Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sneak Off The Plantation And Boom You Are A "Token Negro"

Watch this panel on CNN calling Kanye West a "token Negro"

"Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don't read". I am not sure if he said "nigro" instead of "negro", which is some sort of slang blend of "nigger" and "negro" but maybe not, I have watched it several times and I can't tell. Then after he said that the other two black talking heads smirked and guffawed while the liberal "token honky" sat there looking terribly uncomfortable. "Um, can I laugh? Is it racist if I laugh? Is it racist if I don't laugh? What should I do?!". Ironically it is Democrats that demand tokenism and froth at the mouth when Trump says Maxine Waters is a really low IQ person, which she clearly is.

Depending on the poll, black support for Trump is actually quite high relatively speaking. That might have something to do with the really low black unemployment rate or it might have to do with a lot of black voters realizing that mass immigration hurts their job prospects. I don't expect to see some massive wave of black voters voting for the GOP in 2018 but if Trump's numbers among blacks stays strong or climbs, it could help propel him to re-election in 2020. While guilty white liberals are fixated on "sexual assault" claims from 35 years ago, most people in this country are more worried about jobs and immigration.

Liberals hate a lot of people. Trump voters, white people in general, business owners, gun owners, religious people, etc. but there is no category of people liberals hate more than black people that stray from the plantation.

Monday, October 8, 2018

We Can't Just Return To Normal

Last week was perhaps the ugliest political week I can remember. More so than the Bork hearings, more than the Clarence Thomas hearings, more than the aftermath of the 2000 election and "hanging chads". A fairly pedestrian fight over a judicial nominee morphed into something ugly and awful. A man was nearly destroyed, his family was threatened and the nation's division became worse than ever. To most of the nation, either a man was rightly confirmed after being unfairly smeared by Democrats or a serial rapist was elevated to the highest court in the nation. There aren't many people in-between. How can we continue to live together with such dissonance in our worldview?

As for me, I don't have any reason to doubt Justice Kavanaugh's word when he says that he is innocent of these charges and the longer this was dragged out, the less credible the charges became. Just as importantly, even if he had done what he was accused of it would not rise to the level of sexual assault and would in no way be disqualifying for a Supreme Court nomination 35 years later. In 1982 a handful of teens at a small party where no adults were present, engaging in underage drinking, and a boy getting a little overly enthusiastic with a girl would not have drawn any police scrutiny other than for underage drinking. Was Ms. Ford "assaulted"? I have no way of knowing and neither do you. I am not even sure that Ms. Ford is sure. She struck me as a little unhinged and mentally unhealthy, and I really think she was a useful patsy for Democrats to try to derail Kavanaugh. But then Trump backed him up, Kavanaugh refused to follow the script as a white man in 2018 America and immediately buckle and all of a sudden this took on a life of it's own.

In spite of the smear attempts, efforts at intimidation and the screeching of deranged women in the Senate chamber, Brett Kavanaugh was duly confirmed by the U.S. Senate in keeping with their Constitutional right and obligation of "advice and consent". Shortly afterward he was sworn in and starting on Tuesday will begin hearing arguments as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. May he rule on cases justly and within the boundaries of the Constitution as written and intended.

Saturday and to a lesser extent Sunday was a day where a lot of conservatives took a social media victory lap. It is kind of petty but after that fiasco you can understand being a little smug and lapping up some liberal tears. It is the world we live in. Today most of us are going back to our lives, work and family and whatever else.


I know that is the easy impulse. We have real lives and other things to worry about other than the latest outrage of the day but the Left lives in a constant state of fevered make-believe where it is always a good time to march in the streets. They don't think about anything else because they have nothing else in their lives. Even before the vote on Saturday they were scheming ways to "impeach" Justice Kavanaugh if they retake the House or to add a bunch of Supreme Court Justices and pack the court with liberals to offset the current conservative majority. They are talking about eliminating the electoral college or changing the way Senate seats are apportioned to states, and not just whack-a-doodle loons but "respectable" legacy media "journalists" are pondering this stuff on social media. From the moment they wake up until they go to bed, many "progressives" think of nothing other than how to undermine the foundations of this country. They remind me how Kyle Reese describes the Terminator from the original movie:

Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are dead!

We cannot "come together" and reconcile with them. There is no middle ground to be found. The Left has already enshrined the Kavanaugh confirmation in their lore, the latest outrage against women by the white male patriarchy. It is holy writ to them now in the same way that the tale of Mohammad receiving the Koran from Allah is holy writ for Muslims. It will be spoken of in hushed voices and reverent tones when they gather. I wouldn't be surprised to see progressives gather on the anniversary of Kavanaugh's confirmation to light candles and scream at the sky. These are the same people trying to claw their way through the 13 ton bronze doors of the U.S. Supreme Court building while chanting "shut it down" (on a day it was out of session anyway).

We can't just go back to our normal lives. They will not let us. They will not let up now, just the opposite. The Left counts on the passivity of the Right in this country outside of times of high crisis like the Kavanaugh hearings. I know it is exhausting but the clock is ticking and the American experiment is on life support. We need the sort of commitment and fervor that we had during World War II. That is not hyperbole, this state of affairs is that serious. On every front Western civilization is under assault and once it departs this world, darkness and chaos will reign.

There is no normal to return to. Not anymore.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

It Is Terrifying That These People Vote

People in this country have lost their minds. What is worse, they are being encouraged in this madness. How can any sane person think this? I am surprised she didn't claim that Trump would organize rape concentration camps or something like that.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I Believe Facts And Evidence

If you needed further proof that the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco is about a lot more than just a single court nomination, you need look no father than the new mantra that is going around: "Believe women". We are told that women never, ever lie and not only do they never, ever lie they especially never, ever lie about sexual assault and if you point out the high profile cases where they did just that, well then you are just a misogynist. We are supposed to believe that human nature doesn't exist and that half of the population is faultlessly honest, something that would be a major surprise to all human beings since there have been human beings.

"Believe women" is a nonsensical phrase by any measure. Believe them when? Always? Only in cases of alleged sexual assault? What if two women are giving contradictory accounts of the same event, who do we believe? Believe them why? Because they are women? Because women don't lie (as a brother, son, husband and father of girls, I can attest that is not true)? Because a woman would never lie specifically about sexual assault even though there are lots of high profile cases of that very thing happening?

The thing is, it is not supposed to make sense and it is not supposed to stand up to examination. It is something you just have to say or you are a bad person. Just like "Black Lives Matter" is a mantra you have to agree with without asking any irritating clarifying questions, "Believe Women" is your pass-phrase that signifies you are acceptable for polite, sophisticated company. It also is incredibly dangerous and contrary to the fundamental principles that guide a free society. It is a perilous comparison to make but we already have had situations where the word of some people was given more credence than the words of others. After the Civil War it was not uncommon for allegations leveled against a black man by a white person, especially a white woman, to be automatically given more credence. If you are not familiar with the Tulsa race riots in 1921, you should familiarize yourself with them. Perhaps the quintessential American novel, Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, deals with the same situation where a black man is presumed guilty because of course a white woman would never lie.

The accusations of sexual assault in the Kavanaugh confirmation circus were chosen for a reason. Sexual assault accusations have been weaponized for decades by the Left. Actual rape is abhorrent to all of us. It is grotesque because it typically pits a much stronger man against a weaker woman. Men are supposed to protect women, not abuse them. It also takes what is a natural and wonderful aspect of humanity and turns it into something ugly. The same act that creates children in a loving family can also destroy the life of a woman. It is a more visceral, more personal crime than shoplifting or stealing a car or dealing drugs and that is why it carries heavy penalties, penalties that I would favor increasing in almost all cases.


Sexual assault is also one of the most difficult crimes to prove. Accusations of sexual assault are notoriously hard to prove because of the nature of the allegations. I am not a cop or a prosecutor but I am quite certain that sexual assault cases are some of the worst to try to deal with.

In general, at least speaking for me and the people I know, sexual encounters are almost always a) behind closed doors and b) a private encounter between two and only two people. I know, that is terribly prudish of me. But what that means is that except in the circumstances of obvious cases like a man abducting a woman at knife-point and raping her, many accusations of sexual assault boil down to a "he said, she said" situation. When a man and woman go behind closed doors, there are no witnesses. There is often little physical evidence that is damning unless a woman is bruised or otherwise shows signs of being forced and even then it can be dismissed as "rough sex". The easiest defense in the world is to simply claim that a sexual encounter was consensual and unless we assign a higher value on the testimony of women, that is a pretty hard defense to get around because of the nature of these encounters. It is worth noting that in the Kavanaugh case there were other people present and they do not support his accusers story, so that makes it even less credible. So my advice to women is this: it is far better to avoid situations where you might become a victim than to put yourself in sketchy situations in the first place. More on that in a moment.

Then there is the nature of contemporary human sexual interaction, especially outside of marriage. I am not sure what it is like today, and I find it terrifying to even consider, but for most of my life a boy and a girl/man and a woman would go out on some dates. Maybe he kisses her, maybe she lets him. Maybe he tries a little more. Maybe on early dates she pushes his hand away but then on future dates she doesn't. It is a horribly awkward dance that has gone on for a very long time but it was part of the teen and young adult dating scene. If a boy and a girl are making out and he "makes a move" and she let's him but then he makes another escalating move and she stops him, did he sexually assault her? If so, most of us are going to jail. Sex between two people outside of marriage is a very emotionally fraught thing. Emotions are invested and often they are crushed. It doesn't help things at all when you let a tiny mentally unstable minority turn an already confusing and awkward process into a politically charged and quite possibly criminal activity.

So you have a situation where there are often no witnesses and no evidence and where the nuances of human sexual behavior leave an enormous amount of room for confusion.

However, and this is so critically important: just because an allegation is difficult to prove does not mean that we should lower the standard for evidence. If anything we should raise the standard because it is so easy to falsely accuse someone of this crime. Here is a very recent example: Woman says lawmaker raped her the night she graduated Georgetown. Here is the gist. A woman by the name of Candace Faber claims that a man who is now a Washington state Senator named Joe Fain, raped her on the night of her college graduation. She claims she was inspired by the Kavanaugh case to "come forward". These are the salient facts:

  • Ms. Faber met Mr. Fain on the night she graduated.
  • By her own account she and Mr. Fain spent the night drinking heavily, dancing and kissing.
  • She accompanied Mr. Fain to his hotel room apparently voluntarily.
  • At this point, behind closed doors, she claims he pinned her down, pulled down her dress and raped her.
  • She claims she "told him to stop and put her foot on his head to push him away"
  • Finally, and this is where it gets a little weird, "After the man raped her, she wrote, she asked him for a kiss goodbye before leaving the room."

Ms. Faber spent the night with a man she had just met, dancing and drinking and making out with him, before walking with him to his hotel and then going up to his room. She told her mom and a co-worker afterward that she had been raped, although the co-worker concedes that at the time she "was struggling with her mental health", whatever that means.

So should we "believe women" in this case? She says she told him no and put her foot on his head to shove him away. On the other hand she says she was drinking heavily with him, had been making out with him, went willingly to his hotel room and after he supposedly raped her, asked him for a kiss. Now I have never been raped or assaulted but that seems to be an odd response. I would imagine that if the police investigate this allegation, prosecutors will not press charges based on the "he said, she said" nature of the encounter and her odd behavior of asking him for a kiss after he allegedly raped her.

Can I at this point suggest that while I don't know if Mr. Fain raped Ms. Faber or if they just had sloppy drunk one-night-stand sex and he never called her again or somewhere in between, perhaps it would have been wiser for Ms. Faber, a graduate of a prestigious university, to not get really drunk and go to the hotel room of a man she had just met that evening after spending that evening making out with him.

You're victim blaming! REEEEEEE!!!!

That is another dumb phrase that needs to die a quick and painful death. It is not "victim blaming" to point out simple common sense. If you park your brand new Mercedes in Detroit with the windows down, the key in the ignition, the doors unlocked and the engine running with the radio blaring country music and come back the next morning to find it gone, would anyone be surprised? That doesn't make stealing it less of a crime but it is basic common sense that you wouldn't do that. We tell kids to not talk to strangers and never, ever get in a car with strangers. Is it then "victim blaming" if a child ignores those precautions and is abducted? Of course not. So the message to our daughters and female loved ones should be this:

Sexual assault is real and all too common. It is very hard to prove but if it ever happens to you please come to us and we will go together to the police. We love you and would never want anything like this to happen to you so to reduce the chance of getting into a bad situation, don't drink to excess and don't go alone with a man you aren't married to somewhere out of sight, especially when one or both of you has been drinking. When people drink, their inhibitions loosen and their decision making skills plummet. That is why you are not allowed to drive a car while inebriated. So please use common sense and good decision making to avoid situations where you might find yourself in an uncomfortable or dangerous position. You can't avoid every circumstance where you might get in trouble but you should avoid the ones you can.

Those sort of cautions were part of parenting young women for centuries and no one thought it was odd. It was simply being aware of human nature.

Today it is considered preferable to demand that we "Believe Women" after any accusation of sexual assault instead of counseling common sense precautions that would help girls and young women avoid these situations in the first place. Even if you for some reason believe her story, it remains an irrefutable fact that if Christine Ford had not gone to a house with a bunch of boys that she didn't know when there were no parents around and underage kids were drinking, then none of these alleged events would have happened. "Well girls should be able to go wherever they want without fear of consequences!". That sounds lovely but in real life we all know better. Go walk around an inner city this weekend wearing a white hood and see what happens. Sure you should be able to do so without fear of consequences but in the real world that isn't what would happen. Heck, wearing a MAGA hat or an American flag t-shirt can get you assaulted in a lot of zip codes in this country and that is First Amendment protected political speech. You are free to do whatever you want but you are not free of the consequences of your actions.

As for me, I believe in facts and evidence. I believe in due process and presumption of innocence and just because this isn't a court of law doesn't mean basic principles like that no longer apply. The reason we have things like due process, evidence and witness based trials and presumption of innocence in courts of law is not because they are some esoteric legal constructs but because they are foundational to a functioning society. I believe women when their accusations are credible, defined as being provable. In the case of Ms. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, I believe him as of now because her accusations are not credible as she lacks any sort of evidence or proof.

I don't believe women just because they are women, or men because they are men. I don't automatically believe accusations of sexual assault just because other people have been actual victims of sexual assault. I believe in facts and evidence. We live in dangerous times when saying that is controversial.

Scratch A Beltway NeverTrump NeoCon...

....and you find a garden variety liberal. The latest from Bill Kristol....

Keep in mind that at one time Kristol was considered to be a legitimate conservative. As it turns out, he is just a war-mongering liberal that latched onto the Republican party to push for wars.

Millions of us have dutifully been taking our marching orders from people like this, voting for whatever lackluster establishment empty suit they demanded we support. They promised us that this time would be different, once the candidates they allowed us to vote for got elected they would totally be on board with overturning Roe or protecting marriage. Instead what we got were a bunch of new wars that people like Kristol didn't fight but were happy to send the sons and daughters of middle America to bleed and die in. Oh and as a bonus tax cuts that benefited the donors that prop up the neocon think tanks and of course trade and immigration policies that gutted the middle America economy but made a handful of donors rich.

So please Bill, fee free to leave the Republican party. Feel free to follow other limp-wristed, bow-tie wearing, Nancy-boys like George Will in abandoning any pretense of conservatism. Go hook up with the Jennifer Rubins and David Brooks of the world and see what a powerful coalition you can form with a handful of urban neocons. We don't need you and we don't want you or your pompous smirk. Quit pretending and unleash the "inner liberal". We all see through you anyway.

Monday, October 1, 2018

You Can't Reason With Jihadi

In case you still think you can convince the Left through persuasion, facts, reason and arguments, watch this brief video of Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk trying to have a civil conversation with some screaming women.

Notice that they shout him down, hold signs in front of his face, interrupt him and are generally rude and uncivil. He is trying to politely answer questions but they don't care what he is saying. They are just infuriated that he dares to say something they disagree with. I don't think they are mad at what he is saying, they are just mad that he is speaking.

They don't care about facts.

They don't care about the rule of law.

They don't care about reason.

They openly reject civil debate.

Stop thinking that the problem is that we aren't getting our message out. The problem is that we are trying to debate political philosophy with a violent fundamentalist religion. If you have ever tried to have a reasonable conversation with a KJV-Only type, you know what I am talking about. Now multiply that times a million and instead of being some obscure Baptist church now you are dealing with millions of people itching for an excuse to get violent.

That is what we are dealing with.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Reluctant Radicals

Progressives in general all think it is still the 60's and Vietnam is still going on. They all imagine themselves to be principled radicals standing up against The Man, even though now the Left is completely in bed with corporate America and there is no longer a significant anti-war faction in the Democratic party. If Hillary had won we would probably be involved in at least one new shooting war by now. They all imagine themselves to be radicals fightin' the powah, marching with MLK and feeling naughty about smoking some pot. In other words, they are constantly looking for an excuse to be outraged, march in the streets and maybe throw a brick or two through a window. Most of them are little more than LARPing like people at a Renaissance fair except instead of wearing puffy sleeved shirts they dress up in what they imagine are ominous outfits and are hitting people with bike locks.

Rank and file conservatives on the other hand mostly want to be left alone. They want to go to work, raise their family, watch some football, go to church, save money for their kid's college education. They grumble about taxes and show up to vote in November but their lives don't revolve around politics, their lives revolve around family and work. At least that used to be the case. Then came the 2016 election and what has transpired in the last week. Now the world has changed.

This really struck me a few summers ago. I was driving around the lake where my parents were living at the time in Northern Michigan. The lake is surrounded by little cottages owned by mostly middle-class people from down south that scrimped and saved to buy a cabin "Up North". On weekends they were there with their kids or grandkids, mowing their little lawns, painting the cabin, watching the kids play in the lake or just going for a walk. They lived in a little bubble of routine: work all week, leave work on Friday a little early and go up north for the weekend.

I think it was the lawn mowing that was most poignant for me. Here are regular people that spend the whole year working their butts off to afford a little cabin up north to relax and they were perfectly content to drive 5 hours on a Friday to spend Saturday mowing the lawn. Now I will grant you that a summer day in Northern Michigan isn't like a summer day pretty much anywhere else. The days are long, the clouds are few, the breeze is gentle, the temperature is perfect and the sky is so blue it almost hurts to look at it. There is no place better in the summer. They aren't asking much. They willingly pay their taxes, deal with the indignities of life, all so they can have these little, fleeting moments of absolutely perfect tranquility.

The last two years and especially last week have shattered the illusion. America isn't a place where you can mind your own business and expect others to do the same. The progressive movement long ago mutated into something more than a political philosophy. It is now a violent, fundamentalist religion. The Left will not leave you alone to mow your lawn or attend your church or even raise your kids. They are coming for everything and nothing will remain that is not under the heel of their boots. Your kids are not safe in local schools. You sons are certainly not safe in college, not from ideological manipulation or false accusations of assault. Your churches are not safe, many are being infiltrated by the religious "social justice" wing of the cultural Marxists and those churches that resist will find themselves targeted for destruction. This is not a mild game of political push and shove. It is total war.

The last week of September in 2018 was the week that innocence died.

What I am seeing on social media has been fascinating. Not the bellowing and mouth-frothing of the progressives ("Believe women....just because they are women!"), that is to be expected. Nor the conservative supporters of the President backing Kavanaugh. No, what I am seeing are a lot of men and women that suddenly have had their eyes opened to what is going on. People that preferred to just stay out of it are realizing that is no longer an option. You can do everything right: pay your taxes, drive the speed-limit, obey the law, save for retirement, buy a house and still it can all come crashing down. You just want to be left alone? They will not leave you alone. Not now.

So a lot of people are finally taking the red pill and realizing that the illusion of our civil society is a sham.

This isn't what they want. But circumstances are forcing everyone to make a choice and take a side. However reluctantly, the quiet American middle is becoming radicalized.

Rod Dreher quoted a reader that he described as "resolutely not a Republican" as writing to him and saying this:

The Democratic Party has announced today that every straight Christian white man will be guilty until proven innocent wherever they hold power. This used to just be SJWs on campus. Now it’s their whole party.

Feeling extremely radicalized. I won’t let them do this to the country my son is growing up in.

I have seen many people saying something similar and recognizing that being neutral now is akin to committing cultural suicide. What the progressives seem to forget is that an awful lot of regular Americans that the Left depends on being quiet and staying content to be tax cattle are fathers and mothers to sons and we have moved from a quiet campaign against boys via drugging them and talking about "toxic masculinity" to declaring that no man, no matter what his character, is immune to being accused of misbehavior in order to advance the progressive jihad. I use that word "jihad" intentionally. The extreme Left has operated under the rules of engagement "By Any Means Necessary" for decades. It doesn't matter if you ruin a man, it doesn't matter if you fake a "hate crime", it doesn't matter if you suppress free speech, it doesn't matter if you burn a building. It doesn't even matter if you engage in wanton violence because the ends justify the means and like jihadi suicide bombers, the progressive jihadi are willing to do whatever it takes to bring about their image of paradise on earth. Those engaged in jihad can justify blowing up children because they are convinced by their mullahs and imams that the struggle and the goal are all that matters. The progressive jihadi are told the same thing by their mullahs on college campuses and the entertainment world. Instead of 72 virgins in paradise they imagine a paradise of a lifetime of free college education studying Gender And Oppression and an endless fountain of fair trade soy lattes.

Even the Beltway "conservatives" are starting to wake up. National Review has been all over this with Kavanaugh over last week. Of course some of them are still siding against Kavanaugh because he was appointed by Trump and that is all the proof of guilt they need (looking at you Jennifer Rubin and Bill Kristol) but a lot of the generic Never Trumpers are starting to look like collaborators that are realizing that once the occupiers secure their place, they will come for them next. When the cultural Marxists complete their victory, they won't need tame conservatives anymore.

The stakes of the Kavanaugh nomination keep climbing. This was never about a particular Supreme Court seat or a particular issue, not even abortion. It has always been a proxy fight, the latest in a string of battles that started election night 2016. It is about the progressive Left, the mullahs of cultural Marxism, dropping their masks and declaring open warfare. It is about retroactively disenfranchising tens of millions of Trump voters and warning the rest of America to keep their mouths shut or they could be next. My hope is that this last week will serve as a wake-up call to the slumbering center of America. You can't just plan on mowing your lawn and watching the ball game on Sunday. You have to pick a side. A lot of us seem to be doing just that, no matter how reluctantly.