter soon. Trump spends his days impotently tweeting about things he promised to do two years ago, opining on the results of the Kentucky Derby and getting into petty squabbles with idiots like Paul Krugman. Meanwhile Democrats are trying to control their low-IQ/high-energy younger "leaders" to keep them from pushing for "impeachment" while at the same time trying to convince a party sold out on identity politics and #MeToo that the right choice to face Trump is creepy old white pervert Joe Biden. The Democrats think that the latest round of gibs is going to delay the inevitable. The smart people are talking well outside of the conservative-liberal dichotomy and asking questions about the future to come. More on this later.

The clearest warning signs of the impeding collapse are found in the sheer degeneracy of the culture. For decades America has become a very un-serious, often quite silly nation obsessed with stupid crap. Absent the threat of the Soviets, we have been wallowing in the very lowest of pop culture, sports and vulgar consumerism. The only interruption was 9/11 and even that only lasted a short time. While we have been at war in Afghanistan and then Iraq for the better part of 20 years, most Americans are barely able to form a coherent sentence while staring intently at their phone and desperately waiting for a new, much more expensive version, of the same phone to become available.

For example, check out the headline from this story I found accidentally while searching for something else:

Who is asking this question outside of some fruitcakes in New York City? This isn't even a topic of conversation in 99% of the counties in America.

As someone in my mid-40s I can't imagine this sort of conversation even being considered ten years ago but this website, "Fast Company" has 2.3 million followers on Twitter and 1.2 million likes on Facebook. Stories that ponder what it will take for more men to start cross-dressing like women are getting in front of a lot of eyeballs. As someone who used to do quite a bit of hiring, I can tell you that a dude walking in wearing a skirt, no matter how "professional", would go right in the reject pile. I assume this is true for virtually all hiring managers outside of the big urban centers, even if they would never say so publicly today. Trannies were once rightly relegated to the dark corners of society, the seedy underbelly that normal people never saw and that only interacted with fellow perverts and vice cops.

Then there was this from "Men's Health"

First off, no actual man I know is interested in being anally penetrated by his partner. Second, the recreational sticking of things in your rectum is the opposite of healthy. This really shouldn't be appearing in a magazine called "Men's Health".

Of course there is the now near ubiquitous pictures of absolute freaks grooming little boys that have been perverted into dressing like little girls.

In a sane society, not even kidding, people like the kid on the right would be sent to military school and had his ass beat the first time he put on a dress and degenerates like that freak on the left would be in a shallow grave or better yet swinging from a lamp-post as a warning to other degenerates. If I was leering at a little girl the way that guy is leering at that boy, her dad would beat the crap out of me and no jury would ever convict him.

Like I said, you don't have to go searching for this stuff. It is in your face 24-7. Long gone are the subtle additions of perverts into mass media to soften resistance. Now it is right up in your grill and pointing out that a creepy dude wearing a dress and tiara is a mentally ill man, not a woman, is considered a hate crime and "violent" speech.

America is a nation that is not really a nation at all. We are a bunch of unrelated tribes of people that are suspicious and often openly hostile toward one another. Half of us pour tax money into the gaping maw of the Federal government and then the government pays that money out to the other half. The government is mostly a wealth transference scheme on an unparalleled scale. Well connected corporations get fat government contracts and tax loopholes while reliable low-income voters are provided with de facto bribes to keep voting for the status quo. Meanwhile the shrinking middle and working class are squeezed and squeezed some more, while being scolded endlessly for not doing more to prop up the system that is working to crush them. We have no national identity and are told that the only thing that makes you American is having a Social Security number. Hundreds of years of history, from the first settlements on the east coast to the thirteen British colonies, our war for independence and the war to forcibly hold the Union together, conquering and taming a continent of 3.5 million square miles, criss-crossing that continent with railways and highways, our contribution in World War I and our great national effort in World War II. All of that is nearly forgotten. All that people know about our history is that the Indians were defeated and slavery was legal in the south. Oh, and internment camps for Japanese although almost no one could tell you within a decade of when World War II happened.

Not for nothing is the end of World War II and the decade that followed considered by regular people to be the golden age of America, when we were at our pinnacle. Europe was devastated, Asia as well. The American nation had no peer and our only rival was the tyrannical Soviet Union. The contrast was stark, the freedom and prosperity of America contrasted with the grim desperation of Communism. The great space race, won by the U.S. with the landing of men on the moon, marks the end of that era. Since that time America has largely been a nation without purpose. We opposed the Soviet Union but even that was out of fear of nuclear war and international Marxism spreading rather than an affirmative goal. Shortly before the moon landing we saw the passage of the Hart-Celler Act, also known as the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. As we lost any sense of unifying purpose as a nation, our "leaders" paved the way for a massive demographic displacement that is finally being realized today.

Fast forward to today and you see a nation devoid of unity and equally devoid of purpose. What is the point of the U.S. today? Why are we even a country other than sheer inertia? Half of us are hoping in vain that we will magically go back to better times as a nation, at least when they can be bothered to turn off the sportsball game or the newest iteration of The Bachelor. The other half hates everything about the U.S. and especially hates the heritage American people, seeing them only as resources to be extracted until there is nothing left.

Between the outrage of the day and the now non-stop election cycles, we are wandering aimlessly through life as a nation, living separate lives. We share little in common today, have wildly different understandings of our past as a nation and absolutely lack any unifying purpose or principles for the future.

With nothing to unite us and little that is significant to inspire us, we drift along seeking out meaningless distractions to pass the time.

At the same time the most degenerate among us are coming out of the shadows, first demanding "tolerance", then demanding "acceptance" and now demanding obeisance. A nation that tolerates perverts dressing up as demons and reading to confused little kids at a library while their mothers watching approvingly is not a nation that can be preserved. Nor should it. No one dressed like those freaks would get within 50 feet of one of my kids and if they tried, it would end badly for them.

We can't go on like this, a dwindling heritage population subsidizing the degenerate and the indolent. No nation can. The basis for all human civilization is the stable family unit and we have been doing our best to destroy that for decades. Now we are about to reap the results. Instead of a classless, raceless, genderless egalitarian utopia, we are approaching a systemic collapse. Maybe the trigger will be a financial crisis or runaway inflation. Maybe the latest Ebola outbreak will make it to the U.S. Or maybe the violent thugs of the Left will finally push the wrong person. Whatever the trigger, it is coming and the pedophiles dressed up like fairy princesses are going to have the worst of it.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Trying To Reason With Middle School Children

As someone who has been into fantasy and sci-fi literature since I was just a youth, an early adopter of Dungeons & Dragons, read Lord of the Rings when I was in elementary school, etc., I was naturally interested in George R.R. Martin's series "A Song of Ice and Fire". I had already read all of the available books long before the HBO series "Game of Thrones" was released, and read the rest subsequently and in general have been OK with the TV adaptation, understanding the limitations based on budget and just plain reality of scope. Sure the battle of Blackwater Bay was pretty underwhelming but having 20,000 extras on camera wasn't realistic. It has gotten better in recent seasons as technology has improved and their budget increased. Having said that, the most recent episode of GoT was pretty disappointing in a bunch of ways, most notably for having Arya Stark pull a full Mary Sue and kill the Night King.

Lots of people were disappointed, especially the heavily invested fans who were book fans before the TV series, but that is the perogative of screen-writers. At least they wrote something, while Martin (at a corpulent 70 years of age), is starting to look like he might never finish the book series. However we are living in Clown World 2019 and that means that people are going to be pissed for the dumbest reasons in the world and still get taken seriously. Black Pigeon Speaks assembles some of the dumbest:

Yes, the Dothraki and Unsullied were immigrants. Actually they were foreign invaders, which more closely matches the reality of our own illegal alien problem.

BPS makes some great points. The Unsullied are eunuch mercenaries, merciless killers, so once the Iron Throne was won, what do you do with them? Give them little farms so they can raise crops? The Dothraki are often referred to as the horde, and are portrayed wild barbarians that make the Mongols look peaceful. They take what they want and are pretty fond of rape (the rape of a captured woman "rescued" by Daenerys features prominently in the early story). They live to fight and pillage. They also were not going to settle down peacefully and become goat-herders.

These people can't even leave a FANTASY world alone, they have to try to inject their identity politics into it. As I have said so many times, the progressive Left is a fanatical, fundamentalist and violent religious cult. Everything must be viewed through their social justice goggles.

These are also people that don't seem to understand that these are fantasy worlds. If they perceive an injustice in a fantasy book, that is basically the equivalent to a real world "injustice". The Dothraki were wiped out in a valiant and foolish charge at the army of the dead. In the TV series the Dothraki are brown skinned and crossed the sea to Westeros. The person that sent them on this charge was white and cis-gendered. Ergo this is just like keeping kids in cages at the U.S.-Mexico border. Don't try to follow the thought process, there isn't one.

These people really think if they wave a stick at you in just the right way and yell "Avada Kedavra!", they can kill you and they fantasize about what house at Hogwarts the sorting hat would place them in. People like this child that claimed that the NRA was a "terrorist organization" and that members should lose their right to vote:

He has plenty of time to read and reread the Harry Potter books while he is not going out with real-life girls.

You can't have reasonable discourse with people that live full-time in a fantasy world, especially a fantasy world that is endlessly shifting and malleable.

Therefore trying to convince them by reason and logic of your position is likewise a waste of time. The battle lines are being drawn and the sides are being picked. I have no time to try to convince people that never emotionally matured past 5th grade of complex political, social and scientific questions. It can be amusing to troll them but that is a time-suck you have to be aware of.

My target audience are fence-sitting people who steadfastly have refused to take a side. It is growing obvious to them who their enemy is, but they are resistant to seeing who their friends are thanks to lifetimes of indoctrination. There are very few committed ideologues on our side of the fight as most of us are focused on real life issues but our enemies, and they are enemies who quite literally wish to see us dead, are focused only on one thing: winning the fight for the future.

We won a short respite thanks to Trump's election. He isn't going to save us, he is barely going to delay the inevitable but he did buy us a little breathing room. This is the time for getting yourself ready for the main event, physically and mentally; gearing up and gathering friends.

Get busy.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Slightly Less Useless Jeb Bush

Ah, the heady days of the 2016 campaign in the Republican primaries. A cluster of generic empty suit Republicans, Marco and Kasich and Jeb. It was like choosing the lobster from the tank at a restaurant. One of these guys was going to lose gracefully to Hillary, the only question was which one would be the designated sacrificial lamb. It was painful to watch.

But one man stood apart. He said stuff so many people were thinking. He talked about putting America first and securing our border and getting us out of stupid foreign entanglements. He mocked Democrats and rivals alike, setting aside the silly rules that Republicans have been handcuffed with for decades. He didn't always know what he was talking about but at least he was talking about stuff that mattered to people who didn't live inside the DC Beltway or work in corner offices in Manhattan.

I really miss that guy.

Now we have this guy instead:

Great! Here was my response:

Why don't you monitor the southern border of your own country or the streets of America where anitfa are running wild? Screw Venezuela.

Why in the world are we looking to get into yet another foreign conflict that is a no-win situation? Have we learned nothing? Apparently not because for all of his rhetoric to the contrary, Trump has surrounded himself with neocon warmongers like John Bolton, whispering in his ear to start a new war like Gríma Wormtongue. Nothing good can come from intervening in a substantive way in Venezuela's civil war or whatever is going on.

Meanwhile back in America, our own civil war is rapidly going from cold to hot and the man that is supposed to be our advocate is MIA thus far besides a few random tweets. An actual independent journalist, a gay Asian one no less, is assaulted by antifa not because he is some "far-right" goon, but because he dares to report what is really happening.

Portland police are pointedly not doing a damn thing about it. This is the future of America, masked morbidly obese women marching in the streets in Communist parades.

Oh, and Trump's supporters are being systematically shut out of the critical institutions of a modern republic, especially social media and financing.

People like Paul Joseph Watson are lumped in with lunatic Louis Farrakhan and banned as "far right". Has anyone seen the company Farrakhan keeps? He is pals with every major Democrat out there. But according to reputable news source The Atlantic, Calypso Louis is just another "far-right extremist". I am surprised they didn't call him a "white nationalist" since that term is meaningless when "journalists" use it.

Meanwhile Trump is crowing about the collusion narrative falling apart and getting roped into a new war in Venezuela. The border is being overrun, Commies are attacking people in the street and his supporters are being shut out of social media. He is oblivious.

This is turning out to be one of the greatest bait-and-switch acts in American political history. Americans thought they were electing an America First populist but instead got a slightly less useless Jeb Bush.

Yes I know Trump is better than Hillary but is that our standard now? As long as you aren't as awful as the alternative you are doing great? Yes Trump made two good picks for the Supreme Court but those candidates were selected for him. Ted Cruz would have made picks at least that good. Four years will go by with virtually nothing done at the border. How many more illegals will have entered the country in those four years? A million? Two million? More? How many children of illegals that magically became American citizens because their mom successfully snuck into the country will turn 18 between election day 2016 and election day 2020? How many older white voters will have died of old age in that time period? They ain't making more middle class white voters but there is an unlimited supply of angry and resentful children of illegals turning 18 every day.

How does Trump think he is going to win re-election in 2020?

Maybe he doesn't care.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Justice For Justine Damond?

A cop shoots an unarmed civilian. A jury finds the cop guilty of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Justice, right? Nope, now they are mad because the cop was black and the woman he shot was white so of course the decision was "racist".

In 2017 a Somalian police officer in Minneapolis, Mohamed Noor, was in a patrol car with his partner responding to a 911 call. Noor was a diversity hire, placed on the force to add some Somali street cred in a city where Somali crime is skyrocketing. The woman that made the 911 call, Justine Damond, came out to talk to the police wearing pajamas. As you can see from this picture, she looks like a very dangerous individual....

I can see why she would be viewed as a threat. Noor's own partner admitted that the shooting was "premature", a pretty big admission from a cop as they tend to protect one another. Perhaps Noor shooting Ms. Damond through his partner's window (in other words across his partner's body as Noor was in the passenger seat) was a factor? Also of significance, Noor already had three complaints filed against him in his two years on the force.

According to reports, Mohamed Noor was startled by a loud noise, a "bang" on the police car. Forensic evidence did not show any sign that Ms. Damond touched the car. Did the "bang" actually happen? I doubt it. So why did Noor shoot an unarmed 40 year old woman in her pajamas? I doubt we will ever know the truth. What we do know is that Justine Damond is dead, Mohamed Noor killed her and he has been found guilty of murder and manslaughter. I will reserve judgement on Justine getting justice until Noor is actually given a serious sentencing and his appeals are exhausted. There are plenty of "judges" that will do their best to let him get away with this. But for now, Noor has been tried and convicted of his crime.

In a sane world, this would be justice. But we don't live in a sane world, we live in clown world.


The facts of the case don't matter. The "activist" community sprang into action and condemned this decision. Of note, according to Fox News:

The jury included 10 men and two women. Six of the jurors, including the two women, are people of color.

As of 2010 Minneapolis was a little over 60% non-Hispanic white (aka "white"). Assume that has gone down a bit. The city is still at least half white. So the jury of 12 had 6 white and 6 non-white jurors, which matches the city pretty closely. That doesn't matter apparently. Also from Fox:

"Officer Noor was going to jail no matter what because he's a black man who shot a white woman in the state of Minnesota," said John Thompson, an activist and friend of Philando Castile, a black man who was killed in 2016 by a Latino suburban police officer who was acquitted.

Alana Ramadan, an African American and Muslim who held a sign calling for the resignation of Hennepin County's head prosecutor, said the African American people she's spoken with knew Noor would be convicted.

"It's almost like there's no hope," she said.

In a statement, the Somali-American Police Association (SAPA) criticized the jury's decision.

"Officer Noor is the first police officer in Minnesota's history to be convicted of murder while in the line of duty," the statement read. "SAPA believes the institutional prejudices against people of color, including officers of color, have heavily influenced the verdict of this case. The aggressive manner in which the Hennepin County Attorney's Office went after Officer Noor reveals that there were other motives at play other than serving justice."

"SAPA fears the outcome of this case will have a devastating effect on police morale and make the recruitment of minority officers all the more difficult."

John Thompson, an "activist" claims that Officer Noor was going to jail because he's a black man who shot a white woman.

No, he is going to jail because he murdered a woman. Notice there is no concern for the dead white woman but tons of outrage that a black man who murdered a white woman is being convicted of murder. Almost like they don't care about the facts, they only care whether or not their team wins.

How can we keep pretending we live in the same country? I would assume most white people, if you could get an honest answer out of them, are certain that justice was done in this case. The shooting of Justine Damond was unjustified and unprovoked, not to mention incredibly dangerous to Officer Noor's partner. The races involved are not that important here.

To a significant chunk of the black population, it is an unshakable article of faith that a black man can't get a fair trial in America, even when he is tried in a court of law by a jury of his peers. In this case the jury of his peers included 50% non-whites and they still voted to convict him. If you believe that the only way a black man can get a fair trial is if he is tried by a jury comprised only of blacks and is tried before a black judge with black lawyers, then you are saying that racial separation is the only way black people can get a fair shake. They need their own courts, their own schools, their own cops. In other words black nationalism is the only reasonable political position for a black person to hold. The endless clamor about "white supremacy" and "white privilege" and "rising white nationalism" should lead inexorably to the logical response: separation. Why would blacks want to live in the same country as me, under the same laws as me and subject to having people like me voting and sitting on juries? Listen to convicted murderer Mohamed Noor's, a man only hired by the police because they thought they needed Somali cops to police the crime ridden Somali neighborhoods of Minneapolis, fellow Somali refugee Ilhan Omar declaring:

“This is not going to be the country of white people.”

I see.

Please explain to me how this is not a declaration of a race war and a promise to replace white people?

As a reminder, this "country of white people" took her in and gave her shelter when she and her family were forced to flee from a country of black people. They fled here precisely because this is a "country of white people". In return she has been an endless scold, criticizing people who built a civilization that her own people are incapable of building. People from Somalia don't want to flee to nations full of Somalis, they want to flee to nations full of people like me. I don't blame them, no one wants to live in a nation full of Somalians but when they escape from their own people and are given shelter, they then turn around and screech at us for not being like them, when they were fleeing from people like themselves in the first place.

How are we to dwell together in this nation when we don't have a clue why we should? The Zman had a great quote today in his post Open Air Absurdistan:

Saying “this is not who we are” seems to track with not knowing who we are or why we are even a “we” anymore. 

Anyone saying "that is not who we are" has no clue who we are or who we ever were.

Who are we? When "we" can't even agree on something that simple, "we" are not really a "we" at all. "We" are just groups of people that happen to live within the porous boundaries of what used to be a nation. The individual states voluntary and democratically agreed to form a union of states for the common good. It is time for us to dissolve those ties that bind us politically and form new unions. The only other option is open warfare that will make the first Civil War look like a walk in the park.