Tuesday, November 12, 2019

There Are Only Two Ways Forward. Which Will You Choose?

Just last night, top heavy dimwit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in attendance at an exhibition of degeneracy put on by a trannie who calls himself Sasha Velour.

AOC is gawping at the camera like a buffoon while some guy who is dressed as a woman/demon poses next to her. In saner times, if a trannie like that touched a woman, men in the vicinity would have forcefully removed him. Today we are required to applaud this spectacle.

What you see in this tweet is what you are getting today. As Infowars put it, this is the Left. This is what they are now. All of those old moderate white liberals and black activists who think the Left is about income inequality and worker's rights, wake up. If you side with the Democrats, you are siding with this freakshow. There is no place for a liberal who wonders if guys who wear panties and dresses might be off their rockers. The Left doesn't care about working class people unless that working class person is a minority voter or an illegal alien or some sort of degenerate. If you are a white working class American, the Democrats will grudgingly take your votes but they really would prefer it if you would transition your children, turn them over to degenerates to pervert and die in as carbon-friendly manner as possible. There is no other Democratic party now. There is only homosexuals, drag queens and who knows what next. Any sort of deviant behavior will be embraced as long as it undermines the central foundations of Western civilization.

What is the alternative? Not the NormieCon Republican party. Modern "conservatism" hasn't found any issue or principle it will stand firm on other than unwavering support for Israel. Anything else, even stuff that Republicans railed against five years ago, is now negotiable. Exhibit A, "conservative" Charlie Kirk (pre-groyper) awkwardly standing next to a transvestite ("Lady Maga", this degenerate even had a sash made for his grotesque outfit) that is apparently what it now means to be a "conservative".

Charlie looks like a first time prisoner meeting his new cell mate and thinking about what is going to go down once the guards aren't looking. How are we making America great again by welcoming the most mentally ill deviants into our ranks? If we can't even conserve what marriage means and what it means to be a man and a woman, what are we conserving other than Israel's security? In other words, conservatism isn't going to conserve anything. Their only role at this stage is to lose gracefully while strutting about like peacocks and yelling about their principles and Ronald Reagan. Mainstream conservatism is embracing the same degeneracy that the Left embraces, they are just about five years behind.


Wait a second....

....hang on...

...laughing so hard I can't breathe....

....whew. OK, I am better now. The Libertine Party is now the party of butt-sex, tranny story hour at the library, smoking pot and open borders.

That leaves the dissident right.

Sure the DR is full of groypers and neckbears and incels but at least we refuse to surrender on the important issues. By 2030 this two-party nation will have a left of center Republican party holding a few unimportant seats in Congress and a far left Democrat party that will steamroll everything we cherish.

At some point, a caliphate run by radical Islamists will seem like a reasonable alternative. I have long said that is their strategy, why else would Linda Sarsour be marching with radical feminists that would be stoned to death if Linda's co-religionists were in control? Their plan must be a form of Islamist accelerationism, pushing the culture into such degeneracy that desperate Americans embrace sharia just to get the Sasha Velour types back into the shadows where they belong. Sure, I want trannies on the outer fringes of our society where decent people aren't exposed to them, Islamists want to throw them off buildings but you know what they say about omelettes and eggs. These degenerates are in for a rude awakening when white, nominally Christian people are replaced by Muslims. More on this in a later post.

The dissident right is an amorphous movement that embraces a lot of people who don't agree on everything but what we all agree on is that human nature is immutable and playing the politics as normal game is a suicide pact. There are only two paths forward:

Embracing demonic drag queens right now (D) or demonic drag queens in a few years (R)

- or -

Calling these freaks degenerates and refusing to play.

A lot of us are on the fence right now but the time is growing short to choose a side.

Choose wisely.


The Zman was at the Mencken Club meeting last weekend and has lots of interesting things to say (see Day One and Day Two). The most interesting thing I read was from Day One and dealt with the NAXALT problem. I'll let him explain:

NAXALT stands for “Not All (X) Are Like That” with X being some natural demographic grouping of people. It is the mistaken belief that because you can find one exception to the rule, that the general rule is invalid. For example, not all immigrants vote Democrat, so the observation that immigrants overwhelmingly support Democrats is somehow not true, despite the data. This is, of course, most commonly found when talking about the complexion of crime statistics. Ben Carson is more powerful that Table 43.

One suggestion I made was to explain the NAXALT fallacy in a different context that does not have the same emotional baggage. Instead of taking the issue head on, approach it from the direction of other non-political stuff. Re-condition their minds to accepting that exceptions don’t change the general rule. More important, we tend to live by the general rule. Once your normie friend is used to accepting the general rule in all other issues, they will be more prepared to accept it in our issues…

That is an excellent observation and so very true. I just ran into this over the last day. When I point out to people, in this case more libertarians, that immigrants consistently vote 2-1 for Democrats and therefore mass immigration makes socialism more likely and libertarianism even more impossible, they always trot out the "well I know X-number of first generation immigrants and they are super conservative". One major problem is that conservatives and libertarians equate being entrepreneurial with being conservative. Sahib from India running the gas station or Wong from China running a laundry are already used to massive government so nothing we are going to do here will bother them. Maybe heritage American small business owners are more conservative because they are used to smaller government but newer immigrants aren't, and again voting patterns and party identification proves this. Blacks voted overwhelmingly for Obama whether they were religious or wealthy or small business owners. They will vote for whoever the Democrat is in 2020 in spite of Trump pandering to them non-stop because for non-white groups tribal identity trumps economics or even social issues.

No one is saying that there are no black conservatives or libertarians or that no mestizos vote Republican. Simply that taken as a whole there are very, very few conservative minority voters. In a nation of over 330 million people, presenting your immigrant neighbor who owns a small business as proof that the overwhelming evidence is inaccurate is just dumb.

You can always find exceptions. The vast majority of Amish are hard working and honest but I personally know a few that are completely dishonest and lazy. Because I know a couple of lazy Amish, it doesn't follow that therefore all Amish are lazy. The exception is not the rule, that is why it is called the exception in the first place.

Don't let people derail you with "I know a guy..." arguments. Stick to the facts and the facts are pretty clear on the big issues of the day.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Religious Wars Will Cripple The Right

By it's very nature, the Dissident Right is a hard beast to pin down and quantify. How many people share the basic tenets of the DR? How many share most of them? How many do share them but never say so publicly (hint, certainly a huge number)? How many people are somewhere on the spectrum where they are starting to give serious credence to the tenets of the DR?

No one really knows. There isn't a dissident right political party, there are no dissident right candidates for national office so we can estimate our numbers by vote totals or by registered voters. We can look at things like how many followers some people have on social media but that is pretty inexact. Someone like Ramzpaul for example, he has around 58,000 followers on Twitter and almost 73,000 subscribers with over one million views on Youtube. American Renaissance claims over 117,000 subscribers on Youtube but has been banned from Twitter. I have no idea how many unique visitors per month Vdare and American Renaissance get, the Zman said a few years ago that he was getting around a million per year with 45,000 regular unique visitors. I am sure that is much higher now. Vox Day claims to get even more than that but I don't really trust anything he says.

But what about someone like Ann Coulter? She is on the right side of the immigration issue and she has over 2.2 million Twitter followers. Paul Joseph Watson over one million. Mark Dice has half a million, Stefan Molyneux almost that many. Ann, Paul, Mark and Stefan wouldn't call themselves dissident right but they often say things that are often outside of the acceptable Overton window for "conservatism". Add in some of the other fringe characters like Sargon and Milo, neither of whom I care for, and you are getting a big audience who at the very least are open to some of the ideas of the dissident right, ideas that get you shunned in the Republican party (see: Steve King) and cause fits of apoplexy from dimwit mouthpieces like Charlie Kirk and pseudo-intellectuals like Ben Shapiro.

Then of course you have President Trump, who received over 60 million votes back when he was Candidate Trump and talking about building a wall and putting America first.

There are also lots of people who agree in principle with most of the dissident right, even if they have never heard the term dissident right and never read the websites or watch the videos or listen to the podcasts from the dissident right. Millions upon millions of Americans voted for Trump in 2016 because they realized that failure to get control of our southern border means a radical reshaping of the United States to the detriment of all of us. While almost no one was saying it out loud, tens of millions of people instinctively understood that replacing a super-majority European descent people with a collection of large blocks of minorities was going to lead to a completely different, and worse, nation.

So there are a ton of people who are on the right, whether that is the Dissident Right or more Tea Party focused types, the Gun-Right which is very large, the religious Right, the immigration patriot Right, what have you. In spite of huge numbers and a significant number of politically astute, engaged and active people, the Right seems to always be on the ropes. Why is that?

It is partly because so many of us have been conditioned over the years to see any hint of "racism" or "sexism" or "Islamophobia" as the worst sin imaginable. "Conservatives", especially in leadership and prominent positions, are constantly policing the ranks for any hint of naughty speech and will toss a wrong-thinker overboard at the drop of a hat. Most conservatives are in terror of being thought to be "racist" so they steer clear of anyone that might taint them by association. You can't blame them entirely, being in the wrong company can get you fired from your job and that is the second worst thing that could happen to a conservative. Maintaining their financial stability is more important than the fate of the nation.

Another part of the issue is that while the Left is inexorably moving toward state centralization and it doesn't matter what area they are moving the needle on at any given moment, the Right is defending a myriad of different fronts simultaneously. If the Germans knew exactly which beaches the Allied forces were going to land on and the exact day well in advance, D-Day might have ended quite differently. Instead they were forced to defend a huge area. We are doing the same thing. We protect gun rights and the Left goes after the traditional family. We turn our attention to that and they are pushing "climate change". We pivot to that and they move on to a higher minimum wage. The Right is constantly chasing after the latest assault and by the time we muster ourselves, they move on to something else.

The bigger issue right now is that the Right is so terribly splintered. We have a lot of very smart people on our side of the divide, people who read and think a lot, but that also means we have a lot of people convinced that their pet philosophy is the only way forward and anyone that doesn't subscribe to it is cast into outer darkness. What is worse, a lot of people go out of their way to antagonize people who are on the same page with 95% of stuff and that leads to endless and fruitless arguments. This is a great example:

E. Michael Jones is kind of a fringe figure on the Right. He says some smart stuff but then he says dumb stuff like this. He got a ton of pushback on it, including from me, that called B.S. on that idea. My point is what it always is. Africa is like Africa because it is full of Africans. Europe is like Europe because it is full of Europeans. Move all of the people of European descent into Africa and all of the people of African descent into Europe and within a generation Europe would be a wasteland of rotting cities and mass graves and Africa would be the technological and economic powerhouse of the world.

His argument is easy to refute but it opened a lot of old wounds and that doesn't help anyone. I don't care all that much if someone is Christian or Catholic or Mormon or a druid or an agnostic or wears Thor's Hammer on their neck. Are they with me in preserving my civilization and culture and defending my people? If yes, then they are on my side.

Too many people on the Right insist that you not only support your people but that you also convert to their faith. That is counter-productive. The Right is not an explicitly Christian movement and just being honest there are a ton of far-left, anti-white, self-loathing leftists who call themselves Christians. Then again there are a lot of really smart, really energetic people on the Right who are also devout Christians. Many mormons are great people, right-wing as the day is long but there are also lots of Mitt Romney's and Harry Reid's.

The Left seems to understand this a little better. Yes, they have battles on their side but they are more focused than we are because they have identified their enemy: white people. They understand on some primitive level is that there will be time to fight their big battles out once they vanquish white people. Of course they all assume that their pet philosophy will win but they are still focused on a common enemy.

Who is the focal point of the Right? Well "liberals" but that term has lost any real meaning, and now is just an amorphous concept of the boogeyman that is responsible for Bad Things and that can be defeated by electing enough Republicans. So who is our enemy? Mestizos? Blacks? Jews? Feminists? Homos? Trannies? Muslims? Asians? Socialists? Communists? White urban liberals? Collaborators in the Republican Party like Mitt Romney and Charlie Kirk?

We don't have a focus and worse, we don't have a singular unifying principle that unites us. We all sort of know what it is, preserving Western/European/white civilization and people, but most of us can't even bring ourselves to say that. I wish all the best for Africans in Africa and Asians in Asia and mestizos in Central America. I don't wish them ill at all but my concern is my people. That is true for most of us.

What this all really comes down to is this: we don't need narcissists and egomaniacs and asshats causing needless division in the Right. What is more, I generally assume at least half of the people who are always causing trouble are probably being directed to do so and being compensated for it. It is pretty easy to create a bogus account on social media, throw a groyper avatar on the account and start causing trouble.

People's faith is a deeply personal matter. Poking at the faith of other people on the Right, whether stupid Deus Volt memes from TradCaths or calling Jesus a semitic zombie, just simply doesn't do anything to advance the causes we are all supposedly concerned with. I spare no effort in pointing out the violence of Islam but Islam is a violent anti-Western, anti-white religion that has been warring against white people since it was spawned in some cave in the desert. It is incompatible with any sort of right-wing, European based political philosophy and system. But for the rest of us there needs to be room for people on the Right from all sorts of faith traditions. Whether you read the Bible or Julius Evola or whatever, I don't care. Just don't use your faith as a wedge to destroy our already fragile movement because if the Left wins all of us, Catholic and Christian and pagan and agnostic, lose.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

How Do People Still Not Get This?

One of the greatest challenges we face, and one of the most frustrating hurdles to getting people to wake up, is that most white Americans live in a fantasy world. By "fantasy world", I mean they think they are living in a different country than they really do. Mostly this means they are dwelling in an idealized past, one that mostly never was real but that they desperately want to get back to. Boomers and Gen Xers grew up in a different America and think that if we try really, really hard and think really positive thoughts we can go back there. We cannot. At least we cannot without going through the crucible of fire and blood.

People my age and a little older still think we live in a world where Schoolhouse Rock was a documentary series for kids, rather than wanton propaganda.

Many still have this sort of nostalgic view of immigrants and think that a migrant from Somalia or El Salvador is the same as migrants from Poland or Italy. Even when virtually all migrants were from Europe, we were never a "melting pot". It took most of the 20th century for the U.S. to get to a place where ethnic suspicion and sometimes hostility between European ethnic groups faded.

The people coming to the U.S. now are coming from socialist nations, assuming they have any sort of functioning government at all. They see America as a place where they can get free stuff and not get murdered in the streets by drug gangs. They aren't coming here drawn by the promise of individual liberty and freedom, America to them is a giant piggy bank. They are going to shake all of the money they can get out of her and when they can't shake anymore out they will break the piggie bank to see what is left. They don't give a crap about freedom of speech. They don't have any connection to our culture and history, the opposite is true as they have been taught that the people who created this great nation that they sought to move to were racists and genocidal xenophobes who should have their history erased and be replaced by a new and improved America.

I ran into this again in the comments of a article on the Mises Institute (a libertarian outfit) titled: 4 Reasons Why Socialism Is Becoming More Popular. I pointed out that the article completely missed the main issue and the reason socialism is growing more popular is that we are replacing our people who value things like individual liberty and freedom with people who come from socialist countries and kinda like socialism. As the country changes demographically, we will continue to move away from what we assume were the founding principles of America, liberty and opportunity and freedom, and toward a more centralized and intrusive state. This garnered a few responses, ranging from the "immigrants are natural conservatives" to "nuh uh!". As I pointed out, the statistical evidence is pretty clear.

- Most new immigrants since 1965 and increasingly in the last few decades are non-European.

- Non-European, in other words non-white, people in the U.S. vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

- Immigrants that have been polled consistently identify with Democrats.

This chart is pretty typical:

It comes from this piece at the Center For Immigration Studies, Immigration's Impact on Republican Political Prospects, 1980 to 2012. The non-white vote is at least 2-1 in favor of Democrats and that is true whether you are looking at Muslims or Jews, blacks or Asians or mestizos. In other words:

There are not significant numbers of "natural conservatives" in any significant non-white demographic.

The exception might be Cubans but they are losing out to other Hispanics in terms of sheer numbers, even in Florida.

This means that for every 3 million new immigrants, Democrats pick up an additional net one million rock-solid voters. Why do you think Democrat politicians and liberal pundits are so desperate to keep the border wide open and yammer about "diversity is our greatest strength" while personally doing all they can to be insulated from non-whites? Because they know the path to a permanent liberal majority is centered on mass migration.

The Washington Post wrote about this in a recent story: Two versions of Texas collide over gun measures and mass shootings

The two versions are pretty clearly white, native Texans and new, non-white immigrants. From the article:

Now, Republicans who control the state are under pressure to implement gun-control measures that they’ve long spurned, ones conservatives in other states embraced following mass shootings. Continuing to ignore those calls could mean losing political power as rapid growth and accelerated diversity are defining a new Texas. Acceding to them, however, means angering what’s left of the old Texas, and the powerful gun supporters it has long accommodated.

The key passage is highlighted in red. A "new Texas" that is not Texas in any recognizable sense.

The article goes on to quote "Texans" with names like Namrata Chand and Dhruv Patel. Pretty clearly not stereotypical white Texans and clever choices for the WaPo to not quote people named Juan or Manuel. Texas is changing rapidly demographically and that means it will inevitably change politically. While our largest state of California becomes more entrenched as a liberal stronghold, the most politically powerful conservatives state is on the verge of being lost to the Left and it is all about demographics.

VDare ran several pieces that exposed the hoax that what led to places like Virginian turning blue was suburban anger at Trump. While there is a lot of that in the Northern Virginia suburbs populated with wealthy liberals dependent on a huge government for employment, the demographic change is what tipped the scales between suburban, blue Virginia and rural, red Virginia. Here is a good analysis: Immigration, Not White Suburbs, Turning VA Blue. GOP Still Can Win With Sailer Strategy—But Ultimately Needs An Immigration Moratorium

Meanwhile we have grifters and controlled opposition figures like Charlie Kirk wanting to give permanent residency to any foreigner that graduates from a technical field as if that is a "conservative" idea, even though he and everyone else knows that they won't vote Republican and they will have a significant number of kids who also won't vote Republican.

In most places the GOP is going to start to rapidly shift their positions on critical issues like abortion and gun rights to preserve some electoral viability for as long as they can. That means the Republican party is going to expect conservative voters to show up to vote for corporate tax cuts and deregulation while the GOP capitulates on the issues that drive conservatives voters to the polls. I think taxes should be lower and regulation should be lighter but I am not going to get fired up for those issues. Most of us won't. So the Republican Party will keep moving left to find new voters and the death spiral will accelerate until there are only a small, impotent minority of Republicans in elected office.

It will all be because of demographics.

White, conservative voters have more kids than white liberals but not nearly enough to offset the millions of new Democrats we are importing. The Democrats have hitched their electoral horse to demographic change and the dirty secret of American politics is that they were right and have already won.

We don't have the luxury of living in the land of make-believe. This is the world we live in and the future we face, and the longer we pretend otherwise the worse the landing is going to be.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Irony Alert! -- WaPa Edition

It must be tough writing satire these days for the guys at the Onion and the Babylon Bee. Anything you can imagine is probably already being presented as truth by the media somewhere. The latest reminder comes from a hack named Paul Waldman, writing for The Washington Post which ominously warns that "Democracy Dies in Darkness" while spending the last three years trying to subvert an election. Here it is:

Yes really. The Left and especially the mainstream news, like the Washington Post, have refused to accept and abide by the election results from 2016. Non-stop attempts to whip up "impeachment", obstruct Trump's agenda and even mutterings about a coup have been going on since election night when stunned East Coast liberals realized that the pesky rest of the country gets to vote as well, an intolerable situation they have plans to change

The author of the opinion piece, Paul Waldman, is the prototypical bubble-dwelling liberal, a far-left Jewish "journalist" writing for and living among the power elite in the D.C. area. I am sure he doesn't even see the irony of what he wrote, hell the guy is still repeating the nonsense that corpulent black liberal Stacy Abrams actually won the Georgia governor's race in spite of the little problem of receiving fewer votes. To be specific, when Republican Matt Bevins who just lost the Kentucky governor's race asks for a recount, it is an assault on democracy. When Stacy Abrams does the same thing, she is heroic and brave. The difference to Waldman is that Bevins is a white Republican and Abrams is a black Democrat and that means the standards are different.

Just read this sentence and try not to belly laugh:

Instead, what is far more likely is that Trump would not have to be physically removed from the Oval Office, but would — starting immediately after Election Day and continuing into his post-presidential life — undertake a campaign to discredit the results.

That is literally what Hillary Clinton and her cronies in the media have been doing every single day since the 2016 election. As usual we see the Left accusing others of the misbehavior they themselves are guilty of. He even manages to insert a Russia comment although every modestly normal Democrat has shushed up about that farce, moving on to Ukraine.

It has been another banner week for the media. From this absolutely hilarious hypocrisy to the media essentially victim-blaming the Mormon women and children in Mexico for getting killed, raped and abducted by Mexican drug cartel thugs, the media never fails to set new lows for themselves and further cement in the minds of regular Americans that they can't be trusted to even report the most basic facts of the news.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Striking Another Blow For Limited Government!

Kentucky held themselves a li'l ol' election last night and it looks like Democrat Andy Beshear defeated the incumbent Republican Matt Bevin. Keep in mind that in 2016 Trump won Kentucky by 62.5% to 32.7%, which is about a 30% gap and Trump showed up to campaign for Bevin. A lot is being made of this by the mainstream media, and understandably so, but something that jumped out at me was this:

John Hicks was the Libertarian candidate and as I have stated before (see: Libertarians As Spoilers), the Libertarian Party in America serves only as a spoiler and often costs Republican candidates the win because we live in a de facto two party system. You might not like it but that is what it is unless we are going to rewrite the Constitution at the Federal and all 50 state level.

So congrats once again to the Libertarian Party for helping to elect another Democrat! That will go a long way toward increasing individual liberty.

Curiouser and Curiouser

The Twerk or Treat shooting just keeps getting weirder. As reported on October 29th, police had made an arrest of one Brandon Ray Gonzalez. It seemed weird to me and he did a jailhouse interview proclaiming his innocence. He didn't have a real criminal record and while it is not unheard of, it seemed odd that a mestizo guy would target a black guy and then spray the crowd with bullets. It just seemed a little off.

Then this morning we get this news:

Man held in Texas party hall shooting freed as case crumbles

GREENVILLE, Texas (AP) — A man held as a suspect in the shooting at an off-campus college Halloween party in East Texas that killed two people and injured a dozen more is free after he was released from jail Tuesday evening and investigators asked that the capital murder charge against him be dropped.

Brandon Ray Gonzales was released from jail after investigators said “additional information has come to light” that potentially exonerates him of the Oct. 26 shooting at a party hall near Greenville, about 70 miles (113 kilometers) northeast of Dallas. In a statement, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said the case was further weakened by “the lack of cooperation from witnesses” to the shooting.

As a result, “we have requested the Hunt County District Attorney’s Office take no action on Mr. Gonzales’ case at this time and that he be released from custody,” Meeks said. He also pleaded for the reluctant witnesses to reconsider their refusal to cooperate with the investigation and appealed to the public for tips.

The cops went from absolutely sure they had the right guy to oops maybe not in pretty short order. Pretty solid sleuthing Columbo.

This case again is looking like what I assume from the get-go, yet another mass shooting by a black male(s) killing and wounding other blacks.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

One Year Out

Today is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November and in America that means election day. We don't have anything on the ballot, while nearby Fort Wayne and other cities are electing mayors. But it also means that we are about one year out from the 2020 election which promises to be crazier than any election in my lifetime, including the 1992 election with Ross Perot and his chart infomercials.

It seems like the 2016 election cycle never really ended with the Democrats calling for "impeachment" before Trump was even sworn in. We have been dealing with screeching leftists for three years now. It was pretty funny for a while, the video of Rachel Maddow slowly melting down live on camera never gets old. Fun fact, the most popular videos of her meting down have disappeared and searching for some combination of "2016 election rachel maddow meltdown" that used to bring up a bunch of hilarious compilation videos, now only seems to being up official MSNBC videos. I am sure that isn't Youtube attempt to sway viewers or anything or provide cover for their ideological buddies at MSNBC. But it isn't really funny anymore. These people are crazy and they get to vote.

A lot of MAGA/BoomerCon types are already talking about a Trump landslide in 2020. Given the generally poor quality of the Democrat field, I can see why. Your top three Democrats right now are an old white guy battling early stage dementia who can't keep his paws off young girls, an even older Jewish socialist who has a hard ceiling because he is honest about his politics and as a bonus has a bad ticker, and then an old Indian white woman who at 70 is the spry young whippersnapper in the top tier. The rest of the field is collapsing pretty fast. Tulsi Gabbard, one of two non-insane candidates has been shut out of the Democrat field for failing to be enthusiastic enough about endless wars. Beto "Hell yeah!" O'Rourke is gone. Kamala Harris is finding out that you can fellate your way into politics but not the Oval Office. Cory Booker? Where is that guy? Pete Bootygay isn't going to win because the black and mestizo voters in the Democrat base find the gay to be gross. One trick pony Andrew Yang? Nope. It looks like Warren is the nominee and she seems vulnerable because of the fake Indian thing and being about as dynamic and inspiring as Elmer's glue (also she is just as white).

Not so fast.

I saw some interesting stuff yesterday on Infogalactic while looking something else up. I left the formatting intact.

Close races

Red denotes states (or congressional districts whose electoral votes are awarded separately) won by Republican Donald Trump; blue denotes those won by Democrat Hillary Clinton.
States where the margin of victory was under 1% (50 electoral votes; 46 won by Trump, 4 by Clinton):
  1. Michigan, 0.22%
  2. New Hampshire, 0.37%
  3. Pennsylvania, 0.72%
  4. Wisconsin, 0.76%
States/districts where the margin of victory was between 1% and 5% (83 electoral votes; 56 won by Trump, 27 by Clinton):
  1. Florida, 1.20%
  2. Minnesota, 1.52%
  3. Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District, 2.24%
  4. Nevada, 2.42%
  5. Maine, 2.96%
  6. Arizona, 3.55%
  7. North Carolina, 3.66%
  8. Colorado, 4.91%

We forget how very narrow Trump's victory really was. Trump took 46 electoral college votes in states where he won by less than 1%. Trump originally won 306 electoral college votes to Clinton's 232. You need 270 electoral college votes to win. 306 minus 46 is 260. Change a statistically tiny number of votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan and we are talking about Hillary Clinton's re-election campaign instead of Joe Biden drooling on stage.

In my post Do The Math I looked at Florida as a state where demographics might mean that a Trump win is going to be very difficult. In places like Michigan and Pennsylvania it is not out of the question to assume two things. One, enough older white Trump voters will have died by election day 2020 to account for winning margin in 2016. Two, enough non-white voters will have turned 18 by next election day to overcome his margin of victory in 2016. A combination of the two spells disaster.

In the states where the margin of victory was under 5% there are no sure things. Arizona is changing rapidly demographically, as is Florida as I mentioned above. North Carolina is too although it is probably safe in 2020. On the other hand, I can't see where Trump picks up ground in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Nevada, Maine or Colorado. So to me, it looks like Trump has to defend every state he won in 2016 with little chance of picking up any states Clinton won while at the same time a lot of his 2016 states are highly vulnerable in 2020.

You also can't discount the impact of four years of non-stop negative press on the minds of average voters. The mainstream media is going to ratchet that up to a fever pitch starting very soon. Social media will continue to silence and suppress dissenting voices. Hollywood and the entertainment world will be out and unanimous in their condemnation of Trump. Antifa will be out in full force trying to intimidate people who want to show support for Trump. I would not be surprised to see serious injuries and even fatalities in the run up to the election. Political violence has been the stock-in-trade of the Left since 2016 and it is only going to get worse, especially where Democrat mayors of larger cities order the cops to stand down. In fact I would be surprised if no one ends up in coma or dead.

Add all of this together and mix in the general indifference of most white voters and I think that even with Warren or Biden as the nominee, the Democrats have a very, very plausible case for why Trump is a one term President and we usher in an era where liberals win the White House until we stop functioning as a nation. Remember a couple of things I have written. At this point Trump is just buying us a little time to prepare and the time to bug-out and be clear of the blast radius is right now, not when the fireworks start.

As bad as the clamor has been over the last three years, you ain't seen nothing yet. Get prepared physically and get prepared with your gear. Most important, get prepared mentally because the time is fast approaching when you are going to be forced to make some critical decisions and take a stand.

Monday, November 4, 2019

More From Ol' Remus On Food

Remus over at the Woodpile Report posted a little follow-up to his prior excellent post on food, recounted here: Ol' Remus On Food. Below are his additional comments, copied and pasted with formatting intact, from October 29th for your reading pleasure. Read and heed indeed.


Some clarification for those who have commented on  last week's essay about food as a weapon in a civil war. Some terms are unfamiliar to some readers.
The phrase "deep larder" means very long term storage food. Decades, not years. One example is whole wheat, in Mylar bags, with oxygen and moisture absorbers, sealed in airtight five gallon buckets. Freeze dried food is a deep larder's high end. Also long lasting is dehydrated food vacuum packed in Mason jars or Foodsaver-style plastic pouches.
Your shelves of commercially canned and home canned food are intermediate storage foods—a few years. The food in your cupboard, refrigerator and freezer is short term food. Some a few months, some a few weeks.
In the military, "iron rations" is ready-to-eat food to sustain troops away from a field kitchen. They're currently called MREs, formerly known as C Rations and K Rations. Iron rations are a temporary expedient—a few days. MREs are not intended for long term storage. For the survivalist, iron rations is an emergency cache of food accessible when the main stash isn't. Bugout backpacks are typically stocked with iron rations, either ready-to-eat or quickly prepared.
"Supplies" means ammunition, medicine and medical items, water filters, batteries, repair kits and spare parts, shoes and boots, clothing for all seasons and the like. Supplies are casualty items, in time they're either used up or worn out. "Equipment" is different from supplies. A canteen is equipment, water is supplies. Good quality equipment with routine maintenance, hand tools for example, will outlast the user.
A partisan may use survivalist techniques, but a survivalist is a combatant when self defense is the only alternative. Militants would have you believe you're so extra special you'll be stalked by DC's death squads while tending your secret potato patch. Unless you're out sabotaging bridges or ambushing convoys they aren't going to hunt you down with drones or trackers. They'll have better uses for their time and resources than chasing you around in the hills. It's the desperados you'll have to worry about.
Prudence and a sense of proportion will see the survivalist through. He's of no interest to the warring parties if he stays away from them and their stuff. And if he blunders into them, he'll escape rather than shoot it out. Chances are they'll make a big show of running him off and let it go at that. In their mind they've done their duty, why turn it into a confrontation? If they pursue him, then it's decision time.

Putting The Libertarian Cart Before The Identitarian Horse

Hell Hath No Fury.......like a libertarian scorned.

Andrew Torba, the founder of Gab, one of the only truly free speech platforms around, tweeted this out yesterday:

Whatever you think of that statement, and I disagree with some of it, it is just a statement of opinion. Andrew is expressing what we call "free speech", the very thing that Gab stands for. Andrew is a Christian and is making a statement that is both religious and political in nature, the speech given the highest protection in our Constitutional Republic. Notice what he is not saying. He is not saying "If you disagree with me you should be censored". Nevertheless a bunch of "libertarians" flipped out and publicly rent their garments, donned sackcloth and ashes and vowed to stop supporting Gab because the founder of a free speech platform was personally engaging in free speech. That sounds like modern libertarians alright.

A lot, not all or perhaps even most but a lot, of people calling themselves libertarian are simultaneously arrogant about how right they are and also incredibly thin-skinned. That twitter dust-up was a perfect example. I don't recall where being the founder of a free speech platform means you can't speak your mind using the twitter account for the platform that you created from scratch.

My main problem with libertarianism and the big reason why I, like so many others, dabbled for a few years with the libertarianism but eventually moved beyond it is that as a political theory it makes sense in a theoretical sense but utterly falls apart when it moves beyond theory. The main reason is that libertarianism doesn't understand basic human nature. Humans are inherently self-interested. That is not a bad thing. If someone is trying to kill me, I will try to kill them first because me surviving instead of them is in my self-interest. Self-interest gets a bad rap but it is the most natural instinct among humans or any living thing. Most people pursue self-interest within  the acceptable boundaries but many people don't and that is where the problems start for libertarianism. There is a reason that even on their best showing libertarian candidates only get a small percentage of the vote. Even in 2016 with two candidates with huge disapproval, Libertarian Gary Johnson garnered less that 3.3% of the vote. People just don't want a libertarian system.

Modern libertarianism means open borders, legal drugs of all sorts, drag queen story hour at the public library and "gay marriage". No thanks. Yes it theoretically means lower taxes and unfettered gun rights but that is not the sort of thing libertarians are focused on today. I've pointed this out several times, for example in this post Open Border Libertarianism Is Self-Defeating about open borders ensuring that our nation runs at full speed in the opposite direction from libertarianism, and in this post, The Libertarian Party Jumps The Shark, where I pointed out the irony of the Libertarian Party posting a photo of non-white people who would vote for the opposite of libertarianism at ever opportunity. The post from the LP even included the liberal mantra "Our diversity is our strength" even though our diversity doesn't like libertarianism.

Liberals want an ever expanded social safety net. Actual conservatives are interested in preserving values, hierarchy and authority, and a stable and orderly society. The people who actually want a real libertarian society? Not very many, and even the couple of percentage points of voters who vote Libertarian are usually some sort of protest vote. I wouldn't let Gary Johnson drive a car I was in much less want him as President but when faced with the choice between vile Barack Obama and the oleaginous Mitt Romney, Johnson served as a safe protest vote. Libertarianism will never expand past a tiny political fringe because most people don't want it and to compound matters most of the Beltway libertarians are open borders fanatics which directly works at odds with instituting a libertarian society.

The other big problem with contemporary libertarianism is that it isn't operating in the world we live in. The political landscape for the forseeable future is going to be entirely about tribal identity. You can lament how terrible this is but being sad doesn't change facts. Most non-white folk realized this a long time ago and more and more white people are starting to wise up.

Another tweet from Andrew Torba:

Tribal identity is as old as mankind.

I have never been to Poland or Ireland but I still instinctively care about both nations as that is where my family is from. And yes, I care more about the well-being of Poles than I do about the well-being of Bangladeshi. Guess what, people living in America from Bangladesh care more about their fellow Bangladeshi back home than they do about Polish people living in Poland. That is the most natural thing in the world.

If you want a mostly libertarian society that values individual liberty and property rights, you need a high trust society and that demands a mostly racially homogeneous society.

Racial homogeneity is not a sufficient condition for an individual liberty and property rights respecting society but it is a necessary condition. The basic tenets of libertarian thought didn't come about organically anywhere but European societies. The only people who advocate for libertarianism are white or Jewish people, Thomas Sowell notwithstanding. It doesn't make much sense to assume that people that never developed these principles and that don't embrace them now will suddenly become libertarian when they step foot on America's magic dirt and read a few position papers from Cato.

Libertarians are putting the specific policies they want ahead of forming a society where those policies can flourish, the old cart before the horse error. I verified with some Amish friends that this will in fact not work.

I don't mean to be cruel to libertarians. I went through a libertarian phase myself and it seems to me that most of the dissident right did as well, those LARPers who claim they always were DR are generally lying. The path many of us have walked is one of generic conservatism that eventually dawned on the realization that the GOP is useless, conservatism hasn't conserved anything of value and our "leaders" are grifters who are only interested in keeping their cushy gigs so they don't have to get real jobs. If you watch modern "conservative" thought today, you mostly get Jonah Goldberg and David French, Mitt Romney and Charlie Kirk, plus MAGA drag queens and homosexual black guys who are The Real Conservatives™. So we tried out libertarianism thinking it would be the path toward truly smaller government and just being left alone but then we realized that libertarianism is full of loons and weirdos. Gary Johnson is about as dynamic a leader as a bowl of oatmeal and his running mate Bill Weld was even worse, plus Weld is about as libertarian as Bernie Sanders.

So we eventually realized that literally every other racial and ethnic group in America is:

a) Basing their votes almost entirely on racial/ethnic solidarity

b) Doing whatever they can to keep white people from doing the same thing they are doing.

Like this guy:

What are we supposed to "do" about this? Did this guy look at the black vote in 2008 and 2012 where blacks voted almost unanimously for Barack Obama and say "ARE BLACK PEOPLE EVER GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS OR NAH?"

Two out of five white men voted for Obama. 95 out of 100 black men did. I posed this very question and picture back to Mr. Mystal, I assume I won't get an answer/will get blocked.

Blacks form voting blocks based on race and vote accordingly, Democrats don't really even have to try very hard to get their votes. The black vote is by far the most locked down and monolithic in America but no one is supposed to notice. Jews do the same thing and vote overwhelmingly for Democrats in spite of Republicans fawning over them and demanding endless funds and wars to benefit Israel. Mestizos even have groups like the National Council of La Raza, where "La Raza" translated literally means "The Race" and that organization gets one quarter of their funding from the Federal government! Asians are quieter about it for now but that is rapidly changing. Muslim groups have started getting more vocal now that we are 18 years from 9/11 and with radical Muslims like Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar on the national political scene, the Muslim voting bloc is going to get even more influential. Sure Muslims hate Jews and homos but they will tolerate them for now until Muslims hit critical mass, and then the gays start to hit the pavement after being tossed from buildings.

Libertarians are laser focused on esoteric political theories. Everyone else is worried about protecting their own people. We are in a fight for our very survival and the survival of civilization and libertarians are explaining why drag queens are essential to a healthy society.

Maybe someday we will get things back in order and then we can talk about libertarian philosophy as if it is serious but right now libertarians are bringing a copy of Reason magazine to a knife fight.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Impeachment In Search Of A Crime

As the House holds sham hearings and bogus votes that idiots think is an impeachment but really is just a vote on rules about an impeachment inquiry, none of which is actually impeaching anyone, it is worth remembering once again the one and only thing you need to know about this whole farce.

The decision to seek to remove Trump from office was made as soon as he won. He has committed no crime, the infraction being punished is aimed at the 62 million people who elected Trump.

This is not and never has been an "impeachment" in any Constitutionally recognized sense. It has and remains the angry backlash of the American liberal establishment, which includes not only most of both political parties but also the media, Deep State and entertainment world.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is walking a tightrope here, trying to appease the anti-American, anti-white members of The Squad and her most rabid liberal base while recognizing that there is little chance of a successful impeachment and zero chance of removing Trump from office. She probably also realized that absent some sort of serious actual crime, removing Trump from office might trigger a serious and violent response from people who understandably would see that as a signal that our government is no longer of the people, by the people and for the people and feels justified in overturning election results they don't like.

What everyone needs to remember in an era of short-attention spans and even shorter memories is that Democrats didn't start talking about "impeaching" Trump over the Ukraine thing. They were talking about impeaching Trump as soon as he took office.

Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. The day of and the days leading up to his swearing in, the Washington Post, newspaper of choice for the Deep State, was already talking about impeaching him. Clearly a "mistake" has been made and impeachment was intended to undo that "mistake". No one asked the people who voted for him, it was just assumed that their betters would fix what they screwed up.

The drive for impeachment was decided as soon as Trump was elected and it has always been a matter of searching for a pretext. For years it was the "Russian collusion" but that fizzled out and everyone realizes it was bullcrap. Then it was trying to get his tax returns, like Trump actually fills them out himself or does anything but sign the finished return prepared by a team of accountants. Then it was the "concentration camps" on the southern border that no one cares about anymore. Where is AOC weeping at the fence of an empty parking lot? Then it was the Ukraine thing.

Impeachment is a last resort for a President who commits some sort of significant crime in office, like Bill Clinton committing perjury in front of a grand jury. It isn't a mechanism to undo the results of an election you don't like.

Just remember, the decision to seek impeachment was made before Trump was even sworn in and was not based on anything he had actually done. What the Democrats are trying to do is tantamount to staging a coup.

If they succeed? Things will get ugly.

"House Party" Often Equals "Mass Shooting"

Halloween is turning into quite a fiasco this year. We had the Twerk Or Treat Halloween party in Texas. Then there was an apparent Halloween party in Long Beach, California where 12 people were shot, 3 fatally. Good thing California has time to spy on citizens shopping in other states instead of dealing with actual criminals in their own state. Now there was a mass shooting in a little town called Orinda in California. Orinda is a sleepy little town, there was one murder in the last four years and it was named the 2nd friendliest town in America. The town is overwhelmingly white with a significant Asian population, about what you would expect from a suburb in northern California. The shooting took place at a very expensive (well over a million dollars at the last sale) home being rented out via AirBnB for a "small get together". That wasn't what actually happened. There was an instagram post about a party that has since been deleted.

BYOB and BYOW, bring your own beer and weed. A short video purporting to be of the party made the social media rounds. The video is on a British news site, not an American, because we wouldn't want people to watch the video and draw the wrong conclusions.

So yeah, a nice quiet party of "college age" folk just having a good time, with a little weed thrown in for good measure. Unless every black kid in Orinda was there, it looks like this might be a party of out of town "youths" renting a swanky place to trash.

The party lasted about an hour, as the cops were on their way for noise complaints (the house is on a little winding cul-de-sac on a hill so I am sure there were cars all over the road). Before the cops showed up, the party turned into a shooting. At least 5 are dead.

The Latest: 5 victims named in California Halloween shooting

A fifth person has died as a result of a Halloween night shooting at an Airbnb rental in Northern California.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office announced late Friday night that 19-year-old Oshiana Tompkins of Vallejo and Hercules died at a local hospital. The statement posted on social media did not specify when Tompkins was pronounced dead.

Tompkins' death brings the total fatalities in the Thursday night shooting to five. Authorities have identified the other victims as 22-year-old Tiyon Farley of Antioch, 24-year-old Omar Taylor of Pittsburg, 23-year-old Ramon Hill Jr., and 29-year-old Javin County.

No arrests have been made and there's no word on motive. Authorities say they found two guns at the Orinda scene.

No arrests. No motive. That says volumes.

"House Party" is quickly entering the lexicon of euphemisms for black or mestizo violence along with "teens" and "youths". White and Asian kids have parties too, they just don't end up in gunfire with such regularity.

Large crowds plus liquor and weed plus diversity = mass shootings that the media downplays.

Friday, November 1, 2019

This Should Be Your Baseline

This is a pretty solid, short article from American Partisan:


His short list, or baseline, is what you would expect:

Enter the “5 Gun” Theory:

1. Combat Handgun.

2. Combat Semi-Automatic Assault Type Rifle

3. Combat Shotgun

4. Scoped .30 Caliber Semi-Automatic or Bolt Action Rifle

5. .22 LR Rifle (Semi-Automatic preferred)

I would have liked him to flesh out number 4 a bit, a long-distance rifle should serve two purposes: one to lay down fire at two legged varmints at distance and two to serve as a way of putting meat on the table. For the vast majority of us, number 4 is likely to be a deer hunting rifle. While .44 and 30-30 are common around here, for these purposes something with a little more oomph is in order, like a .308 or 30-06. It is probably both the most common and the most in need of improvement item on the list. Shooting well at long distance is a skill that takes practice and unfortunately you also need a range with enough distance to practice. You can shoot a handgun or shotgun just about anywhere but if you are going to get good at shooting 500 yards, you need to practice....at 500 yards. Plus the ammo is a lot more expensive. You can get super cheap 9mm or .223 or 7.62x39 all day long but ammo for a .308 is more expensive and for long distance you want to use quality ammo.

I might add a sixth category, the everyday carry gun. The "combat handgun" he describes is dead-on for serious stuff, large capacity (at least 15+) and at least 9mm. The only "problem" is that a decent combat handgun is going to be larger. Handguns like the Beretta APX or 92, the Glock 19 or the CZ P-10 F all have at least a 4.5" barrel. That makes them a challenge to carry around concealed, especially in warmer weather. Something smaller is in order. Sure, if things go sideways in a serious way that won't be as much of an issue because you will be carrying or you'll be dead. A super cool 2.5 pound 10mm with a flashlight and red dot and a can opener is nice but probably not practical to carry around in the Before Times.

The most important thing in his post is something I harp on. Get good at whatcha got.

There is an old west adage that goes something like “Beware of the man who owns one gun, because he will know how to use it!” There is a lot of logic in that. Sometimes necessity dictated you either got proficient with what you had, or you died. As time marched on and the Industrial Revolution happened, we saw the gradual increase in the weapons a man owned. Typically, he had his pistol, his rifle and a shotgun. Fast forward to today and you have people who own 25 guns and are proficient with none of them because every time they go to shoot, they grab a different gun. The reason for this is these folks have not grasped the concept, guns are tools, not “play pretty’s”.

I fear a guy who is a dead shot with his deer rifle more than some super tacticool wannabe operator with a safe full of exotic guns that he can't shoot for shit.

The rules are pretty simple.

- Get what you need. 

- Get good at them. 

- Get enough supplies to keep them fed and functioning.

That is it. Buy your toys if you have that under control or you have lots of disposable income if you must but get the above in order first. If you have lots of disposable income, maybe financially support some of our people on the front line who are getting doxxed and deplatformed instead of buying the latest, greatest gun gadget.

Playtime is over. Get a hobby later. This is for real.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Reformation Day!

Happy Reformation Day!

October 31st, 1517 marks the unofficial start of the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther, the German monk not the plagiarizing adulterous commie, nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church building in Wittenberg. The world and especially Europe was never the same, for better or for worse, as the stranglehold of Rome over Christendom was broken. We haven't done Halloween as a family for a long time but we used to recognize October 31st as Reformation Day (see my post on the 500th anniversary: The Protestant Reformation At 500: So Much Recovered, So Much More To Reform ). Not so much these days but I had some thoughts nevertheless.

While my faith journey has had many a twist and turn, it has never so much as dipped a toe in the Tiber. Even though my extended family is culturally Catholic as is my wife's, and we were married in a Catholic church by a Roman priest, the "smells and bells" never had any appeal to me. The rigid and inflexible hierarchy, the doctrines that sprang forth from whichever "Pope" thought them up, the endless appeals for money, the always vaguely creepy priests, the maudlin statues. Nah, that is a hard pass from me.

Rome embodies everything I loathe about institutionalized religion. In a world that is rapidly moving away from organized religion in general, Roman Catholicism seems like a hopelessly outdated and irrelevant relic from the past. Still, many young people in the dissident movement are turning to Rome to fill a void in their spirit. Why would people posting Pepe and Honkler memes one moment be posting about Deus Volt the next?

I get why young men and young women alike are drawn to the TradCath thing. We live in a world with nothing transcendent, nothing beyond shallow materialistic consumption and vacuous entertainment. For young men a world with no prospect for marriage and family is depressing. Who wants to live your life in the basement playing video games? For young women it is even worse as the world they are supposed to embrace works ferociously to deny them what biology makes them crave: home and hearth, husband and children. A future of boxed wine and cats until you end up in a nursing home to be mistreated and die alone isn't very appealing.

Most of what passes for Christianity today isn't much better. The Christian faith has always been overwhelmingly cultural in America but at least it provided a stable structure. You were married and buried in church, you lived in general harmony in theory if not practice with the Ten Commandments, Christmas and Easter were about more than buying stuff. At the very least you knew what the churches stood for. Today you get women badgering men about the "patriarchy" in a faith that has always been patriarchal. You have open homosexuals and foul mouthed, tattooed divorced women "pastors". You have a seminary sponsoring an event where people apologize to a bunch of house plants for being inhumane to vegetation. Meanwhile Rome has looked the other way for a long time at the flood of open homosexuals in the priesthood and then acted shocked when sexual deviants turned out to be molesting boys while the church hierarchy covered the whole thing up. The various Orthodox groups seem better off but there really aren't many of them and their practices seem alien and weird. The mormon church is shifting positions like a weather vane in a tornado in a desperate attempt to keep people from leaving. I guess the Amish are doing well but there aren't that many of them and they are fighting a constant battle against modernity.

So sure, young people searching for meaning and tradition to anchor themselves in a world gone insane are turning to the most traditional form of our traditional religious faith. Other young people are seeking out the theonomy/Christian reconstruction path, seeing a theocracy as the curative for a degenerate nation. Still others are going back even farther to European pagan faiths, which is difficult because the word pagan carries such negative, "burn them at the stake", baggage in a society birthed from 1000 years of Christianity stamping out competing faiths.

That is all great and I encourage people to seek a spiritual foundation but I also an very leery of religious wars within the movement dividing us. I have a lengthier post on this topic in the hopper but suffice it to say that we must be very cautious of those who demand fealty to a specific faith tradition as the purity test for being in the movement.

Religion is one of the most important aspects of a people and a society. It also has often been the catalyst for division and weakening of a people. Whether the wars between Catholics and Protestants or the genocidal purging of traditional religion by the Marxist faithful, religion has the potential to undercut all of our efforts. I am quite certain that much of the division is surreptitiously funded by those who want to see us divided and squabbling.

By all means, discover and explore your faith and let it inform who you are and how you live. Just don't let it be a weapon in the hands of our enemies.

Why Do Sane People Live In California?

Between 2001 and 2002 I was working in the financial services business at one of the largest firms in the world. My job was managing retirement plans for small to mid-sized clients ($5-25 million in assets) and my book of business was almost all in California. That necessitated a lot of trips to California to play nice with the clients. That was usually pretty cool. I stayed in our preferred hotels, which in L.A. was the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey and in San Fran was also the Ritz-Carlton. I wasn't supposed to spend more than $50 on meals. Per meal. Life was good.

California was very different from where I was flying from in the Midwest. It was usually much warmer and sunnier. Even eating at Applebees in L.A. means that your waitress looked like a movie starlet. I stayed at a different hotel north of L.A. one time and after my meetings I went down to the pool to sit in the hot tub to relax and after I settled in a crowd of what looked like extras from Baywatch came down. The girls were all gorgeous and, um, filled out their swimsuits. The guys were all chiseled like Greek gods. I quietly went back up to my room. 

One other major feature. The people were all crazy. 

I think it is the nice weather. Humans aren't supposed to live where it is sunny and nice every single day. All the sunshine bakes their brains. You are supposed to have days of crappy weather where you just stay inside and drink hot chocolate and read, otherwise you melt down.

How else can you explain this?

Ten special agents from the California Department of Justice were watching as a man walked out of the Big Reno Show and placed his purchases in his car.

The black Isuzu with California plates headed west on Interstate 80 into the Sierra Nevada, eventually crossing the Nevada state line. That’s when the California Highway Patrol pulled Vincent Huey over. Inside the vehicle, state Justice Department agents found 18 high-capacity magazines, some capable of holding 30 rounds, according to court records.

Yes you read that correctly. California sends law enforcement agents to neighboring states to spy on California residents making purchases in those states and then arrests them on returning to California. The guy wasn't smuggling drugs or illegal fully automatic rifles. No, he probably had a few 30 round PMAGs and some standard capacity handgun magazines.

A "high capacity" magazine that holds 30 rounds comes standard with almost every AR sold in sane parts of the country. They are available for mail order to the vast majority of Americans in almost all of the country. They are inexpensive and very common, and without an AR (or AK or Mini-14...) they are useless. There are probably 50 million of them in the country, mostly held legally.

Still you get California law enforcement conducting surreptitious surveillance on California residents shopping in neighboring states and then lying in wait for them to cross the border so they can be arrested for possessing some plastic magazines for the most popular rifle sold in America.

This story was obviously penned by someone working in conjunction with the government to have a chilling effect on Californians who are thinking about going to Nevada to shop for common firearms related items, making them think that Ponch and Jon are lurking behind the "Welcome To California" sign to pull them over with the illicit firearms accessory. Of course this also serves as a warning to actual criminals who will take very simple additional precautions to avoid being caught.

Meanwhile in California diversity proves it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Tragic Long Beach shooting leaves 3 dead, 9 injured — motive and ID of shooter not known

Motive and ID unknown. That is a dead giveaway who the shooter is not and who the victims are. Pretty minimal national news coverage of yet another mass shooting that doesn't appear to involve white men. Go figure.

The cops could be investigating stuff like that but according to the L.A. Times they are too busy stalking California residents shopping in Nevada. In California a person with a standard size magazine for a sporting rifle is apparently a greater threat than the people murdering, raping and robbing Californians.

I don't care how nice the weather is, or how hot the girls are, or how much you love surfing or how great your job is. There is no reason for any sane person to live in that state.

The Big One can't come soon enough.

California: If the wildfires, earthquakes and diversity doesn't kill you, the government will.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fact Check: True

Keeping up the theme of insulting Glock owners....

Move Out, They Get Mad. Move In, They Get Mad.

Oh boy.

Michelle Obama, the husband of former President Barack Obama, decided to offer his her opinion on "white flight" at a recent "Obama Foundation Summit" ("Foundation" is a code word for "money laundering slush fund"):

Michelle Obama talks about South Side Chicago ‘white flight’ at Obama Summit

Former first lady Michelle Obama recalled her dawning awareness about white flight after her family moved to 74th and Euclid when she was a youth, speaking Tuesday about growing up on the South Side during an Obama Summit session with her older brother, Craig Robinson.

“We were doing everything we were supposed to do — and better,” she said as she discussed witnessing a painful chapter in Chicago’s history. “But when we moved in, white families moved out.”

She added, “I want to remind white folks that y’all were running from us. And you’re still running,” Obama said, comparing the situation to what immigrant families arrive in neighborhoods are experiencing today.

So when white people move back into a neighborhood, it is gentrification. When white people move out of a neighborhood, it is "white flight". It is almost like perpetually aggrieved people like Mr. Obama won't ever be satisfied no matter what we do. Almost.

No one seems to ask this question: since we built this nation and the cities across the fruited plain, maybe we can decide for ourselves where we live and not have to ask permission to move into an area nor beg forgiveness for moving out.

Nor did Mr. Obama address this elephant in the room:

When the Robinson’s settled on Euclid, Obama had friends from all races. “There were no gang fights, there were no territorial battles. Yet one by one, they packed their bags and they ran from us. And they left communities in shambles,” with subsequent disinvestment in schools and parks.

So when the white families moved out and left black families in place, the neighborhoods fell apart. Weird that the diversity that is supposed to be our greatest strength invariably leads to neighborhoods going to crap when that diversity hits critical mass. Why is that? I doubt Michelle brought this up.

Another question:

Why do successful black families mimic whites and move out of black neighborhoods and into white neighborhoods as soon as they get the chance? If living with blacks is so awesome, why did Mr. and Mr. Obama buy a $15 million estate on Martha's Vineyard in a town that is over 93% white and less than 2% black? Wouldn't it send a great message if they lived in a majority black neighborhood in Chicago or Baltimore? Why did they send their daughters to an exclusive private school that seems to be full of mostly white, Jewish and Asian kids? Did anyone ask Michelle about that?

Or this.

Did anyone ask Mr. Obama why white people "flee" when their neighborhoods get more "diverse", in other words less white? At least when the diversity is black or mestizo, no one flees because of too many East Asians. Could it be that criminality seems to follow diversity wherever it shows up? Did anyone ask why white people would want to live in neighborhoods with schools that get worse among people who commit over half a million violent crimes against white people in a given year? Nah, it must be "racism".

You just can't win. Move in, you are a racist gentrifying the neighborhood. Move out, you are racist and engaged in "white flight". Notice race and you are a racist. Try to not notice race and you are a racist.

The only sane course of action is to do what I do and stop caring at all about being called names. I don't care what Michelle Obama thinks about literally any topic. His her only claim to fame and the reason why he she is insanely wealthy and given endless coverage by a fawning media is that he she married Barack Obama and was artificially inseminated with his(?) children.

Maybe direct some of that bellowing at your own people Michelle. Maybe start to ask why white people move out when blacks or mestizos hit a critical mass in a neighborhood. You already know the answer. Ponder why you won't talk about it while sipping coffee in your lily-white neighborhood on Martha's Vineyard.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Following up from the prior post. The man accused of shooting up the Twerk or Treat party, Brandon Ray Gonzales, was interviewed by a local news station, which seems like a terrible idea if you are in jail on capital murder charges but whatever. He claims he didn't do it, as they all do, but he claims he was in a car with witnesses when the shooting happened.

Accused Greenville shooter speaks from Hunt County jail

While Brandon Gonzales admits he was at a party where two people were killed in a shooting, he says he was outside in a car when the gunfire broke out.

What is interesting to note is that he was wearing a bulletproof vest as part of his costume with no plates in the vest.

Also interesting to note, he has no criminal record other than a "minor traffic incident". Not exactly the prototypical shooter.

Do they have the wrong guy? Cops say they aren't looking at anyone else but who knows.

Meanwhile there has been an arrest in the shooting at the vigil, a Patrick Lovely, who was speeding away from the location of the vigil after the shooting. That isn't a crime, but he was arrested.

This case just keeps getting weirder and I have less than complete confidence in the police response.

Twerk or Treat Update

The police have made an arrest in the Twerk Or Treat frat party and it is a little surprising.

Police arrest suspect in Texas shooting spree that killed 2, injured 12

Authorities in Texas have arrested a suspect in connection with a deadly Saturday night shooting at an off-campus college party that left two people dead and 12 injured.

Brandon Ray Gonzales, 23, of Greenville, was arrested Monday at the auto dealership where he worked, less than 48 hours after the shooting, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said.

Here is Mr. Gonzales.

That is going to confuse the media a little bit that a mestizo shot up a party full of black youth. Police are still saying that he was targeting someone and the rest of those shot were just bystanders. Also, the shooting toll has been reduced.

Kevin Berry Jr., 23, of Dallas, and Byron Craven Jr., 23, of Arlington, were killed, authorities said. Of the 12 people injured, six were shot and six were trampled or hurt by glass, authorities said. As of Monday, five remained hospitalized -- one in critical condition and four in good condition, Meeks said.

So "only" 8 people shot, which still is a mass shooting by any reasonable definition.

No word yet on why Mr. Gonzales decided to kill whoever he was targeting and why he felt it necessary to shoot a bunch of extra people.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Ol' Remus On Food

Most Americans are a lot like hobbits when it comes to eating. Once we have finished a meal, we start thinking about the next one.

That is a nice luxury, although it is responsible for the widespread epidemic of obesity in America. It is also a system that relies on cheap, reliable transportation to keep the shelves stocked. That system is far more fragile than most people realize. Case in point:

Global Authorities Brace For Worldwide Protein Shortage After "Quarter Of Earth's Pigs Wiped Out"

African Swine Fever is killing millions upon millions of pigs all over the world, and this threatens to create a crippling global shortage of protein as we head into 2020.  This epidemic began in China last year, and it is now also running wild in North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines.  But this crisis is certainly not limited to Asia.  According to the Washington Post, so far in 2019 there have also been outbreaks “in Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.” 

Overall, cases of African Swine Fever have been documented “in nearly 50 nations”, and U.S. pork producers are extremely concerned that it could start spreading here too.

So that is pretty cheery. Sure ZeroHedge can be a Chicken Little site much of the time but this isn't the case here. The swine flu and the massive culling of swine herds is a real thing and since food is a global commodity, something like this can't help but impact pork prices, and by extension all meat and food prices, in the U.S.

A serious disruption to the food supply could be a trigger for widespread instability. That is why Grub is one of the 4 Gs of investing in 2020 (for more see: The Four Gs Of Investing In 2020).

With that in mind, I am sharing in it's entirety a lengthy section from Ol' Remus at The Woodpile Report from October 22, 2019. The Woodpile Report comes out once a week, normally on Tuesday, and should be required reading. This is a pretty long snippet so I will share it after the break with no comments from me, hopefully with all of the formatting intact. Enjoy.